Our Emergency Midyear Prediction

|April 13, 2023
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This is important.

It may be our most important prediction yet. It certainly deserves at least a bit of your play money.

Our paid subscribers know that each January, we wiggle ourselves way out on a limb and publish a set of big predictions for the year.

We’ve had tremendous success with them.

This year, for example, we predicted three major bankruptcies.

“Predicting that three major publicly traded companies will disappear over the next 12 months is not an easy or fun prediction to make,” we wrote. “What’s ahead will be incredibly painful for the folks involved – and there will be a lot of them.”

Dare we say, through only the first quarter of the year, we’ve nailed this dire prediction. We’ve lost more than a trio of big banks.

We even called out the financial sector in our analysis…

Financial Sector

And it’s not just banks that are struggling. Yesterday we learned that iconic houseware brand Tupperware (TUP) is preparing to wave a white flag of its own.

Times are tough.

But today, we’re making a new prediction for the year – a sort of midyear prediction unlike any we’ve made before.

It’s far less negative. In fact, it could make you a lot of money.

But before we get to it, here are the other predictions we printed in that ominous January issue of our prized Manward Letter. They prove we’re dialed in and didn’t just get lucky with the big one.

MWL Predictions

We have either hit or are on target to hit all seven of these calls. The Nixon shock-like event stands to be the most powerful.

But there’s one prediction we didn’t publish in January. It’s just as powerful… and like we said, it’s much rosier news.

It has to do with cryptocurrency.

It’s back!

Embarrassingly Easy

Earlier this week, Bitcoin quietly crept over the powerful $30K level. It’s up more than 80% this year.

Dozens of other speculative tokens are up as well – and many are up much higher.

But why? Why is this prediction so easy to make that it’s almost embarrassing?

Three reasons…

Our paying readers know them well.

The first is listed in the table above – falling interest rates.

It’s simple. In 2022, rates went up and cryptos went down. Money goes where money is treated best. Trillions of dollars poured into safe assets like bonds, CDs and even money market accounts.

That money won’t stay there forever.

In fact, with rates falling hard in recent weeks, plenty of volume-based evidence shows a large amount of that cash is already moving.

Judging by the price of Bitcoin… much of it is moving back into crypto.

It only makes sense. Again, money goes where money is treated best.

Another reason for the recent surge is all the regulation talk. Believe it or not, the recent clashes between crypto and the SEC have been good. As we’ve said all along, some smart regulation is a must for any financial sector… especially one as unconventional as crypto.

With just a bit of common-sense regulation, the doors will open wide to big-money players.

Few folks are talking about it, but at nearly the same time Coinbase is dealing with regulators at the SEC, it has quietly picked up a major crypto hedge fund.

Coinbase’s aim is simple… to bring big institutional money to the exchange.

Regulation will help get the job done.

It’s happening.

Finally, crypto is also surging because of the idea I mentioned above – big trouble in the banking space.

Over the last eight weeks or so, huge amounts of money have flown out of teetering regional banks and into the nation’s too-big-to-fail institutions. Deposits at large banks have grown by $120 billion.

But not all of the “worried” money is going from one bank to another. A good portion of it has certainly moved into crypto. See Bitcoin’s monumental run in recent weeks.

It makes sense.

If the banking sector is threatening another 2008-style meltdown, why not put a few bucks into an alternative asset… even if you don’t think Bitcoin is the world’s next reserve currency? (Truth bomb: It won’t be.)

Bottom line… It’s not hard to predict a booming second half of the year for crypto.

It could be huge.

We nailed our other calls for the year. This one is next.

Put your play money to work.

And if you’d like to see our absolute favorite strategy for finding the tokens that look most likely to soar next, go here.

There’s only one thing that really matters when it comes to crypto. There are no fundamentals. No SEC filings to peruse. Just this one thing… and it works.

Andy Snyder
Andy Snyder

Andy Snyder is an American author, investor and serial entrepreneur. He cut his teeth at an esteemed financial firm with nearly $100 billion in assets under management. Andy and his ideas have been featured on Fox News, on countless radio stations, and in numerous print and online outlets. He’s been a keynote speaker and panelist at events all over the world, from four-star ballrooms to Capitol hearing rooms.