Grab This Energy Stock Before Nat. Gas Prices Soar Higher

Shah Gilani Oct 15, 2021

Oil, gas, coal… the whole fossil fuels industry has jumped to new heights this week.

And those heights are only going to get higher, so now is the time for us to dive into the best energy plays to grab before winter hits.

I gave out several superb natural gas plays yesterday morning (which you can read all about here) and, today, I’m giving you a bonus play from one of my favorites. The value of natural gas has already jumped up hundreds of percent. It is only a matter of time before the companies that produce it see the same heights.

Click the video below to grab one more energy play before the weekend.


Have a great weekend, folks. I’ll see you Monday.


4 replies on “Grab This Energy Stock Before Nat. Gas Prices Soar Higher”

  1. MARK A LORSON says:


  2. Lee Hilbert says:

    What do you think of Sunoco? High yield makes me wonder if it’s a buy or sell.

  3. Limor says:

    lng is stronger than cqp according to yahoo fiance.
    waiting for the earnings nov 4. but might buy lng, and wait on the cqp.

  4. Joe Garafolo says:

    Please give me your analysis and recomendations on : WPRT, and ULTA. Thanks much.

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