Beware of This New Scheme to Confiscate Gold

|February 14, 2022
Turkish and other currency

We just bought a lot of silver… 250 ounces of it.

It’s part of something special we’re doing for Manward subscribers just a few weeks from now.

It’s going to be our way of pointing a finger at the government and saying… not us. We’re not going to get dragged down with the rest of them.

We’ve written dozens of history pieces in this column. There’s a lot to learn from all of them.

Mostly, though, our intent is to show readers that history doesn’t stop. The textbook writers love to put things into neat little chapters. Where one ends, another begins.

It’s a dangerous way of looking at things. Dumb, really.

Problems don’t fix themselves with the signing of a treaty. The fight may end, but ideas don’t retreat.

Look at the world of money. The same story that’s been playing out for hundreds of years is continuing to unfold.

Jefferson… Grant… Roosevelt… Nixon… they all tried to fix things by messing with money.

And in our time, the Fed thought it could breathlessly print the stuff. It printed more than it ever had before. It ignorantly believed that the woes of the past couldn’t come back.

Look where it got us.

Soaring inflation. More monetary manipulation. And panic in Washington.

Confiscation Is Coming

Overseas, we’re seeing a glimpse of what’s to come… and what has come.

Turkey has new plans to bust its inflation and shore up its battered lira.

Just like FDR’s executive order 6102 forced Americans to deliver their gold to the Fed, Turkey has a scheme to “encourage” its citizens to convert their “under the mattress” gold into liras.

In all, the Turkish government is going after 5,000 tons of the stuff.

That’s $300 billion worth of gold that the government is looking to take from citizens and turn into a currency that it controls, manipulates and spends.

“A certain part of that amount will support the central bank’s foreign currency needs,” the country’s minister of treasury and finance said.

It’s a crime.

They’re using the people’s money to fix the problems of the state.

There’s all sorts of irony in this news… and all sorts of historical throwbacks.

The funny part is that Turkey, like the U.S., says its inflation is merely temporary. Nonetheless, it is taking permanent steps to part its citizens from their gold.

Like we said last week… governments never let a crisis go to waste.

The worst part, of course, is that all of this is happening just when those citizens need their gold the most.

We don’t own gold because it shines when the sun is out.

We own it because it holds its shine when dark clouds are overhead… when inflation is high… when governments go wild… and when money is no longer money.

Of course, that’s when history tells us a powerful new form of demand steps in. That’s when the political class wants your gold.

Turkey knows gold – like many things that are boiling up these days – offers an alternative. It’s under so many mattresses for a reason. The smart folks trust the metal more than they trust their government.

That’s trouble for folks who don’t deserve power but yearn to keep it.

The free market is speaking all over the world. What we’re doing now is not working. Things have gotten dangerously out of balance.

The powers that be are saying they don’t want you to have mattress money.

History tells us that’s when you need it the most.

We’re buying.

You should be too.

Note: Think this can’t happen in America? Think again. I’m convinced Washington is thinking of making a HUGE move on March 16.

Some say this could be the only way to “protect” the dollar and the American economy after the mess we’ve seen over the last year. It could be big trouble.

You can get all the details on what’s happening and what I think you must do next… right here.