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  • Shah Gilani Nov 26, 2021
    How Bitcoin is Playing “Jenga” With Stocks – And We All Know How That Game Ends

    What if I told you the cryptocurrency craze – inflated by U.S. investors, traders, speculators, and especially by world punters – is just one immense bubble that’s going to burst?

    Would you believe me?

    What if I convinced you this bubble is real – and that it’s going to pop? Would you then believe me if I told you that this implosion in cryptocurrencies will cause the stock market to crash, too?

    Well, let me convince you of the former so I can make you see the risks of the latter.

    Click here to learn what the crypto market is hiding…

  • Shah Gilani Nov 23, 2021
    Winter is Coming and so Is an Oil and Gas Rally

    From where I sit in New York City, the nights are getting colder and colder. I know I’m not the only one who’s cranking up their thermostat – and that got me thinking…

    As winter draws ever nearer, oil and gas prices will soar. And I have just the right play for you.

  • Shah Gilani Nov 22, 2021
    Three Profit Stocks to Grab Before Cyber Monday Strikes

    It’s time I roll out some of my favorite consumer spending plays.

    Because, if you haven’t noticed, the surge of inflation in the US last month hasn’t slowed consumer spending. US households are still flush with the $2.5 trillion in savings amassed during the pandemic. Mix that with pent-up consumer demand, and you create the perfect storm.

    Sales are 21% higher than before COVID, as Americans spend more on anything and everything, from electronics to furniture to building materials.

  • Shah Gilani Nov 19, 2021
    Big Amazon News Tanks Stock – And It Won’t Recover

    Ever wondered how credit card companies make money?

    They have many revenue streams, but there is one that retailers have been rallying against for years: payment fees. For every purchase you make with a credit card, the card company takes a cut to the tune of 0.5% of your total purchase.

    Which doesn’t sound like a lot, but when you add up the thousands of dollars spent every day on credit cards, that 0.5% cuts deep into retailer earnings – and Amazon Inc (Nasdaq: AMZN) decided it won’t stand for it any longer.

    In today’s video, I’m telling you what this means for you, and I’ll give you four new plays to go with it.

    Just click the video hereto start.

  • Shah Gilani Nov 18, 2021
    Thanks to This New Drug, Moderna and its Peers are “Yesterday’s News”

    Moderna Inc. (Nasdaq: MRNA) and BioNTech SE (Nasdaq: BNTX) were two of the big stars of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

    But those two biotechs – and other players like Merck & Co. (NYSE: MRK) – are scrambling to find that “Next Big Thing” to stay relevant, or get hot again, in the post-peak-pandemic world.

    But I’m here to deliver some very bad news: None of these three are going to pull this off.

  • Shah Gilani Nov 16, 2021
    America is Going to Pot… In the Best Way Possible

    For many pot stocks, it has been a rough year.

    Prices have been sliding further and further south as interest waned and legalization efforts stalled out, but now the movement has fresh gust of wind in its sails.

    There is Republican backed bill on the floor of Congress right now looking legalize marijuana in all 50 states. This fantastic news has already caused a pop in the pot stock market, one that I suspect will continue well after this law passes.

    So, today I’m giving you the best pot stock on the market. Just watch the video here to learn more.

  • Shah Gilani Nov 15, 2021
    Republican Backed Marijuana Legalization Could Send these Two Companies Rocketing

    Big news made it to my desk at the end of last week. Republican congresswoman Nancy Mace is spearheading a new marijuana legalization bill.

    A Republican-backed legalization effort would be incredible for cannabis stocks across the board, so I’ve been monitoring the markets since last Thursday’s announcements for profitable targets.

    The bill reportedly seeks to treat cannabis similarly to alcohol: legalize and impose relatively low excise taxes and marijuana sales. This would put wind in the sails of almost all pot stocks, but Tilray Inc (TLRY) and Aurora Cannabis Inc(ACB) are the two that have caught my eye.

