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  • Shah Gilani Apr 19, 2021
    Weekly Watchlist: Welcome to Earnings Season

    Now that the markets have opened, it’s more important than ever that you see this.

    You’ve had some time to go through the Weekly Watchlist I sent yesterday – which you can still see by clicking here. Today, I’m taking a deep dive into these companies, and the state of the market. Everything is elevated and, while I’m still bullish, we need to stay on our toes.

    Just click here to get all the details

  • Shah Gilani Apr 16, 2021
    Buy, Sell, or Hold – Big Tech, Crypto, and Clean Energy

    You guys had questions, and I have answers.

    In today’s BS.H segment, I go over all the stocks you guys asked me about, running from Netflix and Apple (both strong holds), to COIN, Gold, and clean energy stocks.

    Watch the video here

  • Shah Gilani Apr 15, 2021
    As the American Economy Flexes its Muscles, this is the “Ultimate” Stock to Buy

    Financials are the ultimate cyclical stocks.

    And banks are the ultimate financial stocks.

    The fact is, I love banks. And I’ve been touting them since last summer – indeed, I was ahead of the crowd on predicting their rebound.

    I still chuckle over the good-natured grief I received last year from Fox Business News host Charles Payne when I appeared on his “Making Money” show and recommended financials.)

    Today, Charles repeatedly congratulates me for having made that “call” before anyone.

    The fact is that – by being ahead of the crowd in making banks stocks a “Strong Buy” – we reaped the big returns that stem from being first.

    But if you missed that prediction – or maybe weren’t able to act on it – don’t be concerned: I still see the right bank stocks as big moneymakers for investors.

    In fact, my newest call is an updated call on financials, on banks. And you – my Total Wealth followers – are hearing it first.

    In yesterday’s TW – as part of our deep-dive look at the cyclical-stock beneficiaries of the strongest U.S. rebound in decades – I promised to bring you a stock play … and this one is a “stone-cold bargain”

    Today, I’m keeping that promise.

    It’s a stock that’s set to bring you a gain, in my opinion, and based on my analysis, of 50% on your money – and quite possibly more.

    As the American economy muscles its way out of the pandemic morass, this is one of the ultimate stocks to buy and profit from as you go along for the bullish ride.

    And I’ll tell you all you need to know right here.

  • Shah Gilani Apr 14, 2021
    Four Reasons to Cash in On the Strongest Economy in 38 Years

    MarketWatch sees the insider selling at sensitive-to-the-economy companies like Carnival Corp. (NYSE:CCL), The Walt Disney Co. (NYSE:DIS), Goldman Sachs Group (NYSE:GS), Morgan Stanley (NYSE:MS) and Yum Brands Inc. (NYSE:YUM) – and views it as a possible warning that “the end has arrived” for cyclical stocks.

    Investor’s Business Daily peruses S&P 500 market data and concludes that American Airlines Group (NasdaqGS:AAL) and other cyclicals are “grossly overvalued.”

    And Barron‘s hammers the stake all the way into the cyclical story – cautioning investors that tied-to-the-economy stalwart U.S. Steel (NYSE:X) is “one of the most-overvalued stocks in America.”

    Nervous Nellies all of them. Sycophantic mouthpieces for a hidebound Wall Street.

    Tune them out, I say. They’re wrong.

    Indeed, I like all those stocks.

    All of them.

    In fact, if you don’t own them already, buy them – and I’ll tell you why.

  • Shah Gilani Apr 13, 2021
    Options Tuesday: A Speculative Trade with BBBY

    One of my favorite things about trading is taking a reasonable amount of risk on a speculative-type trade and having it pay off… big time.

    The key to unlocking big gains is lining up an upcoming catalyst with an options trade that has the right reward-to-risk profile. Some pros call these kinds of trades asymmetric risk trades, but I like to call them “multiplier trades” because they’re trades where the upside is 2x, 3x, 4x, or more than the downside.

    Here’s an example

  • Shah Gilani Apr 12, 2021
    Watchlist: How to Trade What’s Hot and What’s Not

    Today marks the first edition of my Watchlist. From now on, every week, I’m going to tee-up what I’m watching in the days ahead, why it’s important, and how to trade what’s hot and what’s not.

    This week is going to be crazy, I can guarantee you that.

  • Shah Gilani Apr 07, 2021
    Five SPACs Worth Owning Right Now

    Click here to download the PDF version You can’t go anywhere these days without hearing about SPACs, and there’s a good reason for that. Wall Street refers to these by their technical name, special purpose acquisition companies, and they are …

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  • Shah Gilani Apr 07, 2021
    Total Wealth Livestream

  • Shah Gilani Apr 01, 2021
    Time to Buy – Your First SPACs Pick

    This week, we brought you special research on the “New Age IPOs” known as Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (SPACs).

    I showed you how to zero in on the SPACs capable of delivering stratospheric profits.

    I shared the secrets you’d need to dodge the profit-draining losers.

    And I made you a promise.

    A promise to round out our three-installment foray into the world of SPACs with a recommendation that would start you down a profit pathway of your own.

