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  • Shah Gilani Feb 21, 2022
    The Real Winner in the Fight Against Food Inflation is this Retail Giant

    Food inflation is hitting the United States hard. Recent metrics show that food prices are 7.4% higher than they were this time last year, and it shows no sign of slowing.

    Yet, rising prices haven’t changed buying habits. And it’s not because consumers don’t know what’s happening.

    According to in-house studies performed by Walmart Inc (WMT), customers are fully aware of rising prices and inflation – they see it all around them, in stores and on the news – but they aren’t buying smaller packages or downgrading to store-brand products.

  • Shah Gilani Feb 18, 2022
    Hold onto Facebook – Meta Platforms to Bounce Back

    This may not be something you expected to hear me say in a Buy, Sell, or Hold – but you need to hold onto Meta Platforms Inc (FB).

    Yes, its stock values are dropping and other investors are pulling out for fear of it dropping even lower. But here’s the thing, we’re coming up on what could be an incredible buying opportunity that would get you in on a trend-setting tech company has it climbs back up through the stock market.

    In today’s video, I tell you what to expect out of FB in the future and how to play two other stocks that are screaming buys in the here and now.

  • Shah Gilani Feb 17, 2022
    Hedge Your Bets as Investors Turn Bearish

    The markets have bounced back once again, but we’re not out of the woods yet.

    Since their latest highs, the DOW, the S&P 500, and the Nasdaq Composite have all dipped into correction territory – only to bounce back. But their bounces haven’t cleared enough hurdles to signal a resumption of the bull market.

    In fact, the numbers and narratives investors hung their hats and hopes on are anything but positive. The stage is set for a quick and ugly selloff that could take markets even lower, but there’s a way to protect yourself.

    I’ve dedicated today’s Total Wealth to exploring how we got here and what you can do about it.

    Click here to read on and grab your best defensive play.

  • Shah Gilani Feb 15, 2022
    With Ukraine Under Pressure, Oil, Gas, and Profits Expected to Flow from France

    It’s not looking good for Ukraine right now – or for the European continent. As Russia “intensifies” its diplomatic efforts with the West and its military presence on Ukrainian borders, it is becoming clearer that this isn’t just a political …

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  • Shah Gilani Feb 14, 2022
    Return to Normal Triggers Return of this Tourism Company’s Profits

    On Thursday, after the close, Expedia Group Inc. (EXPE) posted fourth-quarter results that included a bottom line that blew estimates away.

    EXPE reported adjusted earnings of $1.06 per share, which was well above estimates of $0.60, and up from a $2.64 loss in the same period a year ago.

    Those are great numbers for a company that relies on tourism and travel – and I’m not surprised, considering the Omicron variant turned out to be far less deadly than initially feared. Despite its exponential rise, people generally felt more comfortable traveling.

  • Shah Gilani Feb 11, 2022
    Even with a Negative Profit Margin, This Social Media Icon is Still a Buy

    When you’re looking for a stock to buy, one that’s a real, solid investment, it’s generally in your best interest to seek out only the best. Companies large and continually growing revenues, net profits, and cash from operations and widening profit margins.

    But today, that’s not the case.

    This company’s financials are abysmal – but they’re not the reason why I’m interested in it. What got my attention, is its $4 billion buy back program. That sets up quite the opportunity.

    Watch my analysis in the video below or…

    Click here to read the transcript.

  • Shah Gilani Feb 10, 2022
    A Troubled Earnings Season Opens New Trading Possibilities

    Most traders and investors want to buy stocks when they’re cheap. But just as many miss those buy-the-dip opportunities because they’re scared. Any dipping stock could drop lower, especially if investors think it will “miss” consensuses estimates on upcoming earnings.

    That’s understandable, but not how I think.

    Because I want to buy good stocks when they’re on sale, I like positioning myself in front of earnings using a special method that I’ll reveal to you today – with a new recommendation as a bonus.

    Using this method, anyone could profit handsomely no matter which way the stock swings.

  • Shah Gilani Feb 08, 2022
    Rumored Amazon Acquisition Shakes Markets and We’ll Ride the After Shocks

    Interesting rumors hit the markets this weekend. Pelaton Interactive Inc (Nasdaq: PTON), the fitness tech company made infamous during the pandemic, may be picking out a buyer over the next few weeks. Story goes, Apple Inc (Nasdaq: AAPL), Inc (Nasdaq: AMZN), and NIKE Inc (NYSE: NKE) may be on the short list.

    True or not, the very idea drove shares of PTON through the roof – I’m talking a whopping 31%. But you know what they say: what goes up, must come down…

    And we’re going to catch it as it falls.

    To grab today’s stock play, click the video below to watch or read Shah’s instructions.

  • Shah Gilani Feb 07, 2022
    Oil Races to $100 a Barrel, Beat it to the Punch with My Favorite Energy Play

    On Thursday, West Texas Crude (WTI) settled above $90 per barrel for the first time since October 2014.

