Microsoft in the Sights of Anti-Trust Crusader

Shah Gilani Jan 21, 2022

Microsoft’s plan to drop $69 billion on Activision Blizzard Inc (Nasdaq: ATVI) did everything the company expected… Drummed up considerable excitement for the acquisition, a media frenzy about the price tag, and a flood of investors scrambling to buy shares of ATVI.

But does Mr. Softy really expect the acquisition to go through when an anti-trust crusader leading the Federal Trade Commission is ready to shut it all down?

I think Microsoft (and ATVI investors) are about to get a rude awakening – one that we can ride out to incredible profits with an options play I’m giving you in today’s Buy, Sell, or Hold.

Click the video below to watch or read up on this play and more.


Here are the plays I discussed today:

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2 replies on “Microsoft in the Sights of Anti-Trust Crusader”

  1. Bill George says:

    Are you concerned about buying NIO with all of the bad about China?

  2. Eduardo S Orozco says:

    ATVI.- Fidelity only shows 09/16/22 $70 @1.70 vs your mentioned $60 @ 1.00/1.25 Would you trade it?

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