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  • Shah Gilani May 17, 2022
    The Fertilizer Company Pushing Back Against the Grain Crisis

    We are in the middle of what some are calling a “grain crisis.” Staple crops like corn and wheat, if farmers can plant them at all, are struggling under severe weather conditions. Canada’s “Corn Belt,” for example, is experiencing an …

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  • Jenna Sminkey May 16, 2022
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    It takes two things to get ahead of the markets – an insider who knows how the Wall Street bigwigs work and how to find the stocks that are going to outperform the market, before they’ve taken off. Shah has …

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  • Shah Gilani May 16, 2022
    HOOD to Fall After 24% Leap, And Earn Your 100% Gains with Today’s Play

    Friday’s rally was a nice change after last week’s volatile trading. Stocks roared ahead during Friday’s session, with the Nasdaq and S&P 500 jumping 3.39% and 2.29% in the first hour of trading. I’m happy to see it, but I …

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  • Shah Gilani May 13, 2022
    Come Out on Top of Bloody Battle for the Markets with Two New Picks

    It’s a war out there, people. A bloody battle to keep the markets from going under. As I recorded today’s BS.H, the Dow and S&P 500 were down, the Nasdaq was flatlining, and stocks in almost every sector were under …

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  • Shah Gilani May 12, 2022
    The ARKK of a Diver: The Rise and Fall of Cathie Wood and ARK Innovation ETF

    Arc of a Diver, Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Steve Winwood’s groundbreaking solo album, came on the heels of a series of successes that began when he, at age 15, joined the Spencer Davis Group. With Traffic (inducted into …

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  • Shah Gilani May 10, 2022
    Stand Firm as They Run: How to Profit Off Falling Markets

    The whole stock market is falling. The Dow is down 12% off its highs in January, the S&P 500 is down 16%, and the Nasdaq, which once ruled the stock market, is down 26%.

    It’s ugly out there, but I’m still playing the markets – and you should be, too.

    Bull or bear market, there are plenty of ways to turn a profit in the stock market. While others, fearful of the downward trend, run for the hills, you can set in motion two profitable plays (one of which could yield a 100% gain). Just watch today’s Take It to the Bank Tuesday to learn more or go here to read my analysis.

  • Shah Gilani May 09, 2022
    Market Volatility is Your Next Chance at a 100% Profit

    As I write this, 2022 is shaping up to be the year of volatility. While that may frighten timid investors, I see it as a huge opportunity. Thursday’s rout sent the Nasdaq, S&P 500, and DOW tumbling 4.99%, 3.56% and …

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  • Shah Gilani May 06, 2022
    Protect Your Money from the Fed’s BS with New Oil Plays

    I hope you didn’t get suckered in by the Fed this week. Wednesday’s rally, which came just after the Fed announced a 50 basis point hike in the fed funds rate (instead of 75), wasn’t a sign to run back into the markets.

    That was nothing but short covering. The markets are down again today and the trend is likely to continue downward until the Fed changes course. And it will.

    Until then, we need to stick with what’s working, with the tried and true companies still making great earnings, to turn a profit – and I’ve got just the plays for you.

    Watch today’s Buy, Sell, or Hold by clicking the video below, or go here to read the transcript.

  • Shah Gilani May 05, 2022
    The Fed is Almost Always Wrong, and That Gives Us a New Opportunity

    Every bond and stock investor knows at least one Wall Street saying regarding Fed policy moves. Some of them are: “Never fight the Fed,” “Follow the Fed,” and “Don’t fade the Fed.” They’re good advice, but only to a point. …

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  • Shah Gilani May 03, 2022
    Oil Industry Doubled Its Profits, Now It’s Your Turn

    The price of oil and gas is soaring once again. According to AAA, Americans pay around $4.20 per gallon at the pump. That’s not great for us, but oil and gas companies are breaking records. Some are reporting doubled (or, …

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  • Shah Gilani May 02, 2022
    Invest in These Two Giants Before Fed Policy Triggers Rush into Big Tech

    I think 2022 and early 2023 will be the year of big tech growth stocks.

    You heard me right. I said “growth” stocks, not “value” stocks.

    Since mid-2021, the market started pricing in higher interest rates. That impacted the valuation of tech companies based on discounted cash flow pricing models. And that, in turn, drove prices down on most tech growth stocks.

    Now though, with the U.S. economy posting negative GDP last week, the Federal Reserve will have to tread very carefully regarding its interest rate policy.

    If the Fed indicates any dovish change in its longer-term interest rate policy, we could see a huge rush of capital back into big tech growth stocks.

    I don’t think the Fed will change its narrative anytime soon (for risk of losing credibility). Still, traders are going to see the same opportunity I’m seeing, and that’s going to cause small rallies as traders start to position themselves for the future in big tech companies like this one.

    Read on to learn how you can position yourself for the future with two new trades.

  • Shah Gilani Apr 28, 2022
    Three Toxic Stocks to Sell ASAP

    Every week, my inbox is flooded with questions, many of which can be summed up simply as, “Which of these stocks should I buy?” But, in times like these, I think the more important question to ask is, “Which stocks …

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  • Shah Gilani Apr 28, 2022
    How You Should Play the Fed’s Punch-Drunk Plan to Fight Inflation

    A year ago, the Fed had no plan to combat rising prices. Now they want the world to know they’ve got a plan to beat back what looks like increasingly sticky inflation because now their credibility is at stake.

    That plan, which should be pre-set, steady, transparent, and formally announced as “forward guidance,” is instead going to be made up every six weeks when the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meets.

    Whether to raise the fed funds rate 25 basis points, 50 basis points, or 75 basis points (a basis point is one one-hundredth of a percentage point) at the FOMC’s upcoming May 3-4 meeting, or any subsequent meeting, isn’t set. And that is upending both stock and bond markets, and proof the Fed’s out of control.

    The Fed raising rates isn’t going to kill inflation. There’s no way they could ever raise rates enough to kill it, and that gives us an opportunity.

    Read more about the Fed’s inevitable failure to fix inflation and how you should play it.

  • Shah Gilani Apr 26, 2022
    Don’t Follow the Crowd: AMZN Is Still Investment Worthy

    The supply chain nightmare is catching up to e-commerce heavyweight (AMZN).

    This time last year, analysts’ consensus estimates put AMZN’s earnings per share (EPS) at $15.79. In anticipation of this Thursday’s earnings report, that estimate fell 40%. That’s a huge year-over-year crunch – one that made some investors sell one of the best long-term investments out there.

    As I mentioned in Monday’s Watchlist, sometimes the best way to profit is by going against the grain. Now, I’m saying it again. Don’t follow the crowd.

    If Amazon reports EPS below $9.22, buy the dip – and I’ll tell you why in today’s video.

  • Shah Gilani Apr 25, 2022
    When Your NFLX Trades Go Against the Grain, You Could Reap 100% Gains

    Sometimes, the best short-term trades are simply a matter of going against the grain.

    When everybody is on one side of a trade, there comes a point when the best risk/reward scenario comes from betting against the herd. Legendary investor Jim Rogers compares this to everyone getting one side of a boat. When that happens, he says you probably want to be on the other side of that same boat…

    Or risk getting dumped in the water as the boat tips.

    Speaking of investors all being on one side of the boat, Wednesday was a pretty darn spectacular day where Netflix Inc. (NFLX) is concerned. The company reported results for the first quarter that missed various estimates, and the stock dropped nearly 40% before rebounding slightly in early Friday trading.

    That’s what I call a serious beatdown. An overblown beatdown, at that, but we can use it to our advantage.

    Click here to learn just how to play NFLX to reap 100% gains.

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