Look for These Three Things When Picking Dividend Stocks

Shah Gilani Mar 10, 2023

We’re seeing a lot of the same action that we saw in 2022 this week, with markets seesawing back and forth in response to battling narratives and big headline news. A triple-whammy of strong jobs reports, crises in the crypto world, and a massive bank stock selloff are taking markets lower, even as market-makers try to prop things up through short-covering.

Whenever markets get volatile like this, people naturally start thinking about income and wealth generation, trying to find ways to hedge against wild swings. This week on my live show, we reviewed a variety of popular dividend-paying stocks and ETFs, but I decided to take things a step further and show you some of what I look for when I’m picking these out for myself.

In fact, there are three key pieces of information that you can find for free online to evaluate any asset that pays dividends and help determine whether they’re a good fit for you.

To catch the broadcast and see what they are, just click the image below:

We’ll be back next week with another episode. See you then!

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