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  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Jan 05, 2018
    Three Reasons Not to Follow in Peter Thiel’s Footsteps

    News broke early this week that billionaire tech investor, Peter Thiel, had dumped $15-$20 million in Bitcoin back in mid-2017 via the Founders Fund, a venture capital investment company he co-founded. Not surprisingly, Bitcoin jumped 10.7% from $13,742 to $15,214 when the headlines hit. Predictably, there are a lot of investors out there who are now wondering if they should do the same thing

  • Total Wealth Staff Jan 05, 2018
    Dow Hits 25K… Can It Last?

    Keith appeared on Fox Business Network's The Intelligence Report shortly after the Dow crested 25,000 points and another all-time record high. Host Cheryl Casone cut right to the chase, asking "Can it last?" As usual, Keith cut right to the chase about what he sees ahead. We think you'll find his answer compelling and very profitable. Here's what you need to know.

  • Total Wealth Staff Jan 03, 2018
    Don’t Be Like Peter Thiel (When It Comes to Bitcoin)

    Billionaire investor and fund manager Peter Thiel's Founder Fund reportedly made a monster bet on Bitcoin and millions of investors are wondering if they should do the same thing. Here's Keith on why they should think twice before following blindly in his footsteps.


  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Jan 03, 2018
    The World’s Most Important Robotics Company is Still Less Than $25 a Share

    "Selling shovels in a gold rush" is one of the oldest and most profitable investing strategies there is. So, why is it that so few investors pay attention? The allure of "easy money." Most would rather risk everything they own in search of the next "best" thing when the next "sure" investment is always far more profitable. I'd like to share a new recommendation with a $50 billion

  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Jan 01, 2018
    Your 2018 Investor Guide Hits Tomorrow

    Let me begin by wishing you and your loved ones a Happy (and hopefully) very prosperous New Year. In keeping with Japanese tradition, my family and I are going to be celebrating Oshogatsu (Japan's New Year's holiday) by making a visit to our family shrine, eating special food - including one of my personal favorites, a soup made with mochi rice cake called ozōni (お雑煮) - and reading

  • Total Wealth Staff Jan 01, 2018
    A Way You Could Strike Tremendous Profits in 2018

    2018 is set up to be a fantastic year for investors who know where to look. Everything you need to know is in my exclusive 2018 Profit Playbook, releasing tomorrow. To get in line for your copy, click here.

  • Total Wealth Staff Dec 29, 2017
    What You Need to Know Beginning the New Year

    With 2018 just around the corner, millions of investors are looking for answers about everything from tax reform, to repatriation, to Bitcoin. Here's Keith on the panel of Fox Business Network with everything you need to know.

  • Total Wealth Staff Dec 29, 2017
    Dow 25K on 2017’s Last Trading Day?

    Keith joins Fox Business Network's Charles Payne on the last trading day of 2017, as the Dow nears the 25,000 milestone and investor sentiments continue to run high. Looking into 2018, though, should investors be concerned about too much optimism in the markets? Here's Keith's take.

  • Total Wealth Staff Dec 27, 2017
    Beware: Ford Should be Scared to Death

    Tesla Inc. (NasdaqGS:TSLA) CEO Elon Musk, one of the world's most innovative business leaders, recently announced that he's going to build an electric pickup to take on the iconic F-150. Host Charles Payne wanted Keith's take and was surprised by how Keith sees the situation. Here's what savvy investors need to know.

  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Dec 27, 2017
    What I Got Right (and Wrong) in 2017

    I write today with one very important question on my mind... ...did I help you make money in 2017? I'm asking because I'm a firm believer in taking my own advice. I counsel you to take a good hard look at the strategies you use, at your investments, and at your analysis so it only makes sense that I do the same. Some people call this "transparency," but I call it "owning up." Frankly,

  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Dec 25, 2017
    Over 80 Triple-Digit Wins in 2017… and 2018 Could be Even Better

    As we near the end of 2017, it's clear we've got a reason to celebrate. Readers who've followed along with my premium services have had the chance at more than 80 triple-digit gains as I write - giving investors following along the opportunity to score huge profits - sometimes up to 520% per week. 2018 looks just as bright, if not more, because I see companies on the brink of breaking through our

  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Dec 21, 2017
    Five Timely (and Easy) Ways to Maximize Your Money By Christmas

    We've spent a lot of time this year talking about how to maximize your investment returns with good reason - many of the dynamic companies and investment opportunities we talk about frequently have been on an absolute tear in 2017. Just to name a few... ...Boeing's up 95.69% ...Facebook's up 55.55% ...Apple's up 47.9% year to date as I write ...Alphabet's up 34.81% As great as

  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Dec 20, 2017
    How to Play the End of Net Neutrality for Big Profits

    When I started Total Wealth, I promised you a blend of analysis, tips, and specific trading tactics to play today's financial markets for big profits. Today, I want to keep that promise with an easy to understand and even easier to implement trade idea related to the FCC's recent repeal of net neutrality. There are a variety of ways to trade what's happened but I've got something special

  • Total Wealth Staff Dec 18, 2017
    How to Play one of the Top Trending Social Media Sites

    "Silicon Valley is out of control," claims Keith, while talking about one of the top trending social media sites today. He says that some of the recent announcements and rules from top level executives in the Valley could end up driving major problems - don't let yourself or your money get caught up in this "nexus." Here's how. //

  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Dec 16, 2017
    What China’s $5 Trillion Plan Means for Your Money

    What I saw this past week in Tokyo, Japan, is something you won't hear about from mainstream media... Per usual, it's not being widely reported - if at all - in the U.S. and Europe. I see it as the greatest capital creation in recorded history, and as always, I never want you to miss out on an opportunity like that. Japan's finally joined in on China's "One Belt, One Road"

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