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  • Shah Gilani Feb 24, 2021
    Before You Hop on the Bitcoin Train, Consider These Risks (Your Money Will Thank You)

    Maybe you haven’t noticed, but everything’s rallying.

    Every asset class, every tradable instrument is stampeding higher in its own bull market. There are many reasons for this, but that’s not what I want to talk about today.

    Instead, today, I want to talk about cryptocurrencies, specifically Bitcoin, or bitcoin with a small “b.” Bitcoin’s been all over the news lately, and before you hop on its train to buy it, you have to know the facts.

    So let’s get to it

  • Shah Gilani Feb 18, 2021
    The Newest Trading Platform Can Change the Game for Your Money – in More Ways Than One

    It’s finally happened. Someone’s created the ultimate trading contract.

    It’s something so simple; it’s a binary contract that you either bet “yes” or “no” on. It’s expansive, meaning you can bet on almost anything. It’s something that’s going to be insanely successful, meaning billions of contracts will trade every day. It’s something so cheap, meaning a contract will at most only ever cost $1.00. It’s something you’re going to trade.

    What is it? Well… it’s Kalshi, a platform for anything and everything. And it’s going to revolutionize the game in more ways than one.

    So let’s dive in…

  • Shah Gilani Feb 17, 2021
    Free Trading on Trial: Seven Questions to Ask before Thursday’s Hearing

    Enjoy your commission-free trading while it lasts. Because tomorrow, the House Financial Services Committee, chaired by uninformed and sometimes-unhinged California Democrat Maxine Waters, is going to rip into the fabric of what makes your trades free in the first place.

    Let’s dive in…

  • Shah Gilani Feb 12, 2021
    Forget the Short Squeeze David vs. Goliath Battles: The Real War is Between Exchanges and the SEC, With Retail Investors in the Crosshairs

    In case you haven’t noticed, and not many investors have, there’s a war going on right now between the exchanges and the SEC over the public’s right to get the same stock bid and ask price data that hedge funds, high frequency traders, and banks, pay through the nose for.

    What you may know is, the exchanges operate what regulators and detractors call a two-tier system, providing the most basic “national best bid and offer” (NBBO) data to the public while selling “deep book” bid and offer price and size data via expensive “private feeds” to big boys.

    The Securities and Exchange Commission is out to level the field for the little guys, but the exchanges are suing to stop new rules from being enacted.

    The tail is wagging the dog these days and it’s making the exchanges nervous. They are trying to keep retail down and out, but a war is being waged in court to settle this once and for all.

    Here’s what the war’s about and depending on if it’s won or lost, who wins and who loses.

    Let’s jump in…

  • Shah Gilani Feb 09, 2021
    What Jeff Bezos Stepping Down Means for Amazon Stock

    Talk about paradigm shifts, but Inc. (NasdaqGS:AMZN) singlehandedly changed the way we shop, forever.

    Now that Amazon’s founder, Jeff Bezos, is stepping down as CEO, investors want to know if Amazon’s stock, which seems like it’s been going up forever, can keep going. There are rumors that Bezos stepping down could signal the end of the stock’s run.

    There are a few reasons why Bezos is giving up his crown, but it all boils down to one question: What does this transition mean for your money, whether you’ve owned Amazon for years, just picked up a share or two, or you don’t own it yet?

    Let’s dive in

  • Shah Gilani Feb 03, 2021
    This New Regulation Could Ruin Retail’s New Squeeze Play

    On Monday, I talked about our latest endeavor, going where Total Wealth has never gone before.

    If you haven’t had a chance yet to read up on what it means for you, go here. In short, we’re now following Seven Seismic Shifts – seven themes that will provide us with the greatest moneymaking opportunities the world’s ever seen. The themes are 1) pandemics, 2) politics, 3) environment, 4) taxation and regulation, 5) trading and investing, 6) Federal Reserve insanity, and 7) China.

    In keeping with our themes, today, we’re going where no retail traders or investors, especially those who scored huge gains driving up GameStop Corp. (NYSE:GME) and other highly shorted stocks, want regulators to go – because it would ruin the new game they just learned to play.

    Seismic Shift #5 is about changes in how we trade and invest, and nothing’s more seismic than regulatory changes.

    And believe me, we’re going to get some new ones, maybe sooner than later…

  • Shah Gilani Jan 27, 2021
    How GME’s Story is Changing the Game

    I’m not the kind of guy to say “I told you so,” but if I was, I’d sure be saying it now.

    Retail traders have become the tail wagging the dog, with the dog being Wall Street pros.

    GameStop Corp. (NYSE:GME) is exhibit 1.

