The One Chart You Need to See As the 2020 Election Ramps Up

Keith Fitz-Gerald Nov 13, 2019

It’s two o’clock in the morning as I write and the winds are howling outside, making it near impossible to sleep. I’ve been tossing and turning, and I keep coming back to one thing – by this time next year, we’ll have elected a new President of the United States.

Democratic, Republican, heck, even a Martian from outer space… no matter who we elect, things are going to change… big time.

Be warned. What you’re about to read isn’t for everybody…

…just investors who want to make gobs of money

Having a Long Term Perspective Will ALWAYS Pay a Role in Your Profits

Keith Fitz-Gerald Nov 09, 2019

Good morning from Kyoto, Japan where I’m writing to you from the banks of the Kamogawa River.

This week I want to keep things shorter than usual because, in a way, what I am about to say may just be simpler than usual.

It also be entirely counterintuitive, especially for newer investors who feel a sense of urgency to get into the markets and buy something.

But having a longer term perspective on your investments will set you up for unprecedented wealth even if you’re a short-term trader, even if you’re driven by headlines, even if you fear the upcoming presidential election, even if …


Because money, like the river I’m sitting next to, goes through various seasons – boom and bust, up and down, growth and recession and so on. This means that you’ll be dealing with it for years, even decades

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  • A 437.93% Advantage – Practically No Matter What the Markets Do Next

    Achieving higher returns is easier than you think.

    All you need is the right portfolio structure.

    There’s no question that having the right stock picks is important, which is why we talk about those frequently – but that’s only part of the proverbial equation.

    Folks who blindly leap from stock to stock, for example, are in for a rude awakening, even if they’re investing in the big winners like Inc. (NasdaqGS:AMZN), Alphabet Inc. (NasdaqGS:GOOG), Apple Inc. (NasdaqGS:AAPL), and/or Raytheon Co. (NYSE:RTN) that we’ve covered together.

    That’s because the risk associated with their money changes.

    Sadly, most folks are completely blind to the potential, so they leave a lot of money on the table that could be – rather bluntly – in their pockets. Heck, in your pockets.

    As always, I’ve got a recommendation for you that makes an ideal cornerstone investment for any investor interested in both the truth and higher returns.

    Stop leaving money on the table today…

  • Your Next Profit Opportunities in Our Unstoppable Trends

    When I began Total Wealth Research, I highlighted six Unstoppable Trends – each of which is backed by trillions of dollars – and promised that we’d check in on them from time to time in the pursuit of profits.

    Today, I want to keep that promise.

    It’s been a while since we focused in on the Unstoppable Trends as a whole. More often than not, we talk about one or two of them regarding a potentially profitable play due to recent market activity.

    But, what I want to talk to you about today is much broader.

    You see, not only are all the Unstoppable Trends intact, many are actually getting even stronger. That means the companies we’ve been following are also getting stronger.

    The best example of this is Apple Inc. (NasdaqGS:AAPL). I told you last year that this company would double by 2020. It’s already rallied 63.29% on the year, well on its way to what could be a fully realized 100% gain by the end.

    It’s beating the S&P by an astounding 2.9X.

    I talked about this a lot last week, and you can read that article by clicking here. But today, I’m going past just the big tech stocks. We’re going to talk about all six of our Unstoppable Trends. And let me tell you, I’ve even made a point that every dollar you make in the next 10 years will be on this list.

    Thing is, I’m not telling you this to brag. What I want you to understand is that stocks backed by Unstoppable Trends have the potential to dramatically outperform the markets.

    And that’s why you need to keep every single one of our trends at the top of your mind… so that you can tap into the potential created by trillions of dollars on the move.

    Here’s what you need to know about each of our Unstoppable Trends today – starting with the biggest opportunity on the planet right now