Gain 25-50% as this Pathetic Bank Pulls Itself Up by Its Bootstraps

Shah Gilani Sep 24, 2021

Now, I want to make this plain: I hate this Swiss bank.

Its financials are abysmal, which is difficult to do for a bank.

But that said, it’s planning some interesting moves that, based on my predictions, could give you 25-50% gains within the year if you get in today.

So, click the video below to watch this week’s Buy, Sell, or Hold to get all the details.




2 replies on “Gain 25-50% as this Pathetic Bank Pulls Itself Up by Its Bootstraps”

  1. Suresh S patel says:

    It will be helpful if you can flash the symboles of the securities you recommend in your video. Thank Shah.

    Suresh Patel

  2. Dr Anton Smitsendonk says:

    I come to like your style, personal, so well informed, relativising when possible, mentioning essentials.
    I wonder whether an other mike might make my hearing and following your voice even more easy.
    Anton Smitsendonk (a dutchman ,earlier twice a Netherlands diplomat in Washington DC ……and the first time also “labor attache” having interesting dinner with Teamsters boss, long time ago.

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