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  • Shah Gilani Feb 08, 2022
    Rumored Amazon Acquisition Shakes Markets and We’ll Ride the After Shocks

    Interesting rumors hit the markets this weekend. Pelaton Interactive Inc (Nasdaq: PTON), the fitness tech company made infamous during the pandemic, may be picking out a buyer over the next few weeks. Story goes, Apple Inc (Nasdaq: AAPL), Inc (Nasdaq: AMZN), and NIKE Inc (NYSE: NKE) may be on the short list.

    True or not, the very idea drove shares of PTON through the roof – I’m talking a whopping 31%. But you know what they say: what goes up, must come down…

    And we’re going to catch it as it falls.

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  • Shah Gilani Feb 07, 2022
    Oil Races to $100 a Barrel, Beat it to the Punch with My Favorite Energy Play

    On Thursday, West Texas Crude (WTI) settled above $90 per barrel for the first time since October 2014.

    That’s no surprise to me. I’ve been bullish on it since early last year.

    That being said, momentum in oil is getting overbought which means we could see a short-term pullback.

    Longer-term though, I still see oil trading up to $100 (and beyond) by mid-summer. Any pullback right now would be like a great opportunity to make a trade on energy companies.

    One of my favorite energy trades, right now, is Exxon Mobil Corp (XOM).

    On the 1st, the company reported it’s fourth-quarter results, which included GAAP earnings of $8.87 billion. That’s up from a $20.07 billion loss in the same period a year ago.

    Exxon also managed to generate $48 billion of cash flow from operating activities, its highest since 2012, and it’s paying down debts. $9 billion in debt was paid during the fourth quarter, bringing the repayment to a total of $20 billion since the start of 2021.

    Those are solid numbers and shares jumped as much as 9.63% in last week’s trading.

    As I said, I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a short-term pullback in WTI, and that would likely bring shares of XOM back down, before rising again on the back of another move higher in WTI.

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  • Shah Gilani Feb 04, 2022
    Meta’s Discounted Stock Isn’t Your Only Screaming Buy This Week

    Meta’s earnings gave investors quite the scare yesterday with “weaker-than-expected” revenue growth.

    But let me tell you something: I don’t scare easy, and Meta is still one of my number one buys this week. Sometimes, bottom fishing is great fun, and with FB trading 26% off its highs anyone that buys in now will get a discount on one of the most profitable companies on the markets.

    You’ll want to buy in before everyone else gets wise – but make sure to use the trailing stop I give you in todays video to secure your gains.

  • Shah Gilani Feb 03, 2022
    FAANG to Push Through Nasdaq Downturn

    The tech-heavy Nasdaq Composite, took a beating last night as Meta Platforms Inc led the entire tech sector and its shares lower into a dip that, according to some skittish investors, is looking more like a trench every day.

    After a nearly 20% dip triggered by an inflation-anxiety-based selloff, the Nasdaq couldn’t return to its previous highs – making up only 50% of the ground lost.

    Meanwhile, the other indexes have bushed themselves off. The S&P 500 is currently down 4% off its last high, and the Dow is only down 3%.

    Below, you’ll see just how far the Nasdaq Composite has fallen from its three-month highs.

    Click to Enlarge

    Source: YCharts

    But, as my mantra goes, “you need to buy the dip. Every dip.”

    The tech industry’s rally isn’t over yet. For the best stocks on the Nasdaq Composite, this is just a brief pause on their journey even higher – and it’s an opportunity for you to jump on one of the most lucrative industries of the modern era.

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  • Shah Gilani Feb 02, 2022
    Discounted “Raging Bull” Food Company Goes Beyond Wall Street Expectations

    Not much has been bullish these past few weeks.

    Tech is languishing. The rug was pulled out from under the Dow and the S&P 500. Inflation, Russia, China… there are threats to every market and every sector around every corner.

    Yet, this $42 billion food company managed to boost its profit margin 31%, sending Wall Street reeling.

  • Shah Gilani Jan 31, 2022
    Play to Win Off of Tech Company Pulling Ahead of the Pack

    Here’s the thing about Apple Inc (AAPL). Over the last year, the stock has come down more than 10% – but that’s no surprise. Skittish investors concerned about rising rates have dragged down the whole tech sector. But they may …

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  • Shah Gilani Jan 27, 2022
    Emergency Meeting Called to Address Market Pullback

    If you enjoy watching my appearances on Varney & Co., you may be familiar with my nickname: The King of Buy-the-Dips.

    Stuart Varney himself gave me that name because, as a guest of his show every week for the past eleven years, I’ve been calling every single dip. Every single buy-the-dip opportunity. And I’ve been right every single time.

    This week I added another to the track record. I told Stuart that the selloff we’re seeing right now is another opportunity caught in the convergence of three super-wealth building events.

