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  • Shah Gilani Sep 02, 2021
    This Stock Trades at $2.50 – And It’s the “Kryptonite” of the Big Investment Banks We All Hate

    I started my career back in 1982 on the floor of the Chicago Board Options Exchange, trading options on big-name stocks – which, back then, were the only stocks that had options to trade. And I saw and learned a …

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  • Shah Gilani Aug 31, 2021
    Grab this Cyber Security Stock Before It Breaks Another Record

    Today’s stock you will want to grab before noon today has it all.

    Every single one of my favorite cyber security stocks are wrapped up in this one ETF, which continues to break more and more personal records as it climbs the wall of worry.

  • Shah Gilani Aug 30, 2021
    Avoid Bite-Back from Meme-Stock-Mania with This New Move

    In this week’s installment of meme-stock-mania, I want to draw your attention to Inc. (Nasdaq: SPRT). Shares of the cloud-based customer support company jumped more than 182.58% in Friday’s pre-market session. By the time the market opened, sentiment cooled (a little), and the stock ended up opening Friday’s session up 96.14% on the day. For the week, shares of SPRT gained nearly 420%.

    What drove those gains? Nothing more than internet chatter and an orchestrated short-squeeze.

    Friday’s move was great if you were one of the traders who got into the stock prior to last week’s trading. But if you missed that move, you probably want to steer clear of the stock, completely, because there’s no easy way to trade the stock without leaving yourself open to outsized risk.

  • Shah Gilani Aug 27, 2021
    2 Buys, 2 Sells, and 10 Moves to Make Before the Weekend

    In this week’s BS.H, I’ve got ten new moves for you to make on watchlist stocks you’ve sent to me at Two buys… two sells… and much more. So, to help me discuss it all, I decided to bring in a special guest.

  • Shah Gilani Aug 24, 2021
    Get This Brazilian Bomb-Shell Stock While It’s Still Less Than $10

    Usually, I come to you Tuesday mornings with a fractional shares opportunity – expensive stocks worth over $1,000 per share that, thanks to an ongoing investing revolution, are now affordable for everyone.

    But this Tuesday, I wanted to spice things up a little bit with some Brazilian flare. This stock is trading for less than $10, but has the potential to reach the same highs as Wall Street darlings like Amazon.

  • Shah Gilani Aug 23, 2021
    Three Micro Caps Ready to Pop

    Micro caps, or petite companies valued at less than $300 million, are becoming all the rage among investors – and I love that. These companies are the underdogs of the investing world that, if played right, can make you a filthy rich once they burst forth their true potential.

    That’s why I want to start you off with Surgalign Holdings Inc (SRGA). On August 6, 2021, the spine-related micro-cap medical technology company, reported Q2/2021 results that included total global revenue of $24.8 million, which represented a 21% increase over the same period a year ago. Earnings for the quarter were a $0.09 loss, which was considerably better than estimates that called for a $0.12 loss for the period.

    Those aren’t bad numbers, but on the same day shares sold off as much as 18.5% in a single session. Since then, though, the stock has rebounded to the upside, filling that initial gap, and then some.

  • Shah Gilani Aug 20, 2021
    Nine of This Week’s Top EV Plays

    This morning, the BS.H is getting a refresh. No mixed bags, no wall of worry, just nine straight buys you need in your portfolio ASAP, courtesy of the electrification revolution.

  • Shah Gilani Aug 19, 2021
    It’s the Ultimate “Wall of Worry Stock” – And You Need to Buy It Today

    The disaster in Afghanistan.

    A surge in the Delta variant – with Lambda right behind.

    Economic-growth reports that came in on the “light” side.

    Inflation’s return from the dead.

    Myriad problems with a root cause in China.

    A bond market that’s trying to trick us.

    And the list goes on.

    For investors like you and me, there sure seems to be a lot to worry about these days.

    And new worries seem to surface every week.

    But don’t drink the hemlock just yet.

    In the face of all those worries, U.S. stocks just keep climbing this so-called “Wall of Worry” – and remain in record territory.

    Today I’m going to show you why that’s happening. And I’ll share a “Wall of Worry” stock play that’ll keep climbing, too.

    Better still: This stock offers more than one path to a big-payoff destination.

    But let’s first understand what the “Wall of Worry” is, why it’s actually a good thing, and the “false narrative” that’s causing the confusion.

  • Shah Gilani Aug 17, 2021
    Today’s Lunch Special – A $100 Stock Deal will Pay You to Own It

    Dividend stocks tend to a bad rep for paying “cents on the dollar” back on a bulky investment – but the lunch special I’ve got for you today is of a quality that puts other dividends to shame.

  • Shah Gilani Aug 16, 2021
    Grab Four Green Stock Powerhouses in this Week’s Watchlist

    Here’s your latest batch of watch list stocks. First up, I’m watching The Home Depot, Inc. (HD). The company is scheduled to report Q2/2021 results on Tuesday, before the open. The company experienced a surge in sales and earnings since the beginning of the pandemic, but now, both are expected to slow down as stimulus checks dry up, supply chain issues persist, and labor cost continue to rise.

    Given those uncertainties, and the fact that the stock is trading near all-time highs, we could see some volatility around earnings. If the company misses on top-line, bottom-line, or if it lowers forward guidance, I like buying a put spread.

    If HD closes below $327.00, I like buying the HD September 17, 2021 $325/$320 Put Spread for $2.00 or less.

  • Shah Gilani Aug 13, 2021
    This 1 Cent Stock is Worth Your $100 Investment, Shah Explains in the Latest Buy, Sell, or Hold

    I’m not usually a penny stocks kind of guy. It’s just not my cup of tea, so to speak. Yet this week, you sent me a psychedelics company that has me reconsidering my position…

    After closing on Thursday at $0.032 – that’s right, less than a single cent – this is a strong buy that all of us can have a little fun with. I talk of this and more moneymakers in today’s Buy, Sell, or Hold.

    Click here to watch

  • Shah Gilani Aug 12, 2021
    Time to grab this “Code Red Stock”

    On Monday, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), which the United Nation’s calls its “body for assessing the science related to climate change,” released its latest report titled, AR6 Climate Change 2021: The Physical Sciences Basis.

    AR6, the Panel’s sixth Assessment Report on climate conditions, authored by 234 scientists and researchers, runs 3,949-pages and was so shocking U.N. Secretary General, Antonio Guterres, claimed it represented a “code red for humanity.”

  • Shah Gilani Aug 10, 2021
    This Is Where to Spend $100 By Lunchtime

    The market’s opening in 30 minutes, so you know what that means – time to get your money ready.

    In the video, you’ll find out where you should put $100 during Tuesday’s session.

  • Shah Gilani Aug 06, 2021
    Take Your Money and Run… Sell this Cannabis Stock Now

    This week, you flooded my inbox with questions about FLGC cannabis. I completely understand the interest. The cannabis market has grown to be worth nearly one trillion dollars, making it a great market for discerning investors.

  • Shah Gilani Aug 03, 2021
    Don’t Bother with AfterPay, this FinTech Company is the Real Moneymaker

    I was doing some online shopping recently and, right as I was about to confirm my payment something caught my eye… Next to credit, debit, and PayPal there was a new option asking if I was wanted to pay for my stuff not as a grand total but in small monthly installments.

    If you’ve been shopping around like me, you may have seen this, too – spreading across online sellers like wild fire.

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