Set Yourself Up for Profit in 2023 with “Narrative Investing” – Here’s How

Shah Gilani Dec 03, 2022

The entire stock market narrative changed on Wednesday following Jerome Powell’s Brookings Institution speech. We’ve got our first sign that the Fed believes we could be at peak inflation and a surprisingly optimistic appraisal of our chances of a “soft landing” for the economy that would avoid recession.

Though we saw a bit of a pullback from the strong jobs report yesterday, I’d advise you not to worry about it. Ignore it. It’s noise that created some momentary volatility thanks to short-covering, but the Powell narrative has a way bigger influence on overall market direction.

The key to making money in the current climate is to find the story that will dictate the movements of the big market-maker dealers, so that you can move along with the tide.

For example, if this wave of optimism follows with some reduced rate hikes from the Fed – say 50 or even 25 basis points – the market has a good chance of pushing through the resistance levels that have represented the ceiling for all previous bear market rallies this year.

If it does, things are going to take off.

To get the most out of this ride, click on the image below and catch the latest episode of my weekly show. You’ll find out how this “narrative trading and investing” paradigm works, get the next story you should be looking for, and learn how to play it the same way the market-makers on Wall Street do.

I’ll be back next week with more inflation-beating investment ideas and profit opportunities for you. Keep an eye on your inbox and have a great weekend!

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