Goldman’s Sneaky $2 Billion Secret

|January 24, 2022
Goldman Sachs

There was a secret tucked inside an earnings report from the banking sector last week.

It reveals a suspicion many investors had. They thought the big banks may have been doing something sneaky.

And now there’s proof.

We’re going to blow their secret wide open. Better yet… we’re about to bring you in on it.

This is huge. It represents another monumental step forward for Manward and the (huge!) community we’ve created.

Buried deep inside the earnings report from Goldman Sachs (GS) last week was word that the company had turned a corner in a very profitable sector of the market. It’s a sector you’ve heard about – and probably even dreamt about – but we’re certain 99% of readers have never touched.

You see, the folks at Goldman lost a lot of money in the stock market last quarter. Add up all the wins and subtract all the losses, and you’ll have to write down the sum in red ink. The big bank lost $500 million in publicly traded stocks.

But all was not lost.

Goldman has a secret weapon… a weapon so powerful that it brought $2 billion worth of profits to the company in the last three months.

While its foray into publicly traded stocks (which it is actively working to reduce, by the way) dwindled, its private stock holdings surged in value.

“Good for them,” our old-school readers will say. “But I can’t get access to private stocks.”

Ah… ney, ney.

You can.

And if you’re smart… you will.

Whether the wonks at Goldman like it or not, their secret is out. The lights have come on, and we can see who’s in bed with whom.

Better yet… now we can hop in too!

Over the last few years, the rules that once kept most investors out of private equity have loosened significantly. In fact, a major change to the law – which was almost entirely missed by the mainstream crowd – has created a tremendous opportunity.

And you know us… we’re not about to miss any chance to show our readers how to sneak in and grab some profits – even if the big boys think we’re stepping on their toes.

Later this week (on Thursday), we’re going to reveal the latest addition to our lineup. It’s a way to get into the best private deals – just like Goldman Sachs – for as little as $100.

It’s unlike anything we’ve ever done before. And we’re very excited about it.

We’ll reveal more as we get closer to the big day, but right now… back to Goldman’s little secret.

The bank added more than $100 billion to its private-equity investments last year. It now has well over $400 billion in private deals.

But, again, few folks know what it’s up to.

“Private equity is a bit of a black box for Goldman Sachs and other big banks in the business,” says Putnam Investments’ Ellen Hazen. “There’s not been a lot of transparency or disclosure.”

In fact, Goldman first laid out the details of this rather clandestine business only in January of 2020. It’s grown immensely since then.

And now we know why.

It’s hugely profitable.

While the company lost a boatload of cash in the public stock market… it more than made up for it in the “private” market.

But here’s the thing… the private market is no longer private.

Anybody with $100 can now get in.

And whether the white-shoe crowd likes it or not, that’s exactly what we want you to do.

More details are on the way.