The Only “Back to Basics” Technique That Has NEVER Failed to Line Up Big Profit Potential

Keith Fitz-Gerald Feb 19, 2020

Worried about coronavirus chaos?

You’re not alone. In fact, there are millions of investors in your corner.

Including me.

I cannot recall a scarier set of circumstances in the 37 years I’ve been active in global markets.

You’re being bombarded with scary headlines, crazy conspiracy theories, and a sea of red ink from people keen to sell you the next hot stocks. It’s a media blitz of unprecedented equal.

Thing is… doom is never the answer.

Getting back to basics is.

That’s why I want to share the only “back to basics” technique I know of that’s never failed to produce huge profits over time.


I thought you might be.

Here’s how to cut through the hysteria and line up big profits at the same time…

What to Buy When There’s Blood in The Streets

Keith Fitz-Gerald Feb 14, 2020

There’s an old investing adage attributed to Baron Rothschild, an 18th century British noble…

…buy when there’s blood in the streets.

Originally an ode to contrarian investing, I think it applies right now in light of the coronavirus situation in China.

Today we’re going to talk about just why this adage applies, as well as the best buy I can find, under the circumstances.

It’s probably not a good decision if everyone agrees

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    Speaking of which, we had a great presentation yesterday – admittedly, one of my favorites – Every Dollar You’re Going to Make for the Next Ten Years Is STILL on This List.

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