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  • Shah Gilani Mar 11, 2022
    Three Ways to Trade the Commodity Super Cycle

    Commodities are hot right now, and for good reason. Oil, corn, wheat… they’re all through the roof – but they may not stay that way, especially where agricultural commodities are concerned. For all kinds of reasons, agricultural commodities don’t always …

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  • Shah Gilani Mar 10, 2022
    The Way to Cash in on Soaring Oil Prices

    Oil, natural gas, and energy stocks are all soaring. Just take a look at how US Oil Fund (USO), Exxon Mobile (XOM), and Tuesday’s recommendation Cactus Inc (WHD) have fared in the last month.

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    If you’re not in any of these high-fliers, it’s not too late. They could go a lot higher.

    And everyone knows what goes up must come down, and energy bets are no exception.

    So, in today’s Total Wealth, I’m giving youthe smart way to get aboard what might be a momentum ride higher for already rocketing energy plays and, at the same time, set yourself up to profit if they crash back to earth.

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  • Shah Gilani Mar 08, 2022
    As Energy Prices Ignite, Shah Directs Investors Toward Unlikely Oil Company

    It’s not hard to figure out what’s hot in the markets right now after yesterday. We experienced a bear and bull market in the West Texas Intermediate (WTI), a key benchmark for the crude oil industry, all in a single day.

    How do you play that? Well, I’ve got an answer for you.

  • Total Wealth Staff Mar 07, 2022
    Urgent State of the Markets Transcript Now Available

    “Where we are is, I would say, close to falling into more than [just] a correction.” – Shah Gilani

    This morning, Shah addressed the Total Wealth readership to give his stance on the war, the markets, where we are going next, and how to prepare for a future full of possibilities.

    We recognize that not everyone could make it, so we chose to make the transcript and recording available to all Total Wealth Research subscribers.

  • Shah Gilani Mar 07, 2022
    Tech Costs to Spike as Russia-Ukraine War Withholds Vital Commodities

    The Russia-Ukraine war has continued to escalate on all sides. As Russian forces continued bombing Ukrainian cities, Western Europe and the US have tightened all sanctions, for better or for worse. This conflict has affected millions, through physical and economic …

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  • Shah Gilani Mar 03, 2022
    Mind Your Profits: SWIFT but Blunt Reaction to Russia-Ukraine War to Weaken USD

    On Tuesday, CEO of JPMorgan Chase Jamie Dimon warned the world that cutting Russia out of the SWIFT system would yield “unintended consequences.”

    That’s a monumental understatement.

    In short, SWIFT is a system banks use to securely and quickly communicate transfer instructions across international borders. Cutting off an entire nation and its people from this system will have steep consequences across the globe.

    We could be looking at the potential demise of the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency, another likely Lehman moment, and the acceleration of China’s progress from third-world nation to global power.

    Here’s how the US’s influence on this apolitical system could hasten China’s ascent to global power.

  • Shah Gilani Mar 01, 2022
    Europe’s Breadbasket Under Siege, Grab Commodities While You Still Can

    Here in the US, when we hear “breadbasket” we usually think of the Midwest. Ohio, Kansas, Illinois… When Europeans hear the phrase, they think of Ukraine – and for good reason. The country distributes 12% of global wheat exports, 16% …

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  • Shah Gilani Feb 28, 2022
    Two Stocks to be Bargain-Hunting Favorites

    As I mentioned during last week’s State of the Markets (which you can watch here, if you’d like to catch up), things are looking grim but don’t sell yet.

    Now’s an opportunity to grab up great companies that are on sale. And today, I’m giving you the details on some of my favorites.

  • Shah Gilani Feb 25, 2022
    Upset Markets Carve Out New Opportunities and Defensive Plays

    There’s no reason to beat around the bush this week.

    I’ve cancelled our regular Buy, Sell, or Hold this week to address what is on everyone’s’ minds this week: Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the dramatic selloff that followed, and what can be done about it.

    You can access this Emergency State of the Markets by clicking the video below.

  • Shah Gilani Feb 24, 2022
    The Real Estate Bubble That Isn’t – And How to Invest in It

    Headlines about the residential real estate bubble popping any day now are nothing but fake news.

    Just because prices of homes have skyrocketed doesn’t mean they’re coming down as they did in 2008, a true real estate crash. Home prices aren’t coming down; they’re going higher.

    And there’s nothing “bubbleicious” about it.

    In today’s Total Wealth, I’m exploringwhy the feared residential real estate “bubble” isn’t a bubble -and how you can ride the long-term appreciation potential of the boom by investing in it.

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  • Shah Gilani Feb 23, 2022
    This Here Isn’t a Housing Bubble… It’s an Opportunity

    Housing is hot.

    The entire industry is booming, with demand for houses high and the prices of those houses even higher. The median value of a house in the United States right now is 20% higher than it was last year as high demand bids up prices.

    And, according to some, this wild price growth (and dwindling affordability) can’t last. The boom has become a bubble, and something has got to give.

  • Shah Gilani Feb 21, 2022
    The Real Winner in the Fight Against Food Inflation is this Retail Giant

    Food inflation is hitting the United States hard. Recent metrics show that food prices are 7.4% higher than they were this time last year, and it shows no sign of slowing.

    Yet, rising prices haven’t changed buying habits. And it’s not because consumers don’t know what’s happening.

    According to in-house studies performed by Walmart Inc (WMT), customers are fully aware of rising prices and inflation – they see it all around them, in stores and on the news – but they aren’t buying smaller packages or downgrading to store-brand products.

  • Shah Gilani Feb 18, 2022
    Hold onto Facebook – Meta Platforms to Bounce Back

    This may not be something you expected to hear me say in a Buy, Sell, or Hold – but you need to hold onto Meta Platforms Inc (FB).

    Yes, its stock values are dropping and other investors are pulling out for fear of it dropping even lower. But here’s the thing, we’re coming up on what could be an incredible buying opportunity that would get you in on a trend-setting tech company has it climbs back up through the stock market.

    In today’s video, I tell you what to expect out of FB in the future and how to play two other stocks that are screaming buys in the here and now.

  • Shah Gilani Feb 17, 2022
    Hedge Your Bets as Investors Turn Bearish

    The markets have bounced back once again, but we’re not out of the woods yet.

    Since their latest highs, the DOW, the S&P 500, and the Nasdaq Composite have all dipped into correction territory – only to bounce back. But their bounces haven’t cleared enough hurdles to signal a resumption of the bull market.

    In fact, the numbers and narratives investors hung their hats and hopes on are anything but positive. The stage is set for a quick and ugly selloff that could take markets even lower, but there’s a way to protect yourself.

    I’ve dedicated today’s Total Wealth to exploring how we got here and what you can do about it.

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  • Total Wealth Staff Feb 16, 2022
    Profit Accelerators: Option Plays Explained

    Click here to download the PDF version Options… In the investing world, this word can be divisive. All too often, it’s associated with risk, loss, or confusion – but for Shah, it’s a way to accelerate profits and mitigate potential …

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