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Joel Salatin calls himself a “Christian libertarian environmentalist capitalist lunatic farmer.” Those who like him call him the most famous farmer in the world, the high priest of the pasture and the most eclectic thinker from Virginia since Thomas Jefferson. Those who don’t like him call him a bioterrorist, Typhoid Mary, a charlatan and a starvation advocate.

With a room full of debate trophies from his high school and college days, 12 published books and a thriving multigenerational family farm, he draws on a lifetime of food, farming and fantasy to entertain and inspire audiences around the world. He’s as comfortable moving cows in a pasture as he is addressing CEOs in a Wall Street business conference.

In addition to penning an exclusive column for Manward Digest, Salatin is the editor of The Stockman Grass Farmer,  the granddaddy of catalysts for the grass farming movement. He also writes numerous guest articles for Acres U.S.A. and other publications.

A frequent guest on radio programs and podcasts targeting preppers, homesteaders and foodies, Salatin’s practical, can-do solutions and passionate soliloquies for sustainability offer everyone food for thought and plans for action.

Why We Need More Diverse Thinkers

If everyone thinks the same, ideas and innovation are lost. So what’s wrong with having more ideas on the table?

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We are at an inflection point that will shape our society for a long time.

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Nature can teach us beautiful lessons… if we let it.

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Last week Joel had the distinct privilege of joining a dozen others for a virtual roundtable with His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales…

Freedom Is More Subjective Than We Think

Freedom is beautiful… when it’s clearly explained and defended. Some things are not a matter of freedom as much as they are a matter of honest disagreement.

What Freedom in the U.S. Really Means

Those of us who tend libertarian see our whole country awash in what I call “freedom in name only.” So what does it mean to be truly free?

Farmland Won’t Pay the Mortgage… but It Will Protect Your Wealth

If Joel had a nickel for every time he had to explain why farmland won’t pay the mortgage…

This New Investment Is More Resilient Than Gold

It’s time to free the entrepreneurial spirit that is alive and well in America…

What Our Culture Needs to Thrive

None of us can live with everything in our lives unstable. In short, we can handle only so much chaos.