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  • Total Wealth Staff Oct 11, 2018
    Part Two: How the Upcoming Midterms Could Impact Your Money

    With midterm elections right around the corner, many investors are wondering about the impact of what the vote will have on their wallets. To a point Keith makes, going against conventional wisdom, people aren't actually voting on what will happen to their wallets. There's a nuance that could mean big profits ahead.

  • Total Wealth Staff Oct 11, 2018
    Part One: The Overseas Slowdown and the Fed’s “Play Money”

    Keith joins a three-part panel series on FBN after a 500-point market rout, while millions of investors are skittish and have a ton of questions on their minds. In this one, you'll see why the overseas slowdown isn't just about the market slowdown itself, and why the Fed doesn't know the first thing about "real money."

  • Total Wealth Staff Oct 10, 2018
    What Exactly Caused the Dow’s 831-Point Rout?

    Keith joins FBN's Making Money With Charles Payne after the Dow's biggest single-day drop so far this year. Millions of investors are wondering about what caused the rout - was it the Fed? Institutional investors? Global markets? That doesn't matter, because right now, there's one advantage that individual investors have over the institutions, and it could mean big profits ahead.

  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Oct 10, 2018
    A Special Note on Today’s Selloff

    Good afternoon! I was just about to "go to press" with Total Wealth today, when the selling suddenly accelerated. At this point, the Dow is off 550 points and the fear is palpable. So, let's switch gears and focus immediately on what's happening. First, the biggie... will the selling continue? Yes. Institutional traders came into today very heavily leveraged, which means that they're

  • Total Wealth Staff Oct 10, 2018
    What’s Really Behind Today’s Vicious Selloff

    Keith rejoined Varney & Co. for a special appearance as the Dow dropped 400 points in the single worst bout of selling so far this year. He points out that what's REALLY driving selling isn't in the headlines...yet... and he points out the surprising reason individual investors actually have the advantage (over Wall Street traders) in situations like this one.

  • Total Wealth Staff Oct 10, 2018
    Keith’s Take: Sears, Retail, Starbucks, and Oil

    The Dow opens 100 points down this morning, as a slew of headlines tore through the news. Keith joins Varney & Co. with longtime friend and colleague Shah Gilani. Keith gives critical insight into the Sears Holding Corp. (NasdaqGS:SHLD)'s bankruptcy filing preparation, the general retail sector, Ackerman's play in Starbucks Corp. (NasdaqGS:SBUX), and President Trump's new ethanol plan.

  • Total Wealth Staff Oct 09, 2018
    Why a Flattening Yield Curve Might Not Even Matter

    Interest rates are rising, the 10-year yield just tapped a seven-year high, and housing-related stocks are firmly in bear market territory. Everyone "thinks" they know what a flattening yield curve means, but Keith points out on Cavuto: Coast to Coast that there's a reason why this might not matter. It's insight you won't find anywhere else and potentially very profitable for the right kinds of investments.

  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Oct 06, 2018
    Here’s Why It’s More Important Than Ever to Be “In to Win”

    I walked on stage here in Dallas yesterday to a standing-room only audience and opened with a single thought...what a fabulous time to be an investor. The economy is firing on all cylinders, we've got more intellectual capital, more intellectual prowess, more innovation now than anytime before in human history - all of which mean bigger profits ahead. I know there are scary headlines, the

  • Total Wealth Staff Oct 06, 2018
    Weekend Edition: Here’s Why It’s More Important Than Ever to Be “In to Win”

    I know there are scary headlines, the midterms, China, and a whole host of other goblins out there... but those are all things that belong in the "might happen" pile. The "will happen" pile is far more exciting and far more profitable. Being "in to win" isn't just something I say, it's a way of life made possible by some of the greatest investment opportunities in a generation! Here's why.

  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Oct 05, 2018
    This is The Single Worst Mistake You Can Make in Today’s Markets

    Many investors are convinced that the bull market is over and there's nothing worth buying at the moment. Worse, they're selling out and heading for the sidelines using even the slightest market drop as justification for their actions. I can't think of a worse mistake. There are all kinds of ways to hedge volatility these days. No investor need fear a bear market - let alone suffer the ravages

  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Oct 03, 2018
    A 409.28% Advantage – Practically No Matter What the Markets Do Next

    Achieving higher returns is easier than you think. All you need is the right portfolio structure. There's no question that having the right stock picks is important, which is why we talk about those frequently - but that's only part of the proverbial equation. I expect to hear from a lot of surprised readers next week because I've got a sneaking suspicion that most investors haven't paid

  • Total Wealth Staff Oct 02, 2018
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  • Total Wealth Staff Oct 01, 2018
    The Real Problem with Elon Musk’s Settlement

    The real problem with Musk's settlement over this past weekend has nothing to do with Musk himself. I still wouldn't touch the stock with a ten-foot pole, and you shouldn't either. Here's why.

  • Total Wealth Staff Oct 01, 2018
    Be On Board or Be Left Behind!

    Contrary to what a lot of investors believe, we could be entering the fastest growing part of the year. The new trade deal with Canada will put even more capital into the world's best stocks... and it's time to be on board or be left behind!

  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Sep 29, 2018
    Powell’s Comments Just Don’t Wash – But Here’s How You Invest for Maximum Profit Potential Anyway!

    Bank stocks led the markets lower on Wednesday, following remarks from Fed Chair Jerome Powell who doesn't see inflation rising faster than expected - in Fedspeak... to the upside - because, "it's not in our forecasts." Oh boy. This is so astounding that I almost don't know where to start, especially since the major indices all promptly took off to the upside on Thursday (for reasons I'll

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