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  • Shah Gilani Oct 14, 2021
    The Energy Play Your Need to Break Through the Worst Fossil Fuel Crisis Since 1973

    The green revolution is, sadly, not today’s reality.

    The media would have you believe otherwise.

    Yet that idea fooled even the biggest Wall Street traders and hedge funds in recent weeks.

  • Shah Gilani Oct 12, 2021
    Natural Gas is Back, Grab Shares of This ETF Before the News Finds Out

    The energy crisis in Europe and Asia has newsrooms scrambling to bring new oil and gas stories to the front page. But in this fossil fuel frenzy, they’re overshadowing an incredible opportunity with natural gas that could double your investment by next year.

  • Shah Gilani Oct 11, 2021
    The Investor’s Holy Trinity – EVs, Bio-Tech, and Gaming

    Stagflation fears came to a head last week only to ease up going into the start of today’s trading session – and I am not surprised.

    Just as I noted in last week’s stagflation piece: we are seeing inflation, but the economy certainly isn’t stagnating.

    In fact, the first company I’m watching this week is a great example of the U.S.’s continued growth. Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) has sold 9,150 electric vehicles over the month of September, which is a 91.6% increase when compared in last September.

  • Shah Gilani Oct 08, 2021
    New Scandal, New Opportunity – Profit Plays on this Week’s Breaking News

    Corporate scandals come and go – and while they don’t always stick, the stock almost always flounders.

    In the last several weeks, we’ve seen a parade of formal hearings concerning Facebook (Nasdaq:FB) knowingly harming it’s 2.89 billion users for the sake of profits. Now, I won’t pass judgement on FB because my opinion on their past practices doesn’t matter.

    What does matter is that the subsequent landslide of negative attention triggered a sell-off. And that presents us with an opportunity.

    Facebook is the kind of company that will take this scandal on the chin, make a few changes, and get right back in the fray making off-the-chart profits. Its stock may never be this cheap again, so I developed a suggested investment plan for you to get yourself a strong FB position.

    You’ll get that and more in this week’s Buy, Sell, or Hold.

    Just click the video here to get started.

  • Shah Gilani Oct 07, 2021
    It’s Been 50 Years Since America Faced This Threat – And This “Talisman Stock” Will Keep You Safe

    Unless you lived and worked back in the 1970s – or, like me, were at least old enough to see and process what was going on around you – you’re probably only marginally aware of an economic malady known as “stagflation.”

    It’s an odd manifestation – a living contradiction – and a pretty miserable one, at that.

    The term “stagflation” is an amalgamation of “stagnation” and “inflation” – and describes an environment where prices are zooming in the face of zero growth.

    But before this time period I’m referring to, stagflation was little more than an academic theory that wasn’t believed possible in any real-world scenarios.

    Just think about it: Inflation usually shows up in a sizzling economy, where vast numbers of consumers have scads of cash to throw around – and where the inventory of items on store shelves are dwarfed by the number of people seeking to buy them. But stagflation manifests itself as a nightmarish one-two punch: Soaring price levels when consumers can least afford them, thanks to stuck-in-neutral job growth, treading-water corporate profits – and no catalysts in sight that might jumpstart economic growth.

    I was a teenager in the 1970s – and had yet to launch my investing career – when the First Edition of Stagflation showed up in the real world. Even so, I read about it, saw it on TV, and was frankly sick of it and miserable because of it. It impacted me, and my family, and my friends’ families, and most of America.

    I want to show you how this nightmarish scenario got started – and for good reason: Many so-called “experts” believe the seeds of stagflation have been sown again here in the American economy. They see a reprise of that miserable, stagflationary decade we had to live through half a century ago. And they say its unstoppable.

    I’m here today to tell you the real story. With facts, not fear.

    And I’m even going to share the single-best stock I see.

  • Shah Gilani Oct 05, 2021
    The “Buy Now, Pay Later” Service Giving AfterPay a Run for its Money

    Investors jumping on the AfterPay and Affirm hype-trains are making a big mistake. It will be years before either of these Wall Street darlings is profitable, even with their partnerships with Target, Walmart, and other retailers.

