What to Expect from Three Big Tech Companies Reporting This Week

Total Wealth Staff Apr 22, 2019

The markets open slightly down today, despite what Keith is giving “two thumbs up” for – Q2 earnings’ profits so far have been up 6% rather than the forecasted drop of 2% since last year. Amazon.com Inc. (NasdaqGS:AMZN), Microsoft Corp. (NasdaqGS:MSFT), and Facebook Inc. (NasdaqGS:FB) all report this week, and here’s what you could be expecting from each one. Plus, where Tesla Inc. (NasdaqGS:TSLA) ought to be trading and a personal anecdote about why the U.S. race to 5G is more important than ever. Click here to watch.

This Fatally Flawed Narrative Could Be Costing You Thousands Each Year

Keith Fitz-Gerald Apr 20, 2019

I’ve got to be honest.

Wall Street is feeding you a fatally flawed narrative when it comes to financial planning.

They make the assumption that you’re going to live this way or that and, in doing so, produce a whole bunch of fancy calculations intended to show you how much you need to save to meet their projections.

The hope is, of course, that you’ll become a valuable client – meaning you’re going to generate tons in commissions to line their pockets for having prepared a deep look into your financial affairs.

The reality is very different. Those same fancy-pants charts – which, by the way, can cost you a “planning fee” ranging from $100 to several thousand dollars – usually have the opposite effect. People realize they’re so far from meeting their “goals” that they give up without even trying.

I’ve never liked that but, then again, I’ve never played by the rules either.

Here’s why and what you can do immediately to sidestep this flawed logic.

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  • How You Can Multiply Your Money Quickly by Working Smarter (Not Harder!)

    Conventional trading can only get you so far, so fast.

    You can buy stocks, trade options, and invest in ETFs until you’re blue in the face, and, don’t get me wrong, you will have the opportunity to make a lot of money… some day. But if you want the possibility to make hundreds of thousands of dollars now, you’re going to have to ramp up your strategy.

    I’m not talking about investing more, just in case you’re wondering.

    I’m talking about making your money work smarter to go after huge potential profits that can change your life immediately.

    Here’s how you can multiply your money 10X!

  • Getting Cold Feet Now Could Mean Missing Huge Opportunities Ahead

    It’s sad but all too true…

    millions of investors fear the worst when they should be planning for the best.

    Case in point, FANG stocks.

    Investors fell all over themselves in a rush to sell last December when the markets plumbed new lows and people thought a repeat of 2008 at hand. was in the proverbial cards. Since then, those same stocks – Facebook Inc. (NasdaqGS:FB), Amazon.com Inc. (NasdaqGS:AMZN), Netflix Inc. (NasdaqGS:NFLX), and Google (now Alphabet Inc. (NasdaqGS:GOOGL)) – have tacked on a jaw-dropping $600 billion in market cap.

    Chances are good you’re grinning ear to ear if you’ve been following along with me as directed, both here and in our paid sister services, because I told you to do two things: a) stay in and b) buy more if you could.

    “Even a single share” I urged – if that’s what it took or that’s what you could afford.

    That’s still true today.

    I know the markets seem range bound at the moment but, my hunch is, they won’t be for long.

    Neither will big tech.

    Here’s why.