Avoid These Anti-ESG Losers At All Cost

|February 18, 2023

The tailwinds behind the “everything rally” have faded a bit in the wake of a CPI and PPI report that showed inflation continuing to be stubborn. Between that and the ongoing growth we’re seeing in the economy, the Fed’s position on interest rates has remained hawkish, and it seems clear that we’re looking at higher rates for longer.

I’ve seen all these cycles before, and it’s frustrating, because you can trace them back to a single source – the manipulation of interest rates by the Federal Reserve. A lot of people think the Fed reacts to these problems. But actually, it creates them.

On my live show this week, I talked about that and also reviewed some of the creative anti-ESG stocks you sent in after responding to my call on Tuesday.

I wasn’t kind to them, mainly because a lot of them were brand-new ETFs bundled around the “anti-ESG” theme. Here’s the thing: we all know ESG is a bunch of baloney. But bundling together a package of securities under a theme without any real strategy for choosing worthwhile holdings isn’t a great response, either. There are a lot of great investments in oil and gas, mining, transportation, and other industries, but you want to be careful about which ones you choose.

To see the broadcast in case you missed it, just click the image below.

Shah Gilani
Shah Gilani

Shah Gilani is the Chief Investment Strategist of Manward Press. Shah is a sought-after market commentator… a former hedge fund manager… and a veteran of the Chicago Board of Options Exchange. He ran the futures and options division at the largest retail bank in Britain… and called the implosion of U.S. financial markets (AND the mega bull run that followed). Now at the helm of Manward, Shah is focused tightly on one goal: To do his part to make subscribers wealthier, happier and more free.