Five Financial Freedom Fighting, Dividend-Paying Stocks to Retire On

Shah Gilani | Jul 02, 2020

To celebrate your financial freedom this Fourthwsq of July I’ve got five dividend paying stocks you can retire on.

You’ll know they’re great recommendations if you read my last two Total Wealth articles.

In the first article of this three-part series I showed you how to look through a few simple, easily found metrics to determine if a company’s dividend is safe, and by how much.

But you won’t have to do any calculations today, I’ll give you the safety-stretch numbers.

In the second article in this series I told you how trillions of dollars of buybacks are going to be converted to dividends in the future. Because the public’s outraged at companies manipulating their stock prices higher to compensate executives while workers’ wages stagnate. Because politicians are going on the warpath over the same issues and how the last tax cut juiced up buybacks by another trillion dollars. And because dividend payments are good for shareholders and the economy.

Here in the third and final installment in the series are five dividend paying stocks you can retire on.

Good Dividend Paying Stocks Are Poised to Takeoff

Shah Gilani | Jul 01, 2020

Investors looking for good dividend yielding stocks don’t typically expect much price appreciation.

That’s going to change, probably sooner than anyone expects.

Here’s why dividend paying stocks have been playing second fiddle to growth stocks, what really drives growth, and how one all-important manipulative “growth factor” is poised to be flipped over to the benefit of dividend paying companies and their stockholders

More Headlines

  • What the Fed Didn’t Say It Said

    In case you missed it, last week the Fed fired a warning shot across the bow of investors who’ve won the bet, so far, the stock market would enjoy a V-shaped recovery and the economy would follow suit.

    No, the Fed didn’t upset the applecart on Wednesday. The market tested itself on Wednesday when fear of rapidly rising virus spikes in Arizona, Texas and Florida triggered profit-taking.

    The Fed didn’t upset the market on Thursday either. It actually helped stocks rally on the heels of Wednesday’s selloff when it announced all its children, the banks it shepherds, all passed their stress tests.

    Banks rallied nicely on Thursday as investors cheered the good news.

    But it was fake news.

  • Finding Safe Stocks with Big Dividend Yields

    If you’ve been searching for yield in the bond market you know there’s not much out there to be had.

    Good thing there’s another market where you can find good yielding investments. I’m talking about the stock market.

    Hundreds of listed companies pay dividends to their stockholders.

    It’s not hard to find lots of big dividend paying stocks in the market, including some really fat yields that look too good to be true.

    That’s because some of them are, too good to be true, that is, which means probably too good to last.

    Here’s how to tell if a dividend yield is realistic and repeatable.