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  • Shah Gilani Mar 05, 2021
    The Bond Bogeyman is Here to Stay, but He’s Giving Us New Profit Opportunities

    On Tuesday I warned you the bond bogeyman was coming (click here to read that article), and he threatened the life of the “everything rally” we’ve been enjoying recently.

    Now he’s here to stay, and he’s bringing a new normal with him. The question now is, with bond investors feeling the pain of rapidly rising rates on the long end of the curve and stock investors feeling their pain and even more of their own, how long will this new normal last?

    And the truth is, you don’t want to hear this. So, if you’re sensitive or risk-averse, close out this article now.

    But for those of you brave enough to handle what’s coming – and take advantage of the profit opportunities the bogeyman’s brought along with him…

    Click here to continue reading…

  • Shah Gilani Feb 03, 2021
    This New Regulation Could Ruin Retail’s New Squeeze Play

    On Monday, I talked about our latest endeavor, going where Total Wealth has never gone before.

    If you haven’t had a chance yet to read up on what it means for you, go here. In short, we’re now following Seven Seismic Shifts – seven themes that will provide us with the greatest moneymaking opportunities the world’s ever seen. The themes are 1) pandemics, 2) politics, 3) environment, 4) taxation and regulation, 5) trading and investing, 6) Federal Reserve insanity, and 7) China.

    In keeping with our themes, today, we’re going where no retail traders or investors, especially those who scored huge gains driving up GameStop Corp. (NYSE:GME) and other highly shorted stocks, want regulators to go – because it would ruin the new game they just learned to play.

    Seismic Shift #5 is about changes in how we trade and invest, and nothing’s more seismic than regulatory changes.

    And believe me, we’re going to get some new ones, maybe sooner than later…

  • Shah Gilani Oct 02, 2020
    Ten Reasons to Buy Stocks Now and Two Ways to Buy Them

    If you’re wondering if it’s time to get into stocks or time to go to the sidelines, you’re not alone.

    While millions of new-to-the-market retail traders and investors bought the March dip, millions more went to the sidelines, parking $4.8 trillion in money market funds, more than during the financial crisis.

    Now we know retail was right. And we know sidelined investors in money market funds started buying stocks in June, drawing down fund balances by $300 billion at the end of August, and sending markets to new highs.

    Then September swept in and shook up everyone.

    Now, just as stocks were trying to bounce off their September correction territory lows, in spite of what everyone expects will be a contested election, the President of the United States and his wife get hit by the coronavirus, and stocks are falling again.

    So, investors are asking themselves, as they often do, “what now?”

    The answer’s simple: start buying.

    Here are 10 reasons you should be buying stocks now… and two strategies for buying them.

  • Shah Gilani Jun 12, 2020
    Is the Rally Over or Is Recent Selling Just Healthy Profit-Taking?

    The stock market’s bounce off its March 23, 2020 lows turned into a rally, then into a bull market.

    At least that’s what everyone saw happening until yesterday, when the Nasdaq Composite fell 5.27%, the S&P 500 fell 5.89%, The Dow Jones Industrials fell 6.9%, and the Russell 2000 fell a whopping 7.63%.

    Is the rally over? Is the selling just some profit-taking? Or were we all head-faked into believing the worst is over as far as the stock market, the worst is over as far as the economy, and the worst is over as far as the pandemic?

    The truth is out there.

    But nothing is set in stone. If the pandemic comes back, the riots continue, or the President keeps tweeting, anything could happen.

    The best way to protect yourself is to take concrete steps towards financial safety and economic security.

    Thousands of Americans may think they’re set in the event of a crisis, not unlike the one we’re seeing now, but that frankly isn’t true. The truth is that a second downturn could absolutely ruin your financial future.

    Unless you take the necessary precautions to prepare.

    It’s nothing timely or complex – in fact, protecting your wealth can be one of the easiest things you do, if you follow these simple steps .

    We’ve seen over $6 trillion evaporate in 2020 alone. Don’t lose any more cash and don’t let the effects of the coronavirus, or the seesawing market, take any more money out of your pocket (or your retirement fund, or your children’s college educations…)

    Click here for more details on how to prepare for the worst.

    You can protect yourself if you know what you’re up against, why our markets are hurting, and how you can make money against all odds.

    Here’s how the market got to where it is, what just happened, what could happen, and how to play the market no matter what happens

  • Shah Gilani Apr 23, 2020
    Coronavirus-Created Paradigm Shifts: How We Live, Work, Invest Is All Changing

    The novel coronavirus isn’t new anymore, it’s everywhere and disrupting how we live, work, and invest.

    Major paradigm shifts are already underway. Here’s how life as we know it is changing.

    Major paradigm shifts are already underway. Here’s how life as we know it is changing

  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Apr 17, 2020
    This Tool Could Mean the Difference Between Bankruptcy and $13 Million When the Market Turns Again

    Goldman Sachs is out with a report saying that the economic downturn will be four times worse than the Global Financial Crisis and that the U.S. will see a decline that could be “unprecedented.”

    I know that’s hard to imagine, given the rally that’s underway as I type, but you’d be wise to prepare for the possibility.

    The only thing standing between your portfolio and catastrophic loss is your own caution and proper risk management.

