Use This Simple Chart Pattern for Bear Market Gains

|June 28, 2022
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Editor’s Note: Today, our good friend Bryan Bottarelli, the Head Trade Tactician over at Monument Traders Alliance, reveals a simple chart pattern he uses to profit during down markets.

Once you learn his “Perfect Timing Pattern“… you’ll be able to make BIGGER and FASTER gains in a falling market than you made during the last few years of the bull market.

During the COVID Crash, this pattern helped his members lock in 246% total gains while the market FELL more than 20%.

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I want to share one of the simplest, most effective ways to profit in any market.

All you need is a simple pattern that can show you whether a stock will go up or down.

The crazy thing is…

Not many people use it.

That’s right…

Nobody trades this way.

But I do – because it’s so simple.

The pattern I’m talking about is called a “W.”

In my experience, the “W” pattern is the best way to determine whether a stock will go up or down.

Here’s how it works…

Starting from the upper left hand of the “W,” you have the bears.

They push the stock lower and lower, as you can see here.

Here we have the bears

Then you have the bulls, who support it at the neckline.

here we have the bulls

The bulls bounce the stock up to the neckline of the “W.”

The bears resist again

Then the bears resist again and push it down to the second support level.

Then the magic happens…

If the bulls bounce it again at the second support level and move it above the neckline of the “W,” then that right there is a sign the bulls are in control – and THAT’S when you make your trade.

Free and clear indicator

That is the most powerful bullish formation you’ll ever see.

Look at what happens when the “W” formation moves above the “free and clear” indicator…

A big move to the upside.

The truth is…

When you know how to use this indicator, you can make money ALL. DAY. LONG.

This pattern alone provides TENS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS in profit opportunities. It gets formed hundreds of times every single trading day.

And the gains can come in just 15 minutes.

The great part is it’s super simple to use.

There are a lot of different chart patterns out there, but many of them are too complicated to learn.

You don’t need to be a math genius or a business wizard to figure out the “W” pattern.

You don’t need a bunch of in-depth indicators.

You don’t need to follow 100 flashing TV screens every second of the day.

You just need this one “W” pattern.

And once you know how to identify the “free and clear” signal, you can make profits consistently.

I like to call this the “Perfect Timing Pattern.”

Every single day… hundreds of them pop up.

But here’s the best part… If you know how to spot them… you can make money in BOTH bull markets AND bear markets.

In fact, this ONE pattern can change how you view bear markets forever.

Because once you’ve learn the secret… you’ll be able to make BIGGER and FASTER gains over the next few months than you did during the last few YEARS of the bull market.

In fact, during the COVID Crash… I showed members 246% total gains while the S&P was DOWN more than 20%.

And just last May, during a week when the Dow dropped 1,500 points…

We won on 15 out of 16 trades and nailed a perfect trade recommendation on Electronic Arts (Nasdaq: EA)… enough to DOUBLE members’ money… OVERNIGHT.

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Bryan Bottarelli
Bryan BottarelliHead Trade Tactician, Monument Traders Alliance

Bryan Bottarelli started his career trading stock options on the floor of the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE). There he was mentored by one of the country’s top floor traders in the heart of the technology boom from 1999 to 2000 – trading in the crowded and lively Apple computer pit. As a so-called “play tactician,” Bryan uses his hands-on knowledge of floor trading to shape opportunities and chart formations into elegant, powerful and profitable recommendations. And by using the same hedging techniques taught by professional floor traders, Bryan is able to deliver his readers remarkable gain opportunities while strictly limiting their total risk. Along the way, Bryan has developed a cumulative track record that could impress even the most successful hedge fund manager. He now spends his days moderating one of the most elite trading research forums ever created, The War Room.