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  • Total Wealth Staff Aug 24, 2017
    Weekend Edition: The Best Move You Can Make Today

    August is a traditionally light time for the market, and this year is no different. Traders – just like you and me – like to take this time to go on vacation with their families. It’s typical to see thinner volume, fractious trading, and a narrow range. So, right now, the single most important thing you can do is something we talk about all the time… Click to watch…

  • Total Wealth Staff Aug 24, 2017
    How to Tell When a Company Pivots to “Must-Have”

    My team and I spend a lot of time in August around the conference table, asking and answering questions about all sorts of things related to your money. And that’s what I’d like to talk about today. Specifically, the question of whether or not a “nice-to-have” company can ever become a “must-have” company. We’ve got a great example of one longtime investor favorite doing just that right now. It’s a company whose name is on the tip of a lot of investors’ tongues – both literally and figuratively – as you’re about to see. Click to watch…

  • Total Wealth Staff Aug 24, 2017
    This Mega Retailer is Facing Extinction

    The changing retail climate that Keith predicted all the way back in 2015 is finally starting to gain mainstream attention. As he explains on Varney & Co., the telltale signs of the “Retail Ice Age” are upon us, and you don’t want your money on the losing side. Here’s what you need to know, along with the one brick and mortar behemoth in the fight for its own survival. Click to watch…

  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Aug 24, 2017
    The “Trump Trade” is on Life Support… Here’s What to Do

    The “Trump Trade” may be on life support, which obviously has a lot of investors worried at the moment.

    Not surprisingly, the question I’m getting asked more than any other is two-fold: 

    has the bull market run its course, and is there a correction right around the corner?

    The implication, of course, is whether or not you should be selling everything you own, buying a banjo and a couple hundred gallons of water, and hunkering down 500 miles from the nearest military installation.

    In a word – no.

    As we’ve talked about many times, there is no reason in the world why a properly prepared investor has to suffer the ravages of a bear market, let alone a major market correction.

    In fact, both of those scenarios can be turned into tremendously profitable opportunities. But only if you understand what we’re going to talk about today.

  • Total Wealth Staff Aug 22, 2017
    Silicon Valley Will Try Anything to Make This Company a Success

    Uber, plagued by a wave of scandals, executive departures, and even a feud with an angry tech giant, is looking to a veteran CEO to right the ship. Many have speculated on the possibility of an Uber IPO in 2017, but with all the turmoil, it’ll be a long treacherous road ahead for flagship ride-sharing firm to earn its current $70 billion valuation. Here’s Keith on Varney & Co. with Uber’s real chances of becoming the next “unicorn,” the contentious tax reform debate, and one thing you’d never expect from Starbucks. Click to watch…

  • Total Wealth Staff Aug 22, 2017
    What Tax-Cut Rhetoric Means for Your Money

    The markets found stability this morning despite heated tax reform debates, White House staff concerns, and emotion-driven decision making. As Keith explains on Varney & Co. Monday morning, it’s time for traders to make a decision. “They have to decide which side they’re going to bet on – literally and figuratively.” Click to watch…

  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Aug 18, 2017
    Double Your Money on the Fastest-Growing Defense Sector

    In my conversations with contacts around the world, I keep hearing the same word come up to describe the threat America faces…


    Most of the time, they’re referring to ISIS, which has thankfully been forced on the defensive as of late, but the term could apply equally to Russia, to North Korea and, yes, to China – all of which have made bits and bytes their weapon of choice.

    Forget bombs, bullets, and brigades.

    In the words of National Security Agency Director Michael Rogers, “we need to assume there’s a cyber dimension in every area we deal with,” when it comes to evaluating national security threats today.

  • Total Wealth Staff Aug 18, 2017
    Weekend Edition: Chaos Creates Opportunity

    Many “permabears” propagating the media and internet want to scare you in to withdrawing from the markets. In a special weekend video segment, Keith explains what Japan’s economic growth and North Korea’s missiles mean for your money. Always one to look for opportunities that no one else sees, our Chief Investment Strategist discusses how you can capitalize on the opportunities “chaos” creates. Click to watch…

  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Aug 16, 2017
    How to Play Detroit’s Chinese Connection

    Western investors reacted with outright derision and plenty of skepticism when news broke this week that one or more Chinese automakers are considering bids for Detroit’s Fiat Chrysler Automobiles N.V. (NYSE:FCAU).

