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  • Total Wealth Staff Aug 03, 2020
    The Ultimate Buy Signal

    We’re seeing markets closing higher on Fridays, and we’ve seen terrific volume throughout the week. But seeing it on Friday is the ultimate buy signal.

  • Shah Gilani Jul 31, 2020
    An Embarrassment of Riches: Big Tech Proves Bigger is Better

    One day after the CEOs of Apple, Amazon, Facebook, and Google’s parent Alphabet faced a hostile House Judiciary Antitrust Subcommittee hearing, where they were each questioned about how they got so big, so profitable, and at whose expense, the four mega-cap tech darlings reported blowout second-quarter revenues and profits.

    Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, feigned embarrassment in his address of the company’s earnings, almost apologizing for Apple’s flood of riches as the rest of America and the world suffer the ravages of the coronavirus crisis.

    The question is now: Will these giants be allowed to keep on squashing all competition, keep on minting money, see their stock prices keep on rising? Or will political winds blowback their relentless growth and market dominance?

    Here’s what they face, what they’re going to do about it, and what’s going to happen to their stock prices.

  • Total Wealth Staff Jul 29, 2020
    Big Names… But Not the Ones You Think

    It’s time to start looking for narratives and stocks that are following what’s currently happening, and that means looking for we need – companies leading us through a pandemic and out of a recession.

  • Shah Gilani Jul 29, 2020
    Big Tech’s on the Hot Seat Today – Here’s Why Investors Are Fearful

    Today Jeff Bezos of Inc. (NasdaqGS:AMZN), Tim Cook of Apple Inc. (NasdaqGS:AAPL), Sundar Pichai of Google/Alphabet Inc. (NasdaqGS:GOOG), and Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook Inc. (NasdaqGS:FB) face members of the House Judiciary Antitrust Subcommittee, in what’s going to be a show.

    And I think you know what kind of show I’m talking about.

    House members are going to come out swinging because it’s an election year.

    Vote-hungry Representatives want the public to see them as protectors of our privacy, pushing back on undue societal — meaning voter — influence, as promoters of equal employment opportunities within each of those CEOs’ colossal companies. And, because antitrust is the name of the game for this subcommittee, the House is going to push for equal access to the platforms, ecosystems, and consumers these giants control and profit handsomely from.

    Today just might be a big deal. Today, we just might see how serious Congress is about breaking up these giants. Today, we just might hear what these monster companies might be forced to do to help struggling businesses they’ve quashed for years.

    Today, investors just might freak out if they don’t like what they think could happen.

  • Shah Gilani Jul 27, 2020
    This Just Might be The Most Important Week This Year

    Markets, equity markets in particular, are at an incredibly vulnerable place, today and all this week. What happens, which we’ll find out on or before Friday’s close, could make or break the market.

    Today, the CEOs of Apple, Amazon, Facebook, and Google are in the line of fire, as they virtually face, virtually, the House Judiciary Antitrust Subcommittee.

    The big deal today will be about what those mega-cap Tech Kings are asked and how they answer.

  • Shah Gilani Jul 24, 2020
    Big Tech Under the Microscope and Under Pressure Could Upend Markets

    So far, it’s been a mixed bag for tech earnings this quarter, at least as far as their reported metrics.

    What hasn’t been mixed however is how investors have decidedly been selling big tech names, including selling Netflix down on less than expected subscriber growth and selling Microsoft on excellent earnings metrics, except for slower growth in its cloud business, if you can call 43% growth slow.

    Something’s bothering Big Tech investors.

    Maybe it’s how fast and furiously big tech names rallied off their March coronavirus crisis lows. Maybe it’s because most mega-cap tech darlings made new all-time highs. Maybe it’s because of this Monday’s House Judiciary Antitrust Subcommittee virtual hearing the CEOs of Apple, Amazon, Facebook, and Google face. Or maybe it’s nervousness over Facebook reporting earnings on Wednesday next week, then Amazon, Google, and Apple reporting on Thursday.

    Whatever it is, it’s not looking good for big tech darlings right now.

