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  • Shah Gilani Jul 30, 2021
    Wait! Don’t Buy Robinhood Stock Yet, Shah Gilani Explains in New Video

    Robinhood is finally open to public trading after weeks of public interest and speculative articles about who, what, when, and where…

    Well now we know – but that doesn’t answer the most important question: is it a buy, sell, or hold?

  • Shah Gilani Jul 29, 2021
    The Only – And I Mean Only – Move to Make with Chinese Stocks

    I’m going to let you in on a little, make that big, secret – one that may actually be an outright stunner to all the trading/investing veterans and newbie retail traders checking this out today.

    Here it is: I still love the giant Chinese tech stocks that trade on American exchanges.

    More importantly, I believe you can make money on these stocks.

    Lots of money – and on the “long” side, no less.

    I realize this flies in the face of the conventional wisdom when it comes to U.S.-listed Chinese tech stocks – but it’s what I believe.

    There is a “catch” here, however.

    You see, there’s only one way to play this – only one strategy that makes perfect sense.

    It’s the one way to grab the latest upside I see here, while avoiding the slaughter that will ensue if the escalating U.S.-China spat “goes nuclear” – which it could.

    I’m going to show you this “one strategy” for U.S.-listed Chinese tech stocks and EV plays.

    And I’m going to tell you everything you need to know…

  • Shah Gilani Jul 27, 2021
    Own the Same Profitable Stock as ARK CEO Cathie Wood for .000001% of the Cost

    My inbox has been filled with questions about cryptocurrencies recently, which is great. You should be paying attention to cryptos – the space is catching fire once again as Bitcoin prices rebound back north of $39,000.

    But, at least in my opinion, outright buying cryptocurrencies is not the best way to spend your $100 this week. Instead, I’ve got another play for you with just as much potential.

  • Shah Gilani Jul 23, 2021
    Leave this Mismanaged ETF Off Your Portfolio for Good

    Once again, SPACs seem to be on everyone’s minds… but we have to be careful when picking the cream from the crop. Many of you asked me about a SPAC ETF this week that should not be on your portfolio.

    You can learn more about it and four other stocks by clicking the video below.

  • Shah Gilani Jul 20, 2021
    Get it While It’s Hot! This Commodity Has Taken a Dip and We are Buying In

    The only thing more American than apple pie – at least in my opinion – is corn. Not only is this a dinner-time staple during summer cookouts, but it’s a great alternative sweetener, alternative fuel, and alternative plastic. It’s experienced …

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  • Shah Gilani Jul 16, 2021
    Use this Play to Profit Off of the Russell’s Downturn

    In addition to two buys and a strategic hold, I have an exclusive play for you in today’s BS.H. If you’ve been watching the Russell 2000, you may have seen it go sideways in the last few days…

    Suddenly, it’s taken a dip, and if that trend continues, you could rake in major profits with this stock play.

    Click the video here to learn how.

  • Shah Gilani Jul 15, 2021
    Grab This Under-$10 Fintech Innovator – Before its Merger Deal Launches the Shares

    If you live in the U.S., there is a very good chance that you’ve got a friend named Dave.

    Heck, you could be a Dave yourself.

    As recently as March of this year, David was the sixth-most-common name in America.

    There are approximately 3.56 million “Daves” in the U.S. alone, and a brand-new fintech start-up just added one more that’s reportedly worth – wait for it – $4 billion.

    Founder and entrepreneur Jason Wilk, thinking to himself that, “everyone’s got a friend named Dave, right?” created the company Dave Inc. Simply referred to as Dave or, the company got its start back in 2016 marketing itself as a “friend” you could turn to for a small loan to bump up your balances and to avoid pesky overdraft fees – which average at $38 a pop if you happen to tip too much on a debit card or mistime a direct deposit.

    Now, this is a sound concept for a company and fintech is a lucrative space to be in, but that’s not the only reason this particular Dave is grabbing headlines right now. Dave agreed to merge into the recently IPO’d VPC Impact Acquisition Holdings III (NYSE: VPCC), which valued Dave at that whopping $4 billion.

    VPC Impact is one of the so-called “blank-check companies” you’ve probably been reading a lot about lately. More specifically, it’s a Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC) Special Purpose Acquisition Company, or SPAC, that offers individual investors opportunities to buy into startup ventures.

    VPCC – soon to be Dave – is generating a lot of SPAC buzz.

    To gauge whether it deserves the press it’s getting, let’s a quick overview of what the company has to offer. Like I said before, Dave’s main objective is to keep you out of overdraft territory and keep your hard-earned money in your pockets, not in the wallets of big banks, but that’s not all it does

  • Shah Gilani Jul 13, 2021
    Buy the Entire Stock Market with Just $100

    A few weeks back, I welcomed you into the Fractional Shares Revolution, giving seven historically bank-breaking stock picks that you can invest in for the same price as a gallon of gas, or even less.

    Today, I’ve got another wealth-building opportunity for you to take to the bank that’ll only cost you $100… or $50… or maybe even $20 or less. And with this opportunity that I have for you today trading over $4,000 per share. That’s an incredible discount that you don’t want to miss out on.

