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  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Nov 24, 2017
    Why I Run “Ultimate Trailing Stops” on All My Investments

    You've spotted an unstoppable, trillion-dollar trend. You've identified the stock that's set to benefit most and made a trade using the tactics that will squeeze the most profit out of it. Nicely done. Now it's time for the final piece of the Total Wealth strategy. Mention the words "Risk Management" and most investors get a look that's somewhere between "bored" and "terrified." It's not

  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Nov 22, 2017
    Five Total Wealth Principles to Use Today (and Every Day from Now On)

    I've talked to thousands of investors over the years who are absolutely convinced that they need to understand the market's most complicated nuances to get ahead. In reality, though, success comes down to just five things that I call the Total Wealth Principles. Get 'em right and you can make more money with less risk while enjoying a peace of mind that the vast majority of investors will

  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Nov 18, 2017
    See the “X,” Make Your Move. It’s That Simple.

    All too often, investors try to decode the market. That's great because it means they're involved, they're thinking about their money, and they're trying to do something about it. Problem is, they wind up looking in all the wrong places. So while they're busy doing that and trying to figure out the market's "meaning," I'd like to talk with you today about something really critical when it

  • Total Wealth Staff Nov 18, 2017
    “X” Marks the Spot

    Forget about the complicated market analysis, the PhD in rocket science or advanced statistics Wall Street would have you believe are important to the pursuit of profits. Instead, take your cue from where the money is moving, pick your price and get on board when the timing is right. You know when you see a very specific "X" pattern.

  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Nov 17, 2017
    The Secret to Momentum Investing I Wish Every Investor Knew

    Momentum investing has a bad rap. Over the past 35 years I've heard it referred to as a "strategy for idiots," or a foolish undertaking on par with a good old-fashioned game of "hot potato" ... usually by Wall Street types or academics who look dismissively down their nose at anyone suggesting something different. The irony, of course, is that momentum investing works. What's more,

  • Total Wealth Staff Nov 15, 2017
    Tax Reform Could Unleash Even More Money…

    With the house voting on tax reform tomorrow, Chief Investment Strategist Chief Fitz-Gerald urges viewers that now is the time to buy. "It's going to unleash still more money, it's going to unleash confidence, and it's going to unleash the expectations that real profits matter and they're going to be treated well. Here's what you need to know.

  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Nov 15, 2017
    General Electric: Barely Worth $11/Share

    General Electric Co. (NYSE:GE), a once-proud American icon, has fallen on hard times. The much ballyhooed investor day flopped, at least according to financial markets, which punished the stock on Monday and again Tuesday. Many investors are wondering if they should buy. No. Not unless you have money to burn and you like playing games where the odds are heavily stacked against

  • Total Wealth Staff Nov 13, 2017
    GE: Another American Icon Down the Drain

    Should you buy General Electric Co. (NYSE:GE) at $20/share? According to our Chief Investment Strategist, "Not in a million years." Here's what you need to know.

  • Total Wealth Staff Nov 13, 2017
    What the African Plague Threat Could Mean for U.S. Markets

    With the "Black Death" rearing its ugly head in Madagascar, there are widespread concerns, not only in the medical community but the investing community, as well. As Keith tells host Stuart Varney, "You would be remiss not to take this into account with your own investments." Here's our Chief Investment Strategist Keith Fitz-Gerald with everything you need to know.

  • Total Wealth Staff Nov 11, 2017
    Weekend Edition: Finding Value in Today’s Markets

    There's always a lot more value in the markets than people think, even with prices at all-time highs - if you know what to look for. //

  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Nov 11, 2017
    The Secret to Finding Value in Today’s Markets

    I'm hearing from a lot of investors right now who are concerned that "there's nothing to buy" - most of which is driven by two things: a) that prices have risen to record levels, and; b) that the headlines are so negative. I heard similar comments in late 1999, again in 2007, too. Yet, the right companies continued to be solid investments. And, not surprisingly, they remain so. Altria

  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Nov 10, 2017
    SNAP… Still The Most Dangerous IPO I’ve Ever Seen

    Last November I called Snap Inc. (NYSE:SNAP) the "single most dangerous" IPO I'd ever seen and urged you to give the company a wide berth... or take your money to Las Vegas where at least you'd have fun losing it. Legions of Silicon Valley faithful weren't happy I said so, and neither were scores of Wall Street analysts doing their best to convince you that Snapchat was a ticket to easy

  • Total Wealth Staff Nov 10, 2017
    President Trump in Asia: Key Takeaways

    While political infighting surrounds tax reform policy in the U.S., Keith has his eye on another part of the world. President Trump's Asia tour could mean tremendous partnerships - and opportunities for investors as a result.

  • Total Wealth Staff Nov 08, 2017
    Bad News for a Stock Keith Called the “Most Dangerous IPO”

    The markets have been on an absolute tear since the "Trump Rally" kicked off, but not every company is up to snuff. One stock, in particular, saw a massive plummet Wednesday morning - a tech firm that Keith has warned his readers about since before its IPO. While other "experts" are finally catching on to this stock's dismal future, here's Keith with everything you need to know.

  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Nov 08, 2017
    What the Saudi Shakeup Means for Your Money

    News broke over the weekend that the Saudi Kingdom had detained 11 princes, 4 ministers, and 34 other senior officials, former ministers, and prominent business owners as part of an anti-corruption campaign. All are apparently being held at Riyadh's Ritz Carlton Hotel and sleeping on thin mattresses placed on the floor in a ballroom - including billionaire investor Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal, who

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