The Easiest Way to Profit From Crypto’s Biggest Gainers

|March 26, 2024
Dogecoin and dollars on black background.

Crypto produces some huge gains.

During the bull market from 2020 to 2021, we saw multiple crypto tokens surge 10,000% or more.

This included crypto projects like Axie Infinity (AXS), Sandbox (SAND) and Polygon (MATIC) that rode crypto “narratives” related to gaming, the metaverse and Layer2s.

And let’s not forget memecoins…

These are cryptocurrencies that are often inspired by internet memes or jokes. They’re not like traditional cryptocurrencies, which might have a clear use case or technological innovation.

Memecoins typically gain popularity and value based on social media trends, influencer endorsements and community hype.

And the gains in these memecoins are astronomical. For instance, one called Dog Wif Hat (WIF) – yes, that’s its real name – surged nearly 1,600% between February 6 and March 14…

Dog Wif Hat

I want to be clear: I would not recommend crypto novices delve into the world of memecoins.

That said, there is a “pick and shovel” way to profit from this trend.

Profit From Memecoins (Without Buying Memecoins)

I gave a speech at The Oxford Club’s Investment U Conference in Ojai, California, last month.

Robert at IU 2024

My presentation was about how I expect the boom in speculative assets like small caps and crypto to continue in 2024. And I made sure to leave our audience with a few stock and crypto picks to ride the trends I was talking about.

And for crypto, my top “altcoin” recommendation was Solana (SOL), which was a good call. The cryptocurrency is up 37% since.

One reason I recommended Solana is that the chain stands out as the backbone for the trend that’s captivating the crypto universe right now: memecoins.

In fact, the top 15 trending memecoins today are all built on top of Solana…

Top-15 trending memecoins

But Solana isn’t just another blockchain. It’s a high-speed, high-performance platform that’s becoming the go-to for developers looking to launch the next viral memecoin.

In fact, the Solana blockchain processes 65,000 transactions per second, dwarfing the speed of Ethereum’s network.

Blockchain processes

Solana’s processing speed and incredibly low transaction costs make it an ideal breeding ground for these viral projects.

The best way to think about Solana is that it’s the infrastructure underpinning the gold rush of memecoins. It provides the tools and services necessary for these coins to thrive. Just as miners during the gold rush needed picks and shovels, today’s memecoin creators need a reliable, scalable blockchain platform.

And that’s exactly what Solana offers.

But why should investors care?

Because investing in Solana is a strategic move to gain exposure to the entire spectrum of memecoins built on its network. You don’t have to bet on which individual coin might explode in popularity next. It’s a way to profit from the overall trend without getting caught in the volatility of individual memecoins.

And while memecoins are one reason to like Solana here, it’s far from the only reason.

More Than Memes

Solana’s role in the crypto ecosystem extends far beyond memecoins.

It’s a foundational layer for decentralized finance (DeFi) applications, NFT marketplaces and more. It provides a diversified exposure to the cutting-edge of crypto innovation.

As the top 15 most popular memecoins demonstrate, Solana’s technology is not just a fad but a critical piece of the crypto ecosystem’s infrastructure. It supports the growth and scalability of many projects.

By buying Solana, investors essentially buy into a broad swath of the crypto market’s potential, benefiting from the growth of memecoins and other projects without having to pick winners in a notoriously unpredictable space.

It’s a savvy approach to crypto investing, leveraging the “if you sell them the shovels, you win either way” philosophy.

As the crypto market evolves, Solana’s role as a foundational platform positions it – and its investors – for potential significant gains.

It’s a compelling pick for those looking to capitalize on the expansive growth of the crypto world.