    Whatever money you can spare to invest in yourself right now, you can use it to buy the entire stock market and I’ll show you how.

    Grab a pen and paper and click the video here to start.

  • Shah Gilani Jul 09, 2021
    Buy, Sell, or Hold – Buy this Newly IPOed Company that Shot Up While the Markets Dove

    Every week, I am blown away by the quality stocks you send me. There are five stocks that I review in today’s video – four of which are fantastic buys, but one stood out from the rest.

    When I recorded this BS.H, the S&P 500 was down around 30 points, the Dow dove around 250 points. That would be worrying news for any stock, yet this tech stock shot up 5% and continually proves its profitability to investors despite only just going public in March of this year.

    Click here to learn how to play this stock to your advantage…

  • Shah Gilani Jul 08, 2021
    Grab 3X on BuzzFeed – And Even More with This New Trade

    BuzzFeed may have gotten its start as the creator of the quizzes, pop-culture lists, and the “greatest of all time” fascination stories that live at the bottom of the websites we all visit.

    But here’s the thing: those superfluous beginnings are now part of its past and the company is quickly emerging as one of the very top digital media brands among the Millennial and Gen-Z crowds – who’ve leapfrogged the Boomers to become the biggest combined population group in America today.

    BuzzFeed is now a real-deal digital media company, with properties that include the Huffington Post, product lines that include kitchenware and partnerships that include the Lions Gate Entertainment Corp.

    That’s all translating into zooming growth for the company – revenue will expand at a compound annual rate of 25% over the next five years – and a potentially great trade for us.

    And this opportunity is due in large part to something I refer to as a “Pre-IPO” opportunity or, in the lexicon of finance, a special purpose acquisition company (SPAC).

    Today, I want to give you a quick SPAC primer, who you want to focus on and what to ignore, and then give you a rundown on my BuzzFeed trade – thanks to a SPAC that IPO’d back in January.

    This one has me excited – for a couple reasons.

    First, we’re going to tackle this one in a way that gives you a shot at all the upside (and believe me, there’s a lot of upside potential here). And there’s a way to stroll away from the trade virtually unscathed if it doesn’t surge the way we want it to.

    Second, and more important, I’m going to introduce you to a strategy that will bring you a steady stream of opportunities like this. And this strategy will let you invest in these pre-IPO deals – and trade them, as well.

    And just like the BuzzFeed trade – this strategy offers a whole lot of upside.

  • Shah Gilani Jul 05, 2021
    The Weekly Watchlist: Holiday-Shortened Week Primes These 3 Stocks for Quick Profits

    Holiday-shortened weeks are typically characterized by lower volume and higher volatility. That can cause some pretty hefty price swings…

    Which is a great set up for some quick profits!

    That’s why I want to put a few stocks on your radar that could be on the verge of a temporary change in direction riding on the coattails of that lowered volume and higher volatility.

  • Shah Gilani Jul 02, 2021
    4 Buys for the 4th of July

    You’ll notice something different in today’s BS.H.

    I’m in Baltimore – finishing up some exciting research, which you’ll hear about in the coming days.

    But in the meantime, I want you to focus on four plays to make before kicking back for the holiday weekend.

  • Shah Gilani Jul 01, 2021
    A Summer Rally’s Approaching – And Now’s the Time to Make Your Move

    Let me make it really simple for you…

    You should be more afraid of missing the continuing bull market in stocks than of a little (or a lot) of inflation.

    Inflation speculation is dominating the news. And it’s here. That’s not something I think, it’s something I know. You know it, too. And you know that more is coming

    But the U.S. Federal Reserve can’t say that. In fact, Fed Chairman Jerome Powell’s been saying the inflation we’re seeing is “transitory” and that after supply-chain issues are resolved – and plants and producers get back into gear – supply will catch up with demand and inflation will disappear.

    Don’t buy that inflated pipedream.

    Inflation will rise; but the Fed also, despite what everyone else is saying right now, won’t start using quick and steep rate brakes.

    You know why?

    Because they can’t.

    And if you listen to the media here, you’ll miss out on a huge leg up in the markets this summer.

    Here’s what’s really going on, why the central bank chairman is saying what he’s saying, why some Fed Regional Bank presidents are saying something else, exactly what the Fed’s going to do, and most importantly, why you should pay attention to that fear-of-missing-out (FOMO) feeling in your gut.

  • Total Wealth Staff Jun 30, 2021
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  • Shah Gilani Jun 25, 2021
    Buy, Sell, or Hold – Get in on the Ground Floor with This Shorted Retail Upstart

    This week, I’ve got a stellar buy for you up my sleeve. Not only would buying this retailer get you in on the ground floor of a new upstart primed for success, it will also line you up to profit on what could be another short-squeeze.

    30% of this stock’s floating shares have be shorted… and that spells opportunity for you and me.

    Just click the video below to learn more.

    I got some incredible submissions you wanted me to comment on in this week’s BS.H. Keep them coming and drop me a line at

    Have a great weekend, folks.

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