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  • Shah Gilani Sep 13, 2021
    One Work from Home Stock Towers Above the Rest

    The age of the cubicle has come to an end, for better or for worse.

    Over the past few weeks, multiple business giants, including a favorite of mine Microsoft Corp. (MSFT), have declared that working from home is the new normal. Hundreds of thousands of employees, if they are able, are now indefinitely working from the comfort (or noisy discomfort) of their own homes.

    That’s great for the companies, sure. Bit of a money saver, since they don’t have to keep the lights on back at corporate.

  • Shah Gilani Sep 10, 2021
    Buy This Bruised Company Before It Rebounds to New Heights

    This work-from-home tech stock is bruised and beaten. Share values keep sinking and now, more than ever, is a fantastic time to buy in.

  • Erika Lambert Sep 09, 2021
    You’re In!

    Thank you for joining the Total Wealth community. Your e-book is on its way to your inbox right now. To make sure you’re able to receive you receive this important information and more, add to your address book or …

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  • Shah Gilani Sep 08, 2021
    Stocks to Buy: 2 “Hold Forever” Plays, 3 to Buy for a Year, and 2 “Lotto-Ticket” Rocket Shares

    Click here to download the PDF version The first time I met Fox Business star Stuart Varney was around 2010 – when I appeared on his show as an invited guest in New York City. During an off-camera chat, Varney …

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  • Shah Gilani Sep 07, 2021
    Own the Whole Market for Less than A Tank of Gas

    Welcome back from the long weekend! I hope it was a great one for you, but after a weekend of sun it’s time to get back to work making trades and, better yet, making money. The steal I have for …

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  • Shah Gilani Sep 06, 2021
    All Good in the Hood – A Robinhood Opportunity

    The main thing I’m watching, right now, is Robinhood Markets Inc. (Nasdaq: HOOD), more specifically, how HOOD is trading in light of comments from SEC Chairman Gary Gensler claiming that the elimination of payment for order flow was “on the table.”

    If the phrase payment for order flow (PFOF) is new to you, it won’t be for long.

    PFOF is how discount brokerages such as Robinhood, Fidelity, Schwab, and TD Ameritrade can provide commission-free trading.

  • Shah Gilani Sep 03, 2021
    Six New Plays Including One You’ll Find Nowhere Else

    You never fail to send me fantastic stocks. Everything from the mega caps to the micro caps are phenomenal, and your interest in the markets in positively energizing.

    So, this week, to match your energy, I decided to give you a mega-BS.H. Six new plays, including special buy instructions of a controversial stock that you’ll want to own before the day is done.

  • Shah Gilani Sep 02, 2021
    This Stock Trades at $2.50 – And It’s the “Kryptonite” of the Big Investment Banks We All Hate

    I started my career back in 1982 on the floor of the Chicago Board Options Exchange, trading options on big-name stocks – which, back then, were the only stocks that had options to trade. And I saw and learned a …

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  • Shah Gilani Aug 31, 2021
    Grab this Cyber Security Stock Before It Breaks Another Record

    Today’s stock you will want to grab before noon today has it all.

    Every single one of my favorite cyber security stocks are wrapped up in this one ETF, which continues to break more and more personal records as it climbs the wall of worry.

  • Shah Gilani Aug 30, 2021
    Avoid Bite-Back from Meme-Stock-Mania with This New Move

    In this week’s installment of meme-stock-mania, I want to draw your attention to Inc. (Nasdaq: SPRT). Shares of the cloud-based customer support company jumped more than 182.58% in Friday’s pre-market session. By the time the market opened, sentiment cooled (a little), and the stock ended up opening Friday’s session up 96.14% on the day. For the week, shares of SPRT gained nearly 420%.

    What drove those gains? Nothing more than internet chatter and an orchestrated short-squeeze.

    Friday’s move was great if you were one of the traders who got into the stock prior to last week’s trading. But if you missed that move, you probably want to steer clear of the stock, completely, because there’s no easy way to trade the stock without leaving yourself open to outsized risk.

  • Shah Gilani Aug 27, 2021
    2 Buys, 2 Sells, and 10 Moves to Make Before the Weekend

    In this week’s BS.H, I’ve got ten new moves for you to make on watchlist stocks you’ve sent to me at Two buys… two sells… and much more. So, to help me discuss it all, I decided to bring in a special guest.

  • Shah Gilani Aug 24, 2021
    Get This Brazilian Bomb-Shell Stock While It’s Still Less Than $10

    Usually, I come to you Tuesday mornings with a fractional shares opportunity – expensive stocks worth over $1,000 per share that, thanks to an ongoing investing revolution, are now affordable for everyone.

    But this Tuesday, I wanted to spice things up a little bit with some Brazilian flare. This stock is trading for less than $10, but has the potential to reach the same highs as Wall Street darlings like Amazon.

  • Shah Gilani Aug 23, 2021
    Three Micro Caps Ready to Pop

    Micro caps, or petite companies valued at less than $300 million, are becoming all the rage among investors – and I love that. These companies are the underdogs of the investing world that, if played right, can make you a filthy rich once they burst forth their true potential.

    That’s why I want to start you off with Surgalign Holdings Inc (SRGA). On August 6, 2021, the spine-related micro-cap medical technology company, reported Q2/2021 results that included total global revenue of $24.8 million, which represented a 21% increase over the same period a year ago. Earnings for the quarter were a $0.09 loss, which was considerably better than estimates that called for a $0.12 loss for the period.

    Those aren’t bad numbers, but on the same day shares sold off as much as 18.5% in a single session. Since then, though, the stock has rebounded to the upside, filling that initial gap, and then some.

  • Shah Gilani Aug 20, 2021
    Nine of This Week’s Top EV Plays

    This morning, the BS.H is getting a refresh. No mixed bags, no wall of worry, just nine straight buys you need in your portfolio ASAP, courtesy of the electrification revolution.

  • Shah Gilani Aug 19, 2021
    It’s the Ultimate “Wall of Worry Stock” – And You Need to Buy It Today

    The disaster in Afghanistan.

    A surge in the Delta variant – with Lambda right behind.

    Economic-growth reports that came in on the “light” side.

    Inflation’s return from the dead.

    Myriad problems with a root cause in China.

    A bond market that’s trying to trick us.

    And the list goes on.

    For investors like you and me, there sure seems to be a lot to worry about these days.

    And new worries seem to surface every week.

    But don’t drink the hemlock just yet.

    In the face of all those worries, U.S. stocks just keep climbing this so-called “Wall of Worry” – and remain in record territory.

    Today I’m going to show you why that’s happening. And I’ll share a “Wall of Worry” stock play that’ll keep climbing, too.

    Better still: This stock offers more than one path to a big-payoff destination.

    But let’s first understand what the “Wall of Worry” is, why it’s actually a good thing, and the “false narrative” that’s causing the confusion.

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