Bitcoin Halving Event

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The Hawks Are Back in Town

Powell’s latest comments exacerbated what had already been a rough few trading days. Caution is back… and the next few weeks will be critical.

Buy This, Not That: The Banks Are Not All Right

Big banks have taken a hit… is it time to buy the dip?

The Most Predictable Market on Earth

Yes, the market famous for euphoric bull markets and painful bear markets is the most predictable on the planet.

Monday Takeaways: A Word of Caution

The bond market is trying to tell us something… will the markets listen? Here’s what an investor should do.

Two Upcoming Mega-Catalysts for Stocks and Crypto

The way earnings shake out will determine whether the good times continue for stocks… and the next 12 months could be very exciting for crypto investors.

A Make or Break Earnings Season

We haven’t had an earnings season this important in more than a year…

Dealmaker’s Diary: This $3 Billion Retailer Has the Goods to Thrive

While the Nasdaq is known for its tech giants, there’s a hidden gem in the index that’s been thriving in a completely different sector.

Crypto’s Most Predictable Catalyst Is Just Days Away

The Bitcoin halving could double Bitcoin’s price over the next 18 months. But in this bull cycle… it won’t be Bitcoin that captures the largest gains.

Buy This, Not That: Tapping Into a Speculative Trading Frenzy

Robert has Shah convinced to put a portion of his portfolio into crypto.

Don’t Fall for This Costly Crypto Myth

The crypto sector offers unique opportunities for growth and diversification that can benefit investors at any stage of life… especially those at or near retirement.