    With today’s edition of Total Wealth, consider that promise kept. I’m delivering you a SPAC created by one of the top dealmakers of the last three decades

  • Total Wealth Staff Mar 31, 2021
    Stocks to Watch

    Week of January 10 Sonos Inc. (SONO) First up on the week, let’s watch SONO, the Santa Barbara, California-based wireless speaker company. Last Thursday, The U.S. International Trade Commission issued an order that Google must stop importing phones, smart home …

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  • Shah Gilani Mar 31, 2021
    The Five Keys to Successful SPACs Trading

    In the first of my three-part series on SPACs, I outlined exactly what Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (SPACs) are, how they work, and the 400%, 500%, or more in gains they can yield investors.

    Unless you’ve been hiding from the market, and heaven help you if you have been, you know SPACs are the hottest sector out there right now, and with good reason. There are new SPAC IPOs being minted literally daily, sometimes two or three a day. Traders are playing them, and investors are plowing into them. And there are going to be spectacular winners. And there are going to be lots of losers.

    What you need to know, because there are so many SPACs coming out, is which ones are going to be the winners and which ones are going flounder or fail. Because, needless to say, not all SPACs are created equal, and any advice you’ve heard about skimming the cream of the SPAC crop is probably very wrong.

    While the likes of QuantumScape Corp. (NYSE:QS) can hit a whopping 1,200% peak during their run, other enticing-looking SPACs can be snakes in the grass. The difference between knockout winners and bottom-of-the-barrel slugs isn’t always obvious.

    That’s because there are lots of nuances, lots of details that matter when it comes to SPAC sponsors and founders, the teams they convene to look for acquisition targets, the price they pay for operating companies, how those acquisition targets are valued before a deal is reached, who invests in target companies under what deal and valuation terms before they are acquired, who are the investors providing PIPE (private equity in public companies) financing for the acquisition/merger deal and what are their incentives and deal terms, how much operating capital will be injected into the new company, what are its real prospects?

    Those aren’t hard questions to answer. In fact, the answers are simple, you just have to know where to look for all those details, because they’re out there. They’re in deal documents, in disclosures, in regulatory filings, in proxy materials.

    They’re everywhere I look. And I look everywhere.

    But you may not be looking everywhere, so to consistently cash in on the winners while dodging the losers that could drain away your profits, you need a powerful but simple strategy to follow.

    And I have one

  • Shah Gilani Mar 30, 2021
    Time to Cash-In on One of the Hottest Opportunities on the Market – SPACs

    You can’t go anywhere these days without hearing about “SPACs,” and there’s a good reason for that.

    Wall Street refers to these by their technical name, “Special Purpose Acquisition Companies,” but I see them for what they are: “New Age IPOs” that can give retail investors a way to cash in on newly minted companies.

    Wall Street and retail investors alike had a stellar run with SPACs last year, and now SPACs are outdoing themselves this quarter, becoming one of the hottest trading opportunities on the market right now, yet so few people know about SPACs.

    This is a major trading opportunity I don’t want you to miss. So, here’s what’s in store for you this week:

    I’ve got three special reports on SPACs – what they are, how to play them, and a recommendation to round off the whole series – heading to your inbox over the next few days.

    You’re going to get the all-inclusive, grand tour of SPACs. Ins and outs, nooks and crannies… my team has researched it all so you don’t have to.

    Today, you’re going to get to know SPACs, get friendly with them, so you know what you’re trading and why before we launch into how to buy and how to profit.

    So, do you want to cash in?

  • Total Wealth Staff Mar 29, 2021
    You’re In!

    Thank you for joining the Total Wealth community. Your e-book is on its way to your inbox right now. To make sure you’re able to receive you receive this important information and more, add to your address book or …

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  • Shah Gilani Mar 25, 2021
    Make Legendary Moves (and Money) with this New Strategy

    Investor Peter Lynch achieved “legend” status during the 1980s – and it wasn’t just because of his best-selling book One Up on Wall Street.

    It was the fact that he made a lot of mutual fund investors rich.

    While helming the Fidelity Magellan fund from 1977 to 1990, Lynch delivered an average annual total return of more than 29% – a performance that would have turned a mere $10,000 investment into $280,000 at the time he decided to leave.

    But I’m going to let you in on a stunning secret: Most of the huge gains Lynch made for investors was due to a strategy that almost nobody ever talked about.

    And Lynch wasn’t alone.

    Legendary hedge fund manager and value player Seth Klarman has used this strategy throughout his career. Edward Thorp, one of the best arbitrage and quantitative investors of all time, continues to use it.

    And this is why, in Tuesday’s article, I told you to hang on to your bank stocks. There’s still money to be made on banks – and it’s with the same strategy that made these men filthy rich.

    The strategy itself is as simple as it is powerful, yet virtually no retail investor uses it.

    Heck, most investors don’t even know about it.

    Today I’m going to tell you all about the strategy, and we’ll put it to use ourselves – with a brand-new stock recommendation…

  • Nathan Shulkin Mar 24, 2021
    5 Best Momentum Stocks of 2021

    Click here to download the PDF version The way capital markets operate has changed and continues to change, and it’s further altering how we trade and invest. Amidst all those changes, the one constant thing is what subscribers ask me: …

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