The Smarter Way to Buy Gold Right Now (Hint: It’s Not GLD)

Shah Gilani Sep 12, 2023

Back in May, I wrote about what could be one of the biggest financial market catalysts on the horizon – the organized attempt by several nations to dethrone the U.S. dollar as the world’s reserve currency.

The most prominent alliance of countries who are interested in this purpose are called BRICS, an acronym for the five nations which make up the group: Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa. And at their summit last month in Johannesburg, they demonstrated their continuing commitment to further their goals in the face of what they perceive as the hegemony of the United States.

Not only are they adding six more countries to their roster in January 2024, but they’re also moving forward with plans to create a digital currency for their use, backed by gold. That’s led many central banks to begin accumulating more gold and has driven demand in the wider market.

That makes it worthwhile to take another look at owning gold, because this could be a catalyst that drives its value skyward. Nowadays, it’s easier than ever for investors to get exposure to the gold market, thanks to instruments like the SPDR Gold Trust (GLD), State Street’s gold ETF.

But the problem with GLD is that it’s hard to say how much real gold each share of the fund is really connected to or backed by, not to mention who’s actually holding onto it. That said, I’ve recently found an alternative I think you need to look at, where there’s rock-solid provenance in physical gold for each share sold by the trust, we know where that gold is stored, and there are no middlemen to muddy the waters.

Check out the video for the ticker:

Gold is always going to be a refuge for investors running to safety after seeing worrisome developments in the market. And right now, I have a colleague who’s seeing a pattern in price action that could mean major volatility in as little as 30 days, and he’s bet $1.5 million on a “crisis trade” as institutional investors shift their capital around to prepare for it.

He’s prepared a presentation on the money move you need to make immediately to make sure you have the best potential to profit from this market shift. Check it out ASAP at this link.

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