  • Shah Gilani Oct 04, 2021
    The News Knocked Down These 3 Companies (And Now They’re at Perfect Buy Level)

    The retail landscape, moving into the holiday season, is setting up to be grimmer than ever…

    Everything from electronics to shoelaces (yes, shoelaces) are hard to come by because of supply bottlenecks in China and California, and factory closures around the globe. Now, anyone and everyone touching the industries that are wholly reliant on global supply chains have been knocked down – and retail is feeling it more than others.

    Over the last month, we’ve seen…

    • NIKE Inc. (NKE) drop 11%
    • Bed Bath and Beyond Inc. (BBBY) drop 40%
    • And Helen of Troy Limited (HELE) drop 5%

    But that’s the very reason why I am watching these companies. They’re trading at a steep discount compared to what they will be in the coming months…

    Just take a look at the numbers.

  • Shah Gilani Oct 01, 2021
    Ring the Register on TSLA and Buy the EV That’s Blown the Doors Off Its Distance Record

    The could be a take that makes you mad, but it has to be said: Tesla is done and if you have stakes in their stock, it’s time to sell.

    Sure, it’s had a great run… But there are newer, better electric vehicle companies with cheaper stocks, including one the EPA rated with a range 100 miles further than top-of-the-line Teslas

    It’s a steal at $25 and it won’t stay cheap for long – they’re delivering vehicles starting TODAY.

    Click the video below to grab the latest EV play and three other bonus trades, just for you.

  • Shah Gilani Sep 28, 2021
    Go Against the Grain to Reap Double the Gains with this 39 Cent Play

    This inflation higher than J. Powell expected, the Fed’s tapering soon coming to an ending, and hiking interest rates on the horizon, Wall Street investors are placing bets on the markets – but they’re putting their money in all the wrong places.

    The simply way to play this is to short treasuries. That’s what they’re doing. But the profits, too, will be “simple.”

    You should be looking at the same play, but in reverse – supercharging your investment

  • Shah Gilani Sep 27, 2021
    This IPO Will Be Your Bread and Butter at $40 a Share

    Our first stop on today’s watchlist belongs in a league of investing that I predict will churn out 500,000 new millionaires by the end of the year.

    I’m talking about initial public offerings, or IPOs. If you aren’t familiar, that’s when a company finally goes public, putting shares on the market for investors like us. It’s a great opportunity to get in at the bottom of a burgeoning company and ride all the way to the top as they grow.

    Which is why I’m watching this company like a hawk. Toast Inc. (NYSE:TOST) operates a tech platform that streamlines all front and back of house work utilized by at least 40,000 restaurants in the U.S. and more abroad.

  • Shah Gilani Sep 24, 2021
    Gain 25-50% as this Pathetic Bank Pulls Itself Up by Its Bootstraps

    Now, I want to make this plain: I hate this Swiss bank.

    Its financials are abysmal, which is difficult to do for a bank.

  • Shah Gilani Sep 21, 2021
    The Markets Have Beaten Down this Retailer – BUY IT

    The DOW and S&P 500 are down – dragging many stocks down with it – but that’s no reason for you to be concerned.

  • Shah Gilani Sep 20, 2021
    Your Food-Inflation Action Plan

    There is a national issue at hand today that is staring you in the face every time you enter a grocery store: food prices are rising, and they won’t stop any time soon.

    I’ve addressed this a few times before, including a piece I wrote back in August that I still stand by today (you can read that here) that explores some of the reasons why food inflation is hitting us so hard.

    In the time since, food prices have hit new highs due to inflation. Over the past two years, food costs rose 16%, which is particularly noticeable in the meat and dairy aisle of your local grocery store. Beef, chicken, pork, fish, and eggs are all up in price.

    This is a major trend – one that I’m watching closely so I can pinpoint the best investments and strategies that you can use to counteract the attack on your wallet every time you buy food.

    This week, I’ve got a three-part action plan that, if my predictions are correct, could be the best plays on the market right now.

  • Shah Gilani Sep 17, 2021
    Court Ruling Lines Up New Money-Making Plays – Act Now

    The success of one company over another isn’t an issue of legality. This should be common sense, but the courts had to rule on it just this week – and it’s had some interesting effects on the market.

  • Shah Gilani Sep 14, 2021
    The Stock Sale Big Banks Can’t Touch

    China is acting out, giving Wall Street analysts and big-time investors a scare – and I love it. Everyone is pulling out of the two companies I’m recommending to you today, marking them at a 50% off discount.

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