    What happened, and what’s going to happen with GameStop (and more than a few other companies’ stocks) is the story of how retail traders are ganging up on multi-billion-dollar hedge funds…

    Here’s how they’re making a killing doing it.

  • Shah Gilani Jan 21, 2021
    You’re In!

    Thank you for joining the Total Wealth community. Your e-book is on its way to your inbox right now. To make sure yo u are able to receive this important information, add to your address book or safe senders …

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  • Shah Gilani Jan 21, 2021
    A New President, A New Congress, and New Stocks to Buy

    As of 12 noon today, the United States of America has a new president and a new vice president. The country also has a new Congress.

    That means it’s time to buy some new stocks.

    Right now is a good time to take the long view of what a Biden presidency and Democrat-led Congress will change about America. And by change, I mean how much money will the new government spend, and on what?

    If you want to make money in the market, you must follow the money…

  • Shah Gilani Jan 18, 2021
    The Big Spending Race is About to Begin… Here’s Where You Want to Be

    The up and down sounds you’re hearing out of equity markets reminds me of what it sounds like when racecar drivers, positioned on the starting grid, rev their engines before the checkered flag is waved to start the race.

    Investors know there’s a big spending race about to start with the Biden administration poised to unleash a torrent of cash on households, unemployment support, health initiatives, states and cities, and eventually on infrastructure and a Green New Deal. As such, they’re positioning themselves.

    Here’s how you can do the same…

  • Shah Gilani Jan 15, 2021
    5 Under-the-Radar Small-Cap Stocks to Buy Now

    Click here to download the PDF version Sometimes the stocks that hold the biggest opportunities aren’t the ones plastered all over the news. Wall Street has an agenda that ropes in everyone from the financial media to billionaire hedge fund …

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  • Shah Gilani Jan 13, 2021
    How to Profit in a Democrat-Led Economy

    In hindsight, the market’s extraordinary rally on the heels of Donald Trump’s election was mostly unexpected, until investors realized they had to get on board or miss the bus. And they did – get on board, that is. And they kept coming and markets kept rising.

    This time around, investors are expecting markets to climb on the heels of a Democrat-led Congress and Executive Branch. And markets are already rising.

    The question a lot of analysts and investors are asking themselves is, will a Democrat-led economy crush the push markets got under a Republican presidency?

    My bet is they will.

    Here’s what that means for you and your money…

  • Shah Gilani Jan 11, 2021
    I’m Still Bullish As Ever… Here’s Why

    What a week it was – and I mean for markets.

    The Dow Jones Industrial Average, the S&P 500, and the Nasdaq Composite notched new record highs on Friday, and the Russell 2000 made its mark the day before.

    Last week’s message wasn’t so much “so what,” as it was “spend, spend, spend” because that’s what markets were focused on.

    The Democrat-controlled Senate, House, and Executive branch are expected to unleash a tsunami of spending that investors expect will include helicopter money dropped into Americans’ bank accounts, a lot of which will end up being moved into their brokerage accounts, spending on infrastructure, the environment, the economy… You name it, and there will be money thrown at it.

    That’s what drove markets higher last week. And there’s no reason they can’t keep on rising.

    Here’s what I mean…

  • Shah Gilani Jan 08, 2021
    My Thoughts on This Week – And How We’re Positioned Going Forward

    The political beat isn’t my thing, but democracy and making money are right up my alley.

    That said, I’d be remiss if I didn’t address what happened at and in the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday.

    I’m sticking to the middle of the road here and focusing more on what will happen now that the Senate is in the hands of the Democrats, the Presidential inauguration is right around the corner, and we’re on the brink of what we hope to be a prosperous new year.

    Here are my thoughts…

  • Shah Gilani Jan 06, 2021
    Google and Facebook Are Under Attack: Buy, Sell, or Hold?

    Two of America’s technology giants are under attack. The U.S. Department of Justice, the Federal Trade Commission, and dozens of U.S. states are suing Google and building cases against Facebook, alleging anticompetitive behavior by the firms individually and by working together.

    Of course, the mega-cap tech giants are fighting back.

    Google, which is being hammered hard over its virtual advertising monopoly, retorted in a blog, “To suggest that the ad tech sector is lacking competition is simply not true, to the contrary, the industry is famously crowded. There are thousands of companies, large and small, working together and in competition with each other to power digital advertising across the web, each with different specialties and technologies.”

    Regulators aren’t buying it.

    With so much heat coming from above and below, the biggest tech companies in America, in the world, are facing almost impossible-to-defend-against attacks on their unseen and allegedly unseemly business practices, with some possibly landing on the chopping block.

    Long before any final hammers come down, investors want to know what to do with their stocks, specifically Google and Facebook.

    Here’s what I’m recommending…

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