Trade Optimism, FANG Stocks, and How the Election Could Change Everything

Total Wealth Staff Oct 16, 2019

Keith Fitz-Gerald appears on Fox Business News to talk about the cooling tensions with China…and how the FANG stocks (and a few extras) are going to be affected by the political climate moving forward. Click here to watch.

Update: Facebook’s Libra Is STILL a Bad Idea – Buy This Instead

Keith Fitz-Gerald Oct 16, 2019

Facebook Inc. (NasdaqGS:FB) is a wreck.

And Libra – the global cryptocurrency it wants to establish?

Let’s just say it’s a four-letter word that I can’t use in this column. And, leave it at that.

Thankfully, though, there’s another company with digital monetary aspirations you’ll want to own.

It’s bigger, better and well established.

What’s more, the company I’m recommending recorded profits of $16.75 billion last year alone.

What You Need to Know

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  • WeWork: How to Play What Happens Next

    Charles Schwab told CNBC earlier this week that he would never buy the money-losing companies going public these days.

    Neither would I.

    This year’s initial public offerings have been the least profitable of any year since the tech bubble nearly 20 years ago. They’re a sham being foisted upon unsuspecting investors.

    WeWork, a media darling that Wall Street loved to talk about, is a particularly egregious example.

    The workspace sharing company was supposedly worth $47 billion just prior to pulling its offering according to greedy lawyers, Silicon Valley execs, and angel investors – all of whom were hoping you wouldn’t notice that the math doesn’t add up.

    I only wish the company had blown up sooner.

    Because then I wouldn’t have to say what I’m about to with regards to Uber, Lyft and Peloton.

  • Buy Low, Sell High – No Matter What the Headlines Read

    If you get the fundamentals right, the profits will follow. Keith Fitz-Gerald explains how this can help you navigate markets riddled by Chinese trade tensions.Click here to watch.