Four Ways to Cash in on the $29.6 Billion Psychedelic ‘Shroom Boom

Shah Gilani | May 13, 2021

The number of stocks in the psychedelics space, no pun intended, is expanding like all good universes.

There are already more than 50 publicly traded companies pursuing the billions in new market opportunities in the hallucinogen-based treatment market – a “New Biotech” opportunity I like to refer to as the ‘Shroom Boom.

A lot of these companies are innovative cousins to conventional biotech firms. Like their better-known counterparts, these upstarts are pursuing new drugs, compounds, therapies, and treatment protocols, to arrest or even cure mental illnesses, substance abuse, pain, PTSD, and even chronic brain disorders. The big difference: These ‘Shroom Boom ventures are incorporating psychedelics in their research and trials.

I’ve also identified “pick-and-shovel” companies whose path to sales-and-profits relies on sourcing and manufacturing psychedelics or building infrastructure, like clinics and training therapists.

Here are four companies I like. Two cover the research, trials, and biotech potential of psychedelics. The other two are pick-and-shovels plays that have ID’d innovative ways to apply their trade on this new trend.

In the entire realm of biotech, it’s one of the most-exciting and biggest-profit opportunities I’m watching.

Forget Pot Stocks – It’s Time to Cash-In on the Psychedelics ‘Shroom Boom

Shah Gilani | May 12, 2021

I came of age in the late ’60s and early ’70s, which means I’m no stranger to recreational drugs, from pot to psychedelics. Like, I’ve seen things, man – and could tell you some stories. And I was so fascinated by what I saw that I got with the program, and dug deep into the story behind the story.

LSD was still legal. Research was going full bore. And I understood these drugs had promise – real promise.

That all ended in October 1968, when the U.S. made it illegal to possess the hallucinogen. And thanks to that, the research slowly died.

But psychedelics are making a comeback. And I’m groovin’ on all the hip research and FDA trials, and the crazy number of publicly traded companies chasing riches in the psychedelics rainbow.

Can you dig it? You should. There’s evidence psychedelics have the potential to arrest – and maybe even cure – a host of disorders from depression to brain trauma. And if these drugs work – and if you’re into the right stocks – you could end up on the trip of your life, and watch as your portfolio gets high … and I mean really high, man.

If you’re watching the markets and looking at this “new biotech,” you’re no doubt hearing about the tremendous promise of the marijuana legalization, the cannabis market – and the pot-stock boom.

Maybe you missed the pot-stock run the first time around. Or maybe you can’t bring yourself to invest in something in something that’s been maligned so much for so many years.

Don’t sweat it – because here’s the heavy truth: The real opportunity is with psychedelics.

Call it the Shroom Boom.

And I’m going to lay it on you here…

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