Court Ruling Lines Up New Money-Making Plays – Act Now

Shah Gilani Sep 17, 2021

The success of one company over another isn’t an issue of legality. This should be common sense, but the courts had to rule on it just this week – and it’s had some interesting effects on the market.

Let’s thank the good men and women of the legal system and dig right into another round of profit opportunities.

I’ve got six new plays for you today, so tune in my clicking the video below.


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3 replies on “Court Ruling Lines Up New Money-Making Plays – Act Now”

  1. Spencer Carter says:

    THanks for these videos. I appreciate them! Hope you survived all that construction going on around you!

  2. Ahmed Hussein says:

    Thanks shahgalon.

  3. Gregory Keyes says:

    I woul.d like to come on board my friend

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