    And today, I’m calling an emergency meeting tonight at 7:00 pm ET to tell you about them. This isn’t your average buy-the-dip event, so I’m working double-time to ensure you have to stocks to withstand this market pullback.

    First of which I’ve included in this special edition of Total Wealth Research.

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  • Shah Gilani Jan 25, 2022
    Fortress Stock to Guard Your Portfolio from Market Disaster

    The markets have gone wild.

    With the DOW down thousands on points, stocks swinging up and down, and a bond rally taking investors by storm… And on top of that, we’re in the middle of a convergence of three hyperdrive events. It’s hard to know where to go to keep your portfolio from circling the drain.

    But luckily, these market mood swings have presented us with deal bargain-hunter’s dream of. Make sure you grab up your shares by clicking the video below.

  • Shah Gilani Jan 24, 2022
    The Energy Play Investors Can’t See

    No one in the world is safe from rising oil prices.

    Recent estimates expect global oil and gas investment to grow to $628 billion by the end of 2022. Investors are scrambling every which way to find the best energy plays before costs really take off – but many are missing a key opportunity one step removed from the oil drillers they love so much.

    I’m talking about oil services. Companies that make all the products drillers need to stay afloat. Companies like Schlumberger Limited (NYSE: SLB), a Texas-based oil company.

    Unlike exploration companies that drill for oil and sell it into the global market, SLB merely provides the equipment for the drilling operations, which means its performance is less tied to short-term energy prices and more tied to longer-term energy demand.

  • Shah Gilani Jan 21, 2022
    Microsoft in the Sights of Anti-Trust Crusader

    Microsoft’s plan to drop $69 billion on Activision Blizzard Inc (Nasdaq: ATVI) did everything the company expected… Drummed up considerable excitement for the acquisition, a media frenzy about the price tag, and a flood of investors scrambling to buy shares of ATVI.

    But does it really expect the acquisition to go through when an anti-trust crusader leading the Federal Trade Commission is ready to shut it all down?

    I think Microsoft (and ATVI investors) are about to get a rude awakening – one that we can ride out to incredible profits with an options play I’m giving you in today’s Buy, Sell, or Hold.

  • Shah Gilani Jan 20, 2022
    Food-Stock Round Up 2022 – An Inflation Action Plan

    Inflation is hitting everything.

    Our wallets. Our bank accounts. And even our stomachs.

    I’m sure you’ve seen it. Empty grocery store shelves juxtaposed with rising grocery bills. The tab at your favorite take-out spot or a famous restaurant forcing a double-take…

    Prices of almost everything we eat and drink have risen and will continue to rise – but not always for the reasons you think. Some food inflation is being exasperated by food giants looking to turn a profit.

    So, in today’s Total Wealth, I’m exploring why this frightening trend is embedded in our future and how exactly you can counter this affront with three new food-stock plays.

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  • Shah Gilani Jan 18, 2022
    The Global Mining Company Everyone Needs on Their Portfolio

    Remember when the Fed claimed last year’s inflation was “transitory” and was “only temporary”? How J. Powell must feel now that every other news article is about how it has only gotten worse… But I hope you aren’t bored of …

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  • Shah Gilani Jan 17, 2022
    Taiwan Semiconductor’s 2022 Spending Plans Will Rock Your Portfolio

    Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. Ltd. (NYSE: TSM), Asia’s most valuable firm and globally the largest contract chipmaker, has made an absurd announcement in its fourth-quarter report.

    The company said it expects to increase capital spending to between $40 billion and $44 billion this year. That’s up 33.3% to 46.66% from the $30 billion it spent last year.

    That’s a lot of money… But TSM wouldn’t spend unless it saw huge demand for its chips now and in the future.

  • Shah Gilani Jan 14, 2022
    3 Lithium Companies in Line to Profit as Battery Prices Rocket

    Lithium, lithium, lithium…

    It’s all about lithium right now as demand for electric vehicles soars – and as battery prices climb alongside. Existing supply chains can’t keep up, causing prices to increase five-fold. Last January a ship cost $8,000 a tonne. Now it’s $41,000.

    Bad for the car companies. Bad for EV customers.

  • Shah Gilani Jan 13, 2022
    Retail Traders Knock Out Hedge Funds… Place Bets on Round Two with New Play

    Years ago, being a hedge fund manager was something worth bragging about – I would know.

    Starting in 1983 on the floor of the Chicago Board of Exchange, I ran multiple successful hedge funds, helping clients (and myself) make beaucoup bucks in the stock market. At times, I was outright braggadocios about my successes, like many other hedge fund managers. Some even beat out the yearly gains of the stock market year after year…

    But that was ages ago, and hedge funds aren’t bragging anymore.

    It’s retail – small traders and investors – that ought to be celebrating success, and I’ve got a new play so you can be celebrating the very same profits.

    Click here to read what retail outperforming hedge funds means for you.

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