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  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Sep 13, 2019
    Step Up Your Profits Today

    If you’re like many investors, you’re…

    …tired of the hype

    …tired of markets that go nowhere

    …tired of applying the same old methods and having nothing to show for your efforts

    Chances are you want to step up your profits using simple, easy to understand methodology proven to work during some of the most challenging market conditions on record – one that’s backed by years of scientific research and proven performance.

    Here’s your opportunity.

    I’ve created a new, easy to understand, easy to follow research service for investors just like you and I’ll be accepting a limited number of new signups as long as my publisher lets me.

    Here’s your chance to learn all about it.

  • Total Wealth Staff Sep 11, 2019
    Sector Rotation Is A Bullish Indicator, Even if the Headlines Don’t Seem That Way

    It’s easy to fall prey to seemingly dismal headlines but when you look deeper the big money is on the move. Keith covers this plus a whole slew of other topics including rates, a false small cap rally and the possibility of another recession with the Yahoo!Finance team. Savvy investors will love what he sees happening next.Click here to watch.

  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Sep 11, 2019
    Your Questions (& My Answers) on Predicting the Stock Market


    I had no idea what would happen when I wrote to you last month regarding my newest research and my efforts to predict the stock markets.

    I was nervous, uncertain and, frankly, not sure if you’d be interested. Most of all, though, I didn’t want to waste your time.

    Turns out I was apprehensive about nothing.

    Your reaction has been overwhelming.

    So, here’s an update!

  • Total Wealth Staff Sep 09, 2019
    AT&T is in Play – and Could Double

    AT&T is in play and many investors can’t believe their eyes considering what a blast from the past this is. He thinks the stock may be worth $60 a share if management makes some hard choices now.

    Click here to watch.

  • Total Wealth Staff Sep 09, 2019
    New Highs Tend to be Self-Fulfilling Prophecies

    The markets are off to a good start early Monday morning and Keith chimes in on why it is practically inevitable we hit new highs this week or by mid-week next at the latest, barring and unforeseen headline or another Monkey Wrench from China.

    Click here to watch.

  • Total Wealth Staff Sep 09, 2019
    Why Traders Are Buying the 80’s Names and What That Tells You About Thursday’s Rally

    The markets are up big on news that China and the U.S. may yet work out their differences… but that’s not what really matters. As Keith points out, there’s something else at work. Click here to watch.

  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Sep 07, 2019
    Do You Have What It Takes?

    Millions of investors have a problem and it’s sadly one that they don’t even realize.

    They don’t understand what it means to be an “investor.”

    You can’t just start investing to start making money like most people think. Doing so is a conscious effort that begins with the decision to be wealthy. It fuels your soul, not just your wallet.

    You have to want to be successful…to be wealthy.

    Which is why I ask… do you have what it takes?

    I think so.

    That’s why you’re here

  • Total Wealth Staff Sep 07, 2019
    Weekend Edition: Do You Have What It Takes?

    You can’t just start investing to start making money. Doing so is a conscious effort that begins with the decision to be wealthy. It fuels your soul, not just your wallet.
    Which is why I ask… do you have what it takes?
    I think so. That’s why you’re here.
    You have to want to be successful…to be wealthy.. Click here to watch.

  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Sep 06, 2019
    Tape This to Your Forehead Right Now (If You Want to Make a Fortune)

    I get asked frequently “how to make a fortune.”

    Many investors think doing so comes down to picking the right stocks. Others believe it’s all about timing. Still more think it’s just plain dumb luck.

    While it’s true that all of those things DO play into big profits, I’ve got a secret.

    Get what I’m about to show you right and YOU can succeed.

    Tape this to your forehead right now

  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Sep 04, 2019
    The Real Secret to Making Money When Faced with “Headline Risk”

    A bad day in the headlines is almost always ultimately good for your portfolio.


    Today we’re going to talk about why and what you can do next to press your advantage.

    Here’s what you need to know

  • Total Wealth Staff Sep 04, 2019
    How to Trade “Headline Risk”

    Up one day and down the next… the average investor is scared, frustrated, and confused. Yet, as Keith points out, they’ve actually got the upper hand. Here’s why.

  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Aug 31, 2019
    3 Sectors Poised for Big Profits (Even If There IS a Recession)

    Millions of investors are focused on the past right now.

    That’s a huge disadvantage because it’s the future that matters – both in terms of how we live our lives and how we make our money.

    Especially when it comes to how they view current headlines.

    I don’t blame ’em, though.

    They’ve been brainwashed to believe that life moves because of what’s already happened. So they see the financial markets the same way and, not surprisingly, get stuck in a rut.

    That’s too bad, especially right now.

    I say that because every single “risk” is really an “opportunity” in disguise.

  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Aug 31, 2019
    Weekend Edition: Protect Your Portfolio AND Profit

    First there was China, then politics, then rates… a trifecta of sorts at best or even a perfect storm depending on your perspective.It looks like the markets are going to take us for a wild ride – but we aren’t worried. As long as you follow this advice, you’ll be looking at potential profits no matter what. Click here to watch.

  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Aug 30, 2019
    Yield Curves and Tariffs and Brexit… Oh My!

    Keith made an appearance on Coast to Coast with Cavuto on Fox Business Network, and the conversation starts with local markets and the Fed’s plans to cut rates by a full percentage point… but the talk quickly turned to global markets. From Chinese tariffs to Brexit tension, the implications for your money are huge.

    (Click here)

    Key Takeaways

    1. Keith’s eyebrows shoot up when news about the Fed’s plan to slash interest rates by one full percentage point streams across the headlines. “It’s a lot of money. . . a big move in a short period of time is the one thing that the markets can’t handle.” All the computers and algorithms would go haywire – and that wouldn’t be good for the markets, especially given how volatile they’ve been lately. All the traders on the edge of their seats might just fall over!
    2. Next up are the ever-talked-about yield curves. On Wednesday, once again, the 2-Year and 3-Year yield curves both inverted above the 10-Year curve. Millions of investors were inclined to pack their bags, sell everything they own, and head for the hills. However, being stuck to old habits when you hear “inverted yield curve” is a big mistake. Keith says “Money is coming here because it’s the only place where you get paid to store it. . . this is artificially depressing the yield curve and the rating of a recession is higher than it would appear.” A recession, according to Keith, could be farther away than the yield curve predicts.
    3. Keith then turned his attention to Brexit – and Europe as a whole. The entire continent is seeing an economic slowdown, especially with British manufacturers out of the picture. Automakers are getting hit hard with the newest $1.1 billion round of tariffs imposed by President Trump. “We’re going to see a ripple effect,” Keith says, before he lays out exactlywhat companies you need to invest in to keep your money protected.
    4. Of course, it would be remiss to not mention the rising trade tensions with tariffs. The one thing he couldn’t say on TV? The trade tiff may escalate, especially with China’s newest creation – a high-speed missile that follows untraditional flight paths – one the U.S. has no defense for. Not for long though. With $1.743 trillion allotted to stop the Chinese sneak attack, defense – and windfalls – are just around the corner, and savvy investors are getting in position so they can profit. Click here for a private briefing on the situation at hand.

  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Aug 28, 2019
    Two Words Nobody Talks About When It Comes to Money – But Should

    Today I want to switch things up a bit and talk about two words that almost nobody talks about when it comes to money.

    But they should.

    Decision paralysis.

    Learning how to overcome this is one of the single most important and profitable skills you can acquire in today’s markets.

    What’s more, recognizing this bias in yourself (and fixing it) can give you a significant advantage over other investors who suffer from it.

    It’s not them, it’s YOU

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