    Even as you chase profits!

    Today we’re going to talk about a simple, easy to use tool that can make all the difference in the world when it comes to adding tens of thousands of dollars or even millions of dollars to your bottom line by avoiding portfolio-killing losses.

    Here’s how you can control risk BEFORE there’s another reversal

  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Apr 03, 2020
    No Need to Rush – Do This Instead

    Today I want to talk about something most investors misunderstand.

    The need to move quickly during a crisis.

    More people than you’d care to believe go off the proverbial rails because they do so without the benefit of long-term thinking and perspective.

    That’s bad… not to mention very expensive when it comes to your money.

  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Mar 27, 2020
    5 Years from Now, You’ll Wish You’d Bought this Stock

    You’ve worked hard for your money and, if you’re like millions of investors, the coronavirus has hit your portfolio and your wallet hard.

    It makes sense to protect your retirement and your money now, more than ever.

    Just not like most people think.

    Especially when it comes to the stock I want to share with you today.

    Please pay close attention

  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Mar 25, 2020
    3 Critical Moves Great Investors Are Making Right Now That Average Investors Won’t

    Becoming a great investor is not easy – especially now.

    You will get discouraged. You will want to give up. You will be scared by current market conditions, headlines, the coronavirus situation and more. You will fear missing out on the big rally that’s building (again)

    Every investor faces this problem.

    There will be days where making money seems like shooting fish in a proverbial barrel… or as impossible as finding a hen’s tooth.

    There is a solution (and a great investment choice to go with it)

  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Mar 11, 2020
    The One Stock to Buy Even If the Selling ISN’T Over

    Will the markets go up or down from here?

    That is by far the most frequent question I’m getting right now. By phone, by email, via online comments… millions of investors want to know.

    I’m not sure that’s is the right question, though.

    All that matters is what’s happening with YOUR portfolio.

    Up or down doesn’t actually matter.

    How to “Future-Proof” Your Profits

  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Mar 06, 2020
    Adventures in Quarantine (and the Stocks I’m Focused on as a Result)

    You may have heard by now that my family and I are “enjoying” a self-imposed quarantine here in the Pacific Northwest because my wife and our oldest son have just returned from Japan.

    We’re still only a few days into the suggested 14-day period, but there have already been a few surprises as you might imagine.

    Some of which are actually good.

    And, more importantly, potentially very profitable, too.

    Here’s what we’ve learned so far

  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Mar 04, 2020
    Three Ways to Profit from A Major Market Bottom

    Recent selling has been as brutal as it has been sustained. Many investors are scrambling to figure out how much “more” they can take.


    Panic is a perfect contrarian indicator.

    History shows very clearly that this selloff will eventually prove to be a monumental buying opportunity – perhaps even, dare I say it, a generational play the likes of which you see once or perhaps twice in your investing lifetime.

    Savvy investors who start thinking about that possibility now will have a huge advantage when the time comes.

    Especially if you use the right tactics.

    Here are three smart moves to get you started

  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Feb 28, 2020
    My “Buy List” is as Long as a CVS Receipt, But…

    Millions of investors are beginning to panic.

    The Dow dropped a gut-wrenching 1,031 points Monday from Friday’s close and another points Monday and another 956.29 points Tuesday, following comments from the CDC that the spread of the coronavirus in this country is “inevitable.”

    Even CNBC’s Jim Cramer threw in the towel, warning Monday that some stocks are “too toxic to touch.”

    I agree.

    But you know what?

    There IS a list of stocks worth buying.

    What’s more, it’s growing by the minute.

    Here’s how to find great buys NOW

  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Feb 26, 2020
    Five with Fitz: What You Need to Know to Protect AND Profit Despite the Coronavirus

    When I started Total Wealth, I promised you that I would not only find and share the world’s best investment opportunities, but also give you behind the scenes information when it matters.

    Like now.

    I’ve been up for most of the night crunching numbers and talking with traders around the world in an attempt to figure out what happens next, and what that means for your money.

    The answers aren’t readily apparent.

    There’s some early buying in the overnight markets as I type, which is a good sign but, as always, the situation could be radically different by the time you read this.

    Everything I’ve been warning about for the past few weeks appears to be happening which means that it’s time to begin focusing on the flip side… what happens next.

    Here’s what you need to know to protect your money AND profit in the weeks ahead

  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Feb 21, 2020
    How Lock in Big Winners with “Profit Collars”

    JoAnna B. pulled me aside sheepishly in Orlando at the World MoneyShow with a great question recently…

    …how do I protect big profits on big winners?

    Like many folks who’ve been following along in Total Wealth and our sister publication, Money Map Report, she’s sitting on some really terrific winners but doesn’t quite know how to protect the profits that go with ’em.

    It’s a fabulous problem and, frankly, one that more investors would love to have.

    Selling is one way to go… but not necessarily the best way to go.

    Let me explain.

    Selling takes you out of the game completely which means, plainly put, that you miss every penny of the profit potential that could be otherwise be yours, if prices go higher still from here.

    Which is why you want to stay “in to win” using simple tactics that can help lock in profits while also preserving your upside.

    “Profit Collars” can be an easy, powerful and elegant way to lock in profits if you fear a market reversal

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