    That’s no surprise to me. I’ve been bullish on it since early last year.

    That being said, momentum in oil is getting overbought which means we could see a short-term pullback.

    Longer-term though, I still see oil trading up to $100 (and beyond) by mid-summer. Any pullback right now would be like a great opportunity to make a trade on energy companies.

    One of my favorite energy trades, right now, is Exxon Mobil Corp (XOM).

    On the 1st, the company reported it’s fourth-quarter results, which included GAAP earnings of $8.87 billion. That’s up from a $20.07 billion loss in the same period a year ago.

    Exxon also managed to generate $48 billion of cash flow from operating activities, its highest since 2012, and it’s paying down debts. $9 billion in debt was paid during the fourth quarter, bringing the repayment to a total of $20 billion since the start of 2021.

    Those are solid numbers and shares jumped as much as 9.63% in last week’s trading.

    As I said, I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a short-term pullback in WTI, and that would likely bring shares of XOM back down, before rising again on the back of another move higher in WTI.

    Click here to grab your XOM play and a bonus speculative trade.

  • Shah Gilani Feb 04, 2022
    Meta’s Discounted Stock Isn’t Your Only Screaming Buy This Week

    Meta’s earnings gave investors quite the scare yesterday with “weaker-than-expected” revenue growth.

    But let me tell you something: I don’t scare easy, and Meta is still one of my number one buys this week. Sometimes, bottom fishing is great fun, and with FB trading 26% off its highs anyone that buys in now will get a discount on one of the most profitable companies on the markets.

    You’ll want to buy in before everyone else gets wise – but make sure to use the trailing stop I give you in todays video to secure your gains.

  • Shah Gilani Feb 03, 2022
    FAANG to Push Through Nasdaq Downturn

    The tech-heavy Nasdaq Composite, took a beating last night as Meta Platforms Inc led the entire tech sector and its shares lower into a dip that, according to some skittish investors, is looking more like a trench every day.

    After a nearly 20% dip triggered by an inflation-anxiety-based selloff, the Nasdaq couldn’t return to its previous highs – making up only 50% of the ground lost.

    Meanwhile, the other indexes have bushed themselves off. The S&P 500 is currently down 4% off its last high, and the Dow is only down 3%.

    Below, you’ll see just how far the Nasdaq Composite has fallen from its three-month highs.

    Click to Enlarge

    Source: YCharts

    But, as my mantra goes, “you need to buy the dip. Every dip.”

    The tech industry’s rally isn’t over yet. For the best stocks on the Nasdaq Composite, this is just a brief pause on their journey even higher – and it’s an opportunity for you to jump on one of the most lucrative industries of the modern era.

    Click here to get three tech stocks you ought to buy now, while they’re still on sale.

  • Shah Gilani Feb 02, 2022
    Discounted “Raging Bull” Food Company Goes Beyond Wall Street Expectations

    Not much has been bullish these past few weeks.

    Tech is languishing. The rug was pulled out from under the Dow and the S&P 500. Inflation, Russia, China… there are threats to every market and every sector around every corner.

    Yet, this $42 billion food company managed to boost its profit margin 31%, sending Wall Street reeling.

  • Shah Gilani Jan 31, 2022
    Play to Win Off of Tech Company Pulling Ahead of the Pack

    Here’s the thing about Apple Inc (AAPL). Over the last year, the stock has come down more than 10% – but that’s no surprise. Skittish investors concerned about rising rates have dragged down the whole tech sector. But they may …

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  • Shah Gilani Jan 27, 2022
    Emergency Meeting Called to Address Market Pullback

    If you enjoy watching my appearances on Varney & Co., you may be familiar with my nickname: The King of Buy-the-Dips.

    Stuart Varney himself gave me that name because, as a guest of his show every week for the past eleven years, I’ve been calling every single dip. Every single buy-the-dip opportunity. And I’ve been right every single time.

    This week I added another to the track record. I told Stuart that the selloff we’re seeing right now is another opportunity caught in the convergence of three super-wealth building events.

    And today, I’m calling an emergency meeting tonight at 7:00 pm ET to tell you about them. This isn’t your average buy-the-dip event, so I’m working double-time to ensure you have to stocks to withstand this market pullback.

    First of which I’ve included in this special edition of Total Wealth Research.

    Click here to grab this new stock play and access your invitation to my Emergency State of the Markets.

  • Shah Gilani Jan 25, 2022
    Fortress Stock to Guard Your Portfolio from Market Disaster

    The markets have gone wild.

    With the DOW down thousands on points, stocks swinging up and down, and a bond rally taking investors by storm… And on top of that, we’re in the middle of a convergence of three hyperdrive events. It’s hard to know where to go to keep your portfolio from circling the drain.

    But luckily, these market mood swings have presented us with deal bargain-hunter’s dream of. Make sure you grab up your shares by clicking the video below.

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