Guns, Gold and Weed

|August 8, 2020

Welp, we made it.

Another week of surging COVID-19 numbers, frightening economic data and heated politics in the books.

Sales of recreational marijuana are soaring. Firearms too. Analysts are chalking both trends up to quarantine-fueled anxiety. (It’s either that or it’s Ted Nugent’s birthday.)

And stocks? Naturally they’re up 50% from their March lows.

Well… not “naturally.”

As Andy explains in this week’s Markets with Manward video, the situation is tied to his Dow 100K theory.

It’s unprecedented. But if you understand what’s happening, you can leverage it for huge short-term gains. Andy reveals the three things he’s looking for in stocks right now. Click here or on the image below to watch.

Manward YouTube

Now, let’s shift to this week’s other big winner…

A Great Year for Bulls… and Bugs

For more than a decade, gold bugs predicted spot prices would cross the $2,000 threshold. They swore up and down that the yellow metal would hit this crucial milestone any day

And on Tuesday, “any day” finally arrived.

As I write, gold is on a weeklong record-breaking streak. It’s well on its way to $2,100 an ounce.

Shares of the SPDR Gold Shares ETF (GLD) are beating the S&P 10 times over. It’s proof that, in spite of all the havoc, 2020 has been good for both bulls and bugs.

Chart - SPDR Gold Shares

But what does it mean when there are parallel bull markets in gold and stocks? And, perhaps more importantly…

What comes next?

Keep the Party Going

We’ve covered the myriad reasons stocks are soaring despite a plummeting U.S. economy.

Similarly, gold has a number of factors driving prices upward. But one BIG reason folks are buying is because they’re betting on rising inflation.

The latest comments from the Federal Reserve support their suspicion.

While no new policy has been announced, Fed officials have said that they’re willing to maintain rock-bottom rates until inflation can ramp up.

What that means is we could be looking at a decade or more of stimulus… a spending spree that could put our recent multitrillion binge to shame.

A full plan is expected to be unveiled in September. And when it is, former Fed insider Ed Yardeni says it could be “wildly bullish” for stocks and gold.

We agree. After all, we’ve already seen how the Fed’s willingness to print cash – and accumulate debt – correlates with rising gold prices.

Chart - Fed Balance Sheet

The economic picture may be grim. But as long as Jay Powell and his pals keep the kegs filled, the good times will keep rolling.

It’s time to buy.

Party on.

[Note: If YOU have questions about gold, send them to We’ve gotten a lot of notes on the subject recently, and we’re planning something special to address them all. So please email us and stay tuned.]

Alex Moschina
Alex Moschina

Alex Moschina is the associate publisher of Manward Press. A gifted writer, editor and financial researcher, Alex’s career in publishing began more than a decade ago when he worked at one of the world’s leading providers of academic research and reference materials. Alex first cut his teeth in the realm of investing when he joined the team at White Cap Research in 2010. There he was charged with covering emerging market trends and investment opportunities. A stint as senior managing editor and editorial director at the prestigious Oxford Club followed. A frequent speaker at conferences and events, Alex has led educational workshops across the U.S. and Canada.