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  • Total Wealth Staff Mar 24, 2018
    Weekend Edition: This Special Class of Stock Can Make or Break Your Portfolio for Years to Come

    This week I want to continue our discussion on a special class of stock needed to survive turbulent markets, why they're important, and why these specific stocks can make or break your portfolio right now. Many investors think they've got this covered, and that they know a lot about investing for big gains and income - which is great if you're one of 'em - but, in reality, there are a lot of folks who don't. Here's what you need to know.

  • Total Wealth Staff Mar 23, 2018
    What’s Happened, What’s Next, and How to Protect Your Money

    I've spent most of the night here in the office watching Asian and European markets carefully for clues as to what Friday's trading conditions hold for us when U.S. markets open. So far, the impact looks limited and, in fact, the major indices look to open slightly higher as traders weigh China's muted response to the President's tariffs. So, let's start there.

  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Mar 23, 2018
    What to Do Immediately if You Own Facebook Stock

    The ongoing Facebook saga is causing investors all over the world to rethink the FANG stocks - Facebook Inc. (NasdaqGS:FB), Apple Inc. (NasdaqGS:AAPL), Netflix Inc. (NasdaqGS:NFLX), and Alphabet Inc. (NasdaqGS:GOOGL). Sadly, most are ready to jettison them all. That's a mistake and a bit like throwing the "baby out with the bathwater." If you're not familiar with the phrase, it's an idiom

  • Total Wealth Staff Mar 21, 2018
    Keith on Straight Talk Money

    Keith appeared on Straight Talk Money today, where he engaged in a wide ranging discussion on topics including trade tariffs, which sectors are cause for the most "concern" amongst most investors, and whether or not it's time to rethink FANG stocks. Enjoy!

  • Total Wealth Staff Mar 21, 2018
    What Fed Chair J. Powell Has to Do to Keep from Roiling Markets

    Keith joined a panel of heavy hitters for a pre-Fed analysis of what Chairman Jerome Powell has to do next to keep markets on track. He joined Bullseye Brief Publisher Adam Johnson, Kaltbaum Capital Management President Gary Kaltbaum, Janney Chief Investment Strategist Mark Luschini, and former Reagan economic advisor Art Laffer in a wide ranging discussion covering the nature and number of rates and what that means for markets.

  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Mar 21, 2018
    How to Play 2018’s First Big Tech IPO

    Dropbox will "price" its Initial Public Offering - IPO for short - on Thursday and begin trading Friday if all goes according to plan. Reports are that the offering is "oversubscribed" - a Wall Street-speak term meaning that they're hard to get - and that there's a lot of "demand" for shares. So why is it you shouldn't touch 'em with a ten-foot pole? Because Dropbox is going to be another

  • Total Wealth Staff Mar 20, 2018
    The Surprising Reason Why Keith Hopes Zuckerberg’s “Ignorance” is Genuine

    Social networking giant Facebook Inc. (NasdaqGS:FB) can't catch a break with shares down 12%+ in just two trading days. Here's Keith on what this means for investors and why it's appropriate to rethink every FANG stock at the moment. Host Neil Cavuto wonders if it's possible that Mark Zuckerberg just truly didn't know and there's a surprising reason why Keith says he hopes so during an appearance on Coast to Coast.

  • Total Wealth Staff Mar 19, 2018
    Facebook’s Equifax Moment

    Keith didn't mince words during an appearance on Varney & Co. today as he discussed Facebook Inc. (NasdaqGS:FB)'s "Equifax Moment." Management is absent, users are at risk, and the company's revenues could be in deep trouble. So much so, that Keith's changed his outlook on the company's stock and offers one very important bit of advice for any investor owning Facebook shares.

  • Total Wealth Staff Mar 17, 2018
    How to Survive and Prosper in a Coming Trade War

    There are a lot of people out there who want to debate the merits of free-trade versus protectionism. Great... let'em! I'd much rather talk about profits. And, specifically, the one special class of stocks you want to be in to protect your money and prosper... practically no matter what happens next! (Click here)Key Takeaways: Running for the hills may feel great when you're

  • Total Wealth Staff Mar 17, 2018
    Weekend Edition: How to Survive and Prosper in a Coming Trade War

    There are a lot of people out there who want to debate the merits of free-trade versus protectionism. Great... let'em! I'd much rather talk about profits. And, specifically, the one special class of stocks you want to be in to protect your money and prosper... practically no matter what happens next!

  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Mar 16, 2018
    How to Profit From China’s #1 Trade War Target

    I sure hope you're following along as directed! I've repeatedly identified The Boeing Co. (NYSE:BA) as particularly at risk of retaliatory trade tariffs, should President Trump press on with his wishes to hit China with $60+ billion in tariffs. My reasoning was very simple and based on first-hand experience. Unlike the United States and Europe, where politicians will bicker endlessly

  • Total Wealth Staff Mar 15, 2018
    “It’s Much Easier to Become Number One than to Stay Number One”

    President Trump's tariffs have millions of investors on edge. And, rightly so - China will go right for the jugular vein in retaliation by targeting our most valuable companies. However, as Keith points out during an appearance on Trish Regan's The Intelligence Report, there is one group of people individual investors should watch when it comes to their money and to profitably avoid the sideshow in Washington.

  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Mar 14, 2018
    The “Total Wealth Principle of Forced Perspective” Is Worth Millions

    American humorist, actor, and social commentator Will Rogers once said that "good judgment comes from experience, and a lot of that comes from bad judgement." Adored during the 1930s, I can only wonder what he'd say today. History rarely works out as expected, especially when it comes to the perspective you need to profit from it. Society, of course, doesn't think this way, which is why our

  • Total Wealth Staff Mar 12, 2018
    Happy Days Here Again?

    After last Friday's monster 400 point run higher, many investors are wondering if the selling is over. Here's Keith on why you should hope it isn't... if you're interested in bigger profits and more gains ahead.

  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Mar 10, 2018
    Amazon’s Move into Online Banking Could Be the Most Profitable Industry End-Run Yet!

    I told you last year that there were two industries ripe for an "Amazon-entry" in 2018 - healthcare and online banking. Nobody else was talking about either at the time because they were seemingly unimaginable moves to conventional analysts and, of course, to most investors. Now that both have happened, the question becomes, "what's next and how do you profit?" I have answers to both

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