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  • Total Wealth Staff Sep 08, 2017
    Weekender: Video Edition

    While Floridians brace for Irma's impact, predictions are already surfacing on the unfathomable $100 billion worth of property damage expected. Insurance companies claim "they can handle it" but, with mega storms becoming status-quo Keith reveals the true cost of this trend and how to navigate the impact that storms like Irma will have on your money if you aren't prepared.

  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Sep 07, 2017
    A “Historic” FDA Decision Could Mean Historic Gains… if You Move Now

    Last week's headlines were hectic, depressing and downright scary... ...which is why I'm thrilled to have something great to share with you today. And that is? An almost completely overlooked development in the fight against cancer. It's so important that it could mean a new lease on life for children and adults fighting blood cancers - more specifically, acute lymphoblastic leukemia

  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Sep 05, 2017
    Steve Mnuchin Will Cost Americans $600 Billion

    With the focus still on North Korea many investors are seeking refuge in gold, but as Keith warns, "that train has already left the station." Instead, here's a better way to grow your money that most analysts haven't even considered yet. Additionally, in another round of dumb policy, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin proposed cutting trade with any country that trades with North Korea. This proposed embargo would not only devastate relations with China but will cost average Americans billions. Here's what you need to know.

  • Total Wealth Staff Sep 01, 2017
    Weekender: Video Edition

    The news this week revolves around two sorts of stories - those that are scary and those that are just plain silly. As you might imagine, both have significant ramifications when it comes to your money. So, let's start with the "scary" then move on to the "silly" and wind up with some specific actions you can take today to protect AND grow your money.

  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Sep 01, 2017
    Chinese Tariffs Will Never Help Americans – Only Hurt Them

    President Donald Trump is reportedly on the warpath when it comes to Chinese tariffs. According to Axios and apparently confirmed with sources having knowledge of the meeting, America's leader reported told his staff, "I want tariffs." Fox Business Network anchor Stuart Varney, himself a London School of Economics graduate, sought my take Monday morning. So stupid and so misguided that

  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Aug 30, 2017
    Three Ways to Protect Yourself from North Korea’s “Ballistic Brinksmanship”

    North Korean strongman Kim Jong-un did the unthinkable and launched a missile over Japan yesterday. Tens of thousands of cell phones went off at once at 6:02 a.m. when that nation's government alerted citizens to the launch. NHK - the nation's largest public broadcasting network - simultaneously flashed a "black screen" warning that the missile was approaching Japan and that everyone in its

  • Total Wealth Staff Aug 30, 2017
    The Fed Doesn’t Understand How Real Money Works

    Our Chief Investment Strategist isn't one to hold back when it comes to Janet Yellen and the Federal Reserve, stunning viewers with his assessment that the institution is "fighting for relevance." As Keith explains on CNBC World's Street Signs, the Fed is just playing a game of catch-up. Instead, look to traders and CEOs to provide profits, stability, and direction in today's markets.

  • Total Wealth Staff Aug 28, 2017
    Chinese Tariffs: “Such a Stupid Idea, I Don’t Know Where to Begin”

    Hurricane Harvey continues to devastate Texas even as President Trump reportedly seeks Chinese tariffs that are so misguided it's difficult to fathom. Plus more on what traders are really thinking and why markets are not in decline despite such a horrendous storm.

  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Aug 25, 2017
    How to Know When “Nice-to-Have” Becomes “Must-Have”

    Hello from Baltimore, where I'm spending the week with my team. It's something I like doing a lot, because it gives us a chance to review ongoing investment opportunities, but also to do the research necessary to identify the next generation of profit potential. As part of that, we spend a lot of time around the conference table, asking and answering questions about all sorts of things

  • Total Wealth Staff Aug 24, 2017
    Weekend Edition: The Best Move You Can Make Today

    August is a traditionally light time for the market, and this year is no different. Traders - just like you and me - like to take this time to go on vacation with their families. It's typical to see thinner volume, fractious trading, and a narrow range. So, right now, the single most important thing you can do is something we talk about all the time...

  • Total Wealth Staff Aug 24, 2017
    How to Tell When a Company Pivots to “Must-Have”

    My team and I spend a lot of time in August around the conference table, asking and answering questions about all sorts of things related to your money. And that's what I'd like to talk about today. Specifically, the question of whether or not a "nice-to-have" company can ever become a "must-have" company. We've got a great example of one longtime investor favorite doing just that right now. It's a company whose name is on the tip of a lot of investors' tongues - both literally and figuratively - as you're about to see.

  • Total Wealth Staff Aug 24, 2017
    This Mega Retailer is Facing Extinction

    The changing retail climate that Keith predicted all the way back in 2015 is finally starting to gain mainstream attention. As he explains on Varney & Co., the telltale signs of the "Retail Ice Age" are upon us, and you don't want your money on the losing side. Here's what you need to know, along with the one brick and mortar behemoth in the fight for its own survival.

  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Aug 24, 2017
    The “Trump Trade” is on Life Support… Here’s What to Do

    The "Trump Trade" may be on life support, which obviously has a lot of investors worried at the moment. Not surprisingly, the question I'm getting asked more than any other is two-fold: ...has the bull market run its course, and is there a correction right around the corner? The implication, of course, is whether or not you should be selling everything you own, buying a banjo and a

  • Total Wealth Staff Aug 22, 2017
    Silicon Valley Will Try Anything to Make This Company a Success

    Uber, plagued by a wave of scandals, executive departures, and even a feud with an angry tech giant, is looking to a veteran CEO to right the ship. Many have speculated on the possibility of an Uber IPO in 2017, but with all the turmoil, it'll be a long treacherous road ahead for flagship ride-sharing firm to earn its current $70 billion valuation. Here's Keith on Varney & Co. with Uber's real chances of becoming the next "unicorn," the contentious tax reform debate, and one thing you'd never expect from Starbucks.

  • Total Wealth Staff Aug 22, 2017
    What Tax-Cut Rhetoric Means for Your Money

    The markets found stability this morning despite heated tax reform debates, White House staff concerns, and emotion-driven decision making. As Keith explains on Varney & Co. Monday morning, it's time for traders to make a decision. "They have to decide which side they're going to bet on - literally and figuratively."

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