Is This Stock Hotter Than Tesla?

|May 4, 2024
Tesla stock market crash.

We kicked off the week with a warning from Shah RE: Tesla (TSLA).

In his Monday Takeaways, he noted that the stock was up bigtime in premarket after Elon Musk flew to China to meet with Premier Li Qiang.

The two reportedly discussed Musk’s hopes to launch the company’s full self-driving software in China (an upgrade from the “Autopilot” feature that already comes standards on Tesla vehicles).

Given the recent tension between Musk and China, news of the meeting was a welcome change of pace for investors.

Until it wasn’t.


By Thursday, shares had dropped more than 10% from their Monday peak.

An announcement that the company was cutting 500 jobs coupled with anger from India about Musk’s China visit sent the stock back down to from whence it came.

Musk's visit to china

But this is all par for the course with Tesla nowadays.

The company is in the midst of a volatile cycle that will seemingly end only when its enigmatic CEO switches from ketamine to melatonin.

Of course… who really knows? That might actually lessen the stock’s appeal among some investors.

The story surrounding Tesla changes every day. And in a market driven by narrative, that can create some rocky roads for investors.

Hence Shah’s advice to folks who still own Tesla: “[Be] careful out there with that.”

Hotter Than a Self-Driving Car

On the flip side, we have a stock like Full Truck Alliance (YMM).

The company offers a digital freight platform that connects shippers and the trucks carrying their cargo.

While that may not be as sexy as fully autonomous vehicles, it’s a product that’s in-demand and gaining more traction every day.

But that’s not what drew Alpesh to the stock for this week’s edition of Dealmaker’s Diary.

As always with Mr. Patel, it all comes down to the numbers. And in the case of Full Truck Alliance, the numbers look good to say the least.

If you haven’t watched already (or read the transcript), check the video out here.

Video - Undervalued Shipping Platform

Bigger Than Crypto

And we’ll close by highlighting Robert’s Total Wealth contribution for the week. It involves a question common among folks who are new to crypto…

“Just what the heck is a ‘blockchain,’ anyway?!”

With crypto, it can sometimes feel like the folks behind the technology are intentionally putting forth terms that make zero sense to those who aren’t terminally online.

And in some cases – e.g. Dogecoin – that’s actually true.

But blockchain is actually named for the way it stores transaction data. It stores information in blocks… and then links it all together, in a never-ending chain.

It’s actually quite simple. Which is part of the reason why blockchain technology is attracting attention from governments, financial institutions, healthcare providers and more.

As Robert explains here, the opportunity – for investors and mankind as a whole – goes far beyond crypto.

“Blockchain technology is not just about creating an alternative to traditional currencies or a playground for high-risk traders,” he writes. “It represents a paradigm shift in how we can handle all forms of transactions and data management.”

Keep those crypto questions coming. Send them to

Robert Visits Nasdaq

P.S. As you might have guessed, we think Robert’s a pretty sharp guy. That’s why we added him to our team last year… And it’s why he was invited on Monday to attend the Nasdaq’s opening bell ceremony. Congrats, Robert!

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