Why You Need to Follow the Smart Money

|December 11, 2021
Bitcoin crypto currency over United States banknote dollar burning

“Money goes where it’s treated best.”

And if you’ve been following along, you know we say “unusual” assets like cryptocurrencies should treat your money very well.

We’ve said time and again that the usual way of doing things won’t get you where you want to go.

And we’re not the only ones who think so…

As we’ve been reporting all year, the smart money – big banks, hedge funds, big-shot investors – have all thrown their hats into the crypto ring.

The trend is accelerating… quickly.

Take just this week, for example…

Bitcoin bull Michael Saylor’s MicroStrategy just bought another 1,400 Bitcoin for $82 million

Visa launched a crypto advisory service for financial institutions and businesses…

International messaging platform WhatsApp announced it will soon allow crypto transfers

And more and more everyday investors are following this “smart” money into crypto.

How Far We’ve Come

Survey data from consumer data aggregator CivicScience shows just how far the crypto market has come this year.

Back in June, just 10% of survey respondents said they would be more likely to invest their money in cryptocurrencies than in traditional stocks.

Mere months later, that number spiked 140%. In November, 24% of respondents said they would be more likely to invest in crypto.

This shift is huge for Andy’s volume-driven investment philosophy.

But here’s what’s most telling… and proof that crypto has changed the way we think about money…

Respondents who said they follow the financial market and economy “very closely” or “somewhat closely” were more likely to swap their traditional assets for crypto.

That’s a critically important point.

To put it another way, folks who are paying attention are moving into crypto.

They see what we see… and what we predicted a full year ago.

Wealth Killer

In an essay from last December, Andy warned of the coming inflation and noted that Bitcoin buyers saw it coming…

It’s up… up… and away for Bitcoin and its digital brethren.

It’s no coincidence that crypto smashed another big record the same day as the fine folks at the Fed told us they’ll continue printing $4 billion in new cash every day.

Bitcoin buyers know all that money printing has consequences… big ones…

Imagine the government erasing the wealth of a multimillionaire every single minute of every single day.

That’s what’s coming. Crypto buyers know it.

Inflation is the invisible killer of wealth.

With inflation shooting up 6.8% in November – the fastest surge in 40 years – that time of wealth-erasure is here.

These numbers are hard to ignore…

Energy prices are up 33.3% since November 2020. Gasoline alone is up 58.1%. Food prices have jumped 6.1%. Used car and truck prices are up 31.4%.

The Department of Labor said the increases for the food and energy components were the fastest 12-month gains in at least 13 years.

And now more folks are finally getting wise to the destruction.

They’re paying attention to the wealth-killing policies of the government and moving their money to where it will be treated better.

Is it a coincidence that when both the October and November inflation numbers were released, Bitcoin surged?

Of course not.

So if you’re a crypto buyer, well done. You’re part of the smart money that will come out ahead.

And if you’re not… you’re running out of time to give your money the chance to be treated well.

Pay attention and you’ll quickly see it’s not a hard choice to make.

The smart money knows this is a big moment. Don’t miss your chance to get in on the huge profit potential this market has to offer… and possibly end up in a better financial position than you could have ever imagined. Here’s what you need to know to get started today.

Amanda Heckman
Amanda Heckman

Amanda Heckman is the editorial director of Manward Press. With unrivaled meticulousness, she has spent the past dozen or so years – give or take a few sabbaticals – sharpening Andy’s already razorlike wit. A classically trained musician and a skilled writer in her own right, Amanda takes an artistic approach to the complex world of investing. Her skill has led her to work with numerous bestselling authors, award-winning financial gurus and – lucky for us – the fine folks at Manward Press.