    What they don’t realize is that not only is a deal like this absolutely possible, it’s highly probable.

    And, imminent.

    Which means the time to make your move is now.

    Many investors are simply incredulous. I’ve spoken with tens of thousands of them over the years who cannot grasp the enormous financial implications associated with China’s emergence as a global power.

    In some cases, they don’t want to acknowledge that China truly has global aspirations.

    Most of the time, though, I find they simply cannot process the notion that somebody may have a bigger, more profitable vision of the future than they do – especially when it comes to an industry we pioneered.

    However, they better get used to the idea… Chinese automakers are a logical partner.

    In fact, they may be the only partner.

  • Total Wealth Staff Aug 14, 2017
    You’re Ahead of the Game (Again) as Japan’s Growth Hits 4%

    Keith told skeptical investors this past May that change was in the air in Japan based on what he saw there. And, he offered specific choices on how to play what he felt would be a historic turnaround. Now, that’s happened and Japan’s GDP numbers hit levels not seen in a decade. Here’s why this is good for your money and what Keith sees happening next. Click to watch…

  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Aug 11, 2017
    How to Defend Your Money (Against North Korea)

    He’s baaaaack…

    Technically speaking, Kim Jung Un never left; he just started launching missiles.

    Missiles capable of carrying miniaturized nuclear warheads, according to various sources.

    Obviously, that’s a BIG problem.

    So far the markets have taken this in stride, but traders finally let jitters get the best of them yesterday.

    That’s why “safe-assets” like gold and the Swiss Franc rallied against the dollar as a result while the S&P 500, the Dow and the Nasdaq all fell.

    As you might imagine, I’m getting lots of questions about what the brash young leader’s nuclear aspirations could mean for your money.

    And, of course, how to play the situation for safety and profits.

  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Aug 09, 2017
    When it Comes to Amazon, I Couldn’t Disagree More with David Stockman…

    Reagan-era Budget Director David Stockman rocked markets Monday with a note to clients calling Inc. (NasdaqGS:AMZN) a bubble, saying the company is “set for a spectacular collapse.”

    Then he went on to say that a tech crash is “imminent” and that the company most at risk is Amazon because it hasn’t invented anything “explosively new like the iPhone or personal computer.”


    Amazon is not a Reagan-era company, so measuring it today using criteria that applied 35 years ago completely misses the point, not to mention the profit potential.

    Stockman has obviously had a long and distinguished career and I respect his analysis. But I cannot disagree more vehemently when it comes to Amazon.

  • Total Wealth Staff Aug 09, 2017
    North Korea’s Threat Isn’t a “Black Swan” – Here’s What Is

    Keith joined the panel of Fox Business Network’s Varney & Co. this morning to debrief the developing nuclear threat from North Korea and, in particular, whether the communist nation has the potential to trigger a “Black Swan” event. As our Chief Investment Strategist points out, “when earnings are good and guidance is good, then you have a bet to the future. When the shooting actually starts… then you’ve got a problem.” Here’s what you need to know about the situation, and how to prepare your money in the meantime. Click to watch…

  • Total Wealth Staff Aug 08, 2017
    What North Korea’s Nukes Mean for Your Money

    Keith weighed in on Cavuto: Coast to Coast Tuesday with his take on what North Korea’s miniaturized nukes mean for your money and how to play the situation before the shooting starts. He then gave specific examples for the instructions he provided to help investors navigate this most recent development calmly and profitably as the situation continues to develop. Click to watch…

  • Total Wealth Staff Aug 07, 2017
    Follow CEOs… Not Politicians

    As markets continue to push even higher, Keith and the panel cover Trump’s proposed lower tax bracket reform and what it’ll mean for investors today. Then, with both Tesla Inc. (NasdaqGS:TSLA) and Inc. (NasdaqGS:AMZN) plastered all over the headlines, Keith weighs in on how investors should really think about these major tech players – each possesses value that has yet to be realized by Wall Street analysts. Click to watch…

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