  • Shah Gilani Nov 12, 2021
    Here’s How to Play the Brand-New Car Company Beating Ford Motors at Its Own Game

    In the two days it has been on the markets, this new car company’s stock has grown well over $100 a share.

    The company itself? Well, it’s been given a market cap of $121 billion. That is almost double the value of vehicle manufacture veteran Ford Motors, and Ford’s been on the markets since 1984.

    Right out the gate, this company has climbed higher in two days than Ford could in 37 years, but I don’t want you to jump in on this trend blindly.

  • Shah Gilani Nov 11, 2021
    Forget Apple and Microsoft – This Company Will Win the Metaverse

    The Metaverse is here.

    Grounded in the Greek word meta, meaning after or beyond, this burgeoning synthetic universe, once cyberpunk fantasy, cannot be denied. It just doesn’t look anything like Neal Stephenson described in his seminal work Snow Crash just yet.

    But one day… It just might.

  • Shah Gilani Nov 09, 2021
    Invest in the Metaverse, Not Meta

    Facebook, or should I say Meta Platforms Inc (Nasdaq: FB), hasn’t been shy these last few weeks.

    After the Wall Street Journal released “The Facebook Files” and threw FB into another scandal, a rebrand and a new tech trend were just what this company needed to have a fresh start on the markets.

    Droves of investors bought in, but they are blind to an even better opportunity that metaverse presents.

    Virtual reality is on the horizon. It just hasn’t been built yet, and it will be the companies constructing the metaverse that will be the real winners. In today’s video, I’m giving you details about one such company.

    Just click the video below to get this latest recommendation.

  • Shah Gilani Nov 08, 2021
    Nervous Nellies Close the Book on Investment Opportunities You Need on Your Portfolio

    Good or bad, every earnings report comes with an opportunity for people like us.

    Now that earnings season is here, companies are being hit left and right as nervous nellies pack up their bags and abandon their positions, or even the market entirely. That gives us the chance to take up their mantel or play on their fears.

    That’s why I’ll have my eyes trained on Airbnb Inc (ABNB) this week.

  • Shah Gilani Nov 05, 2021
    Chasing the Amazon-Backed EV Would Be a Big Mistake and More Advice to Survive Next Week

    Rivian… A new electric vehicle (EV) company that’s been making waves in the news this week after Inc (Nasdaq: AMZN) revealed tremendous support for the company.

    AMZN already has a 20% stake in Rivian Automotive, turning it into a meme stock before it even goes public. Analysts are expecting the IPO stock price to be $57 to $62

    And that’s got me skeptical about this stock’s quality.

  • Shah Gilani Nov 04, 2021
    The Canary in the Global Stock Coalmine is Singing – Your Evergrande Action Plan

    Just because China Evergrande Group made an $83.5 million bond interest payment on October 23 – at the last possible minute under a 30-day grace period – doesn’t mean it’s out of the woods.

    The giant property developer, once a Fortune Global 500 company, has $305 billion in outstanding debt, $500 million in interest due by the end of this year, and no money to pay it off. Its back is up again a wall – the $60 trillion Chinese residential property sector – and that wall is leaning back.

    If Evergrande defaults on its debt and is forced into bankruptcy, the great wall of residential property in China will collapse the country’s economy and contagion will hammer the global stock markets.

  • Shah Gilani Nov 02, 2021
    Climate Congress Flop is Taking this Oil Company to New Heights

    COP26, a United Nations Climate Conference, is underway in Scotland and it’s not looking good for clean energy hopefuls that expected this summit to be a massive pop for green stocks.

    The two of the biggest polluters on the planet, China and Russia, have refused to attend which means one thing for us…

  • Shah Gilani Nov 01, 2021
    Investors Wrongfully Condemn Two Profitable Tech Giants Bearing Steep Labor Costs

    We are entering a new era.

    Every company is short on labor and the workers they do have are unionizing to demand higher wages, which has created a surge in employer compensation costs in key industries.

    We’ve already seen the effects of this in docks and warehouses across the US, with the Transportation Department teaming up with California ports to prevent future snarls by pumping $5 billion into the industry.

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