    The bottom-line is: if Big Tech falters the rest of the market’s headed lower, maybe a lot lower and maybe quickly

  • Shah Gilani Jul 22, 2020
    Will Political, Regulatory, and Tax Threats to Big Tech Kill the Stock Market?

    Technology stocks have powered America’s markets higher for more than two decades, including leading almost parabolic rallies on the heels of every selloff, correction, or bear market since 2009.

    That certainly includes “Big Tech” powering equity markets higher off their coronavirus crisis lows.

    But now mega-cap technology darlings face political, regulatory, and tax threats, possibly all at once.

    Investors need to know what those threats are, what could happen to big tech companies, and how the stock market might fare if big tech leadership stocks falter, exposing the market’s weak underbelly

  • Total Wealth Staff Jul 22, 2020
    Tesla’s Bubble Could Pop at Any Moment

    Tesla’s up to $1,597, and people are calling it a bubble. It’s overvalued, way overpriced… and still going up. Here’s why.

  • Shah Gilani Jul 20, 2020
    This Week’s Going to Be Interesting

    Despite the Nasdaq Composite ending last week down 1.1%, the other major benchmarks ended the week higher. The trend for all of them, including the Nasdaq Composite, is still, up.

    But there were minor cracks in the yellow-brick road last week.

    A big crack developed on Monday when the Nasdaq 100 (NDX), an important index of the biggest 100 (non-financial) stocks listed on the Nasdaq, rose 2% in the morning, breaking through to new all-time highs, then collapsed spectacularly, ending the day down more than 2%.

    That kind of intraday reversal is often a turning point signal. By turning point, I mean a change in the trend.

  • Shah Gilani Jul 17, 2020
    Big Banks: Buy, Sell or Hold?

    The country’s biggest too-big-to-fail banks have all reported second quarter earnings and the results were chock full of good news and bad news, depending on the bank and its banking model.

    What the banks’ earnings, profits and losses tell us about the economy, about their health, and about the outlook for their stocks gives investors a window into the economy and how to play the banks.

    A window into the economy

  • Shah Gilani Jul 15, 2020
    The Stock Market’s Poised for Another Leg Up, and If You’re Not on Board, You’ll Be Left Behind

    The stock market’s risen like a bat out of hell since bottoming out on March 23, 2020.

    Remarkably, the institutional benchmark S&P 500 is up 43% after being hit by the coronavirus pandemic.

    And while there’s still no vaccine for Covid-19, as the country sees dangerous spikes across 32 states, with mayors and governors again calling for businesses to shut down, as the additional $600 per week unemployed workers were getting runs out, the stock market looks clearly poised to go higher.

    Here’s where we’re at, what hurdles are left to jump over, and why we’re headed higher.

  • Total Wealth Staff Jul 15, 2020
    Two Positives and We’re Off to the Races

    Moderna’s come forward with a promising COVID vaccine and strong bank earnings, and we’re looking at rally’s across the board. US market futures are up, and globally, markets have reacted positively, a clear signal for investors to dive in. Click here to watch

  • Total Wealth Staff Jul 15, 2020
    The Market’s Wild Ride

    Yesterday we saw the Dow rally 500-something points, then fall and flatten out. The Nasdaq swung over 100 points, ending down. The answer to these stocks wild ride lies in earnings. Click here to watch

  • Total Wealth Staff Jul 14, 2020
    Tesla: The Bellwether of Bad News?

    It peaked at 9:45 and fell off a cliff – and the rest of the markets followed. Is it a bellwether, or simply an overvalued stock with shorts to cover? Shah Gilani weighs in.

  • Shah Gilani Jul 13, 2020
    Earnings Will Now Set the Market’s Tone

    With markets working themselves higher last week, higher since the March lows, higher forever for the Nasdaq Composite, you could say the good news is behind us and what’s up next will be weightier.

    When I say good news, I’m not talking about the bad news all around the country showing dramatic and frightening coronavirus spikes, I’m talking about most of the economic indicators coming out ahead of analysts’ expectations over the past four weeks. Not all of them mind you, but most of them.

    Why? Because analysts knocked down every number, every expectation, every hope they had.

    And they were wrong. They were too pessimistic.

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