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  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Oct 27, 2018
    Weekend Edition: Not a Stampede and As Long As That’s True…

    This week I'm going straight to the mailbox for a few of the most frequently asked questions I'm getting about the selloff. It's important information you won't want to miss. Why? Because a little perspective and explanation as to what's really driving markets will go a long way towards the big profits being set up at this very moment. //

  • Total Wealth Staff Oct 26, 2018
    Another One of “Those” Days – Here’s Keith on Why

    Keith rejoined Varney & Co. this morning to explain why the selling isn't over yet, and what that means for your money. Plus, the surprising reason why investors shouldn't try to catch a falling knife.

  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Oct 26, 2018
    Forget FANGs… Buy the BAITs!

    My publisher, Mike Ward, didn't hold back when I told him that it was time to buy Russian internet stocks in late 2015, saying simply... ..."That's the gutsiest call I've ever heard." Savvy investors who followed along had the opportunity to bank some serious gains with companies like Yandex N.V. (NasdaqGS:YNDX), which shot from a low of $10.57 on September 25, 2015 to a high of $44.49 on

  • Total Wealth Staff Oct 25, 2018
    Why Clarida’s Comments Highlight a Potentially Catastrophic Flaw in Fed Logic

    Fed Vice Chairman Richard Clarida backed more rate hikes in his first major policy speech today, yet the Dow is still up 400 points. Making an appearance on Fox Business Network, Keith lays out the real motive behind the Fed's need to hike rates even more. Plus, the key behind big traders' nervousness in the markets in recent weeks, and why this selling might not be over.

  • Total Wealth Staff Oct 24, 2018
    Why The Correction’s Happening and Where It Will Go from Here

    After the Dow closes down 589.46 points and the other side of the world is just waking up, Keith joins CNBC's The Rundown to discuss what's going on, how much deeper this selloff could go, why the markets have changed from "the numbers to the narrative," and the one thing you need in order to trade these volatile markets.

  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Oct 24, 2018
    The Safest Stock I Can Find Right Now (and How to Buy It)

    Editor's Note: Keith wrote this article and submitted yesterday, before Boeing reported earnings this morning. As we type, the company did, in fact, "blow the doors off" expectations, raising earnings and revenue guidance for the year, and it's now trading appreciably higher in premarket action. I've been as steadfast as I've been consistent. The "dead cat bounce" others claimed

  • Total Wealth Staff Oct 24, 2018
    Why It’s NOT Time for the Fed’s “Damn the Torpedoes” Approach

    Millions of investors are worried about tariffs finally affecting the U.S. economy, and it looks like with good reason - shown by Caterpillar Inc. (NYSE:CAT) and 3M Co. (NYSE:MMM) earnings misses. Keith makes an appearance on CNBC's The Rundown to tell you why he has "harsh words for the Fed," and why this "damn the torpedoes" approach will lead to nothing good ahead.

  • Total Wealth Staff Oct 23, 2018
    Keith’s Take: The Fed’s Still Off the Map

    On his second appearance of the hour, Keith lets you in on why the Fed is STILL off the map, and why that's very dangerous... unless you have the right companies in your portfolio.

  • Total Wealth Staff Oct 23, 2018
    What’s Really Driving Traders Right Now

    Keith makes an appearance on Making Money With Charles Payne and lets you know that what's really driving the markets today isn't what most people think. But, here's how you can defend your money and potentially grow it, anyway.

  • Total Wealth Staff Oct 23, 2018
    Surprisingly, Individual Investors Have the Advantage on Big Down Days

    Institutional investors have to keep their money moving, which means they don't have a choice when it comes to buying and selling. Individual investors DO. That's a huge advantage for one key reason that catches many people by surprise. Plus, why buzzword bingo is NOT the game to play today (if you're interested in profits).

  • Total Wealth Staff Oct 22, 2018
    Three Companies that Could “Blow the Door Off” Earnings

    Big tech is reporting earnings this week, and you know what that means: big moves forward for some, big moves down for others. Keith joins Varney & Co. to discuss the three companies he believes will "blow the doors off" their earnings. Plus, there's something that's got the hair on the back of Keith's neck standing up... something every savvy investor needs to know in the name of big profits.

  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Oct 20, 2018
    This Wild Week Could Put You on the Path to Huge Profits ahead

    I have to be honest. Never in a million years did I think we'd live through as wild a week as this past one was. The major indices all fought their way up and down, Pfizer Inc. (NYSE:PFE) offered early retirement to employees ahead of layoffs via a memo, Netflix Inc. (NasdaqGS:NFLX) blew the door off earnings, Canada legalized marijuana, and Elon Musk says he's now going to buy $20 million of

  • Total Wealth Staff Oct 20, 2018
    Weekend Edition: This Wild Week Could Put You on the Path to Huge Profits Ahead

    Never in a million years did I think we'd live through as wild a week as this past one was. Hollywood couldn't come up with a better script! Not for drama. Not for comedy. Certainly not for profits. Thankfully, though, we CAN. Especially when it comes to profits.

  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Oct 19, 2018
    The Problem with Pot Stocks

    I'll be right up front. What I have to say today is going to go against the grain. You may not think so, but I guarantee there are a bunch of "get rich quick" artists out there who will. They're going to tell you I'm wrong, that I don't understand, that my thinking is limited or - my favorite - that I simply "don't get it." Perhaps they're right. I can't deny those kinds of

  • Total Wealth Staff Oct 18, 2018
    Markets Down 350 – Is It Justified??!!

    Keith rejoins Varney & Co. this morning at a time when major indices are selling off hard following, developments in Saudi Arabia and comments from Secretary Mnuchin. It's totally unjustified given earnings but, as Keith points out, the markets are an irrational place. Uncertainty can come from any number of places with unintended results - including the computerization driving 80%